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  • 1. Online Teaching: Not a Spectator Sport Ronda Jacobs Director, Student Success Center College of Southern Maryland La Plata, Maryland rondaj@csmd.edu AFACCT ’14 Conference Prince George’s Community College Session 3.7. January 9, 2014
  • 2. Before Class Starts • Check your computer  Load all updates and software (and then don’t update anything until the semester ends) • Check publisher site and resources  Links  Course pack
  • 3. Before Class Starts • Update your syllabus  Read (ALL OF) it before you post it  Post in Word AND PDF • Update due dates  Syllabus  Course – grade center for Blackboard
  • 4. Due Dates Should Be Obvious
  • 5. Online Navigation • „Start Here‟  Give students a place to start, make it obvious • „Landing Page‟  Where do you want students to land when they first enter your course? (Announcements) • Sequential Navigation  Course navigation should progress in the order you plan on covering the material  Hide what you don’t want them to see!
  • 6. Online Navigation • Group Course Elements  Immediate course information  Sequential presentation of course materials
  • 7. Online Navigation • Group Course Elements  Communication tools  Quick links and tools
  • 8. Online Communication Tools • Discussion Boards and Blogs (Public, 2-way)  MAIN – instructor keeps class informed  HELP – class questions, give expectations • Announcements (Public, 1-way)  Time sensitive (always date restrict)  Send to their private email, don’t overuse • Course Mail (Private, 2-way)  Student progress (feedback) and grade related  Keeps a record for later retrieval if needed
  • 9. Discussion Board - MAIN
  • 10. Main Discussion Post The following course work is due Monday, Dec 9, for Module 7: Module 7: Issue 7 - podcast on social media Pre and Post Quizzes This discussion has you consider the impact of social media. What are the pros and cons? Take a look at the questions and back up your answers with specific real-world examples and a web source. Take a quick look at the grading rubric in the course syllabus. Don't forget to respond to a minimum of two student posts, going beyond "I agree" to add to the understanding of the topic. Questions? Please post to the help forum so we can all help out. Prof Jacobs
  • 11. Announcements – Welcome! Carefully read everything on the "Start Here" information page before exploring the links found on the left side frame of the BB course. Click on the Syllabus link (to your left) and the Start Here Module (to your left) to get started. You should read and become familiar with the syllabus. Use the schedule in the syllabus as a check-off list so that you don't miss anything. Check your due dates often. Take a look around. All learning modules are open and available. One warning: DO NOT click on a Quiz unless you are ready to take it. Also your Text Book comes with a Passcode for some online materials that requires an Access Key ... we Do Not use this material in the course and we Do Not have an Access Key. Make sure you can locate the announcement and e-mail tools to your left. I use these tools to communicate with you in the course so you should check them often. You should check both of these tools when you check into the course at a minimum of 4-5 times a week. During the first week of class you will be completing introductory assignments to become more familiar with the course and Blackboard as well as the first learning modules. To help you focus on what is due each week, Your Instructor will post to the Announcements area (link can be found to your left) weekly expectations. As always, feel free to mail your instructor from inside of the course if you have any questions. Take time now to plan out how you will complete your course work. Do not to wait until the last minute or if you e-mail your instructor they may not have time to help you. Again, Welcome to class!!! Prof Jacobs
  • 12. Welcome Your Students! • Welcome your students to class, let them know you are happy to have them and excited to start the semester! • Post your welcome to the Announcement tool AND the MAIN Discussion Board  Announcements go away, posts don’t • Welcome Message  Posted before 8 am on the first day of class  Should provide basic online navigation
  • 13. First Day of Class Positive Helpful Available
  • 14. First Week of Class • Forward momentum/progression  Include something you can grade quickly and provide feedback – i.e. Student Intro
  • 15. Intro Blog – Give Them a Reason Creating a cyber-community is essential to the success of an online course. Many of the activities assigned in ITS 1015 will allow you to work individually and at your own pace to meet the course requirements. Other activities, however, are designed to encourage communication among students to create a classroom-life atmosphere. Participation in the group activities are as important as completing the individual assignments. In this activity, you will have an opportunity to get to know other classmate online.
  • 16. Intro Blog – Give Expectations Please post your own introduction to the "Introductions" Blog Discussion forum. • 1. In the subject line of your posting, Type this: "Meet (Your Name)" • 2. Include at least five things about yourself • 3. Review postings made by your classmates and reply to at least two
  • 17. Who Are You? • You are not the HELP Desk! • You are not a counselor • You are not their peer • Establish boundaries, set expectations, and let students know how they should address you
  • 18. You are… • A facilitator of knowledge • A content expert • Their instructor • Present and accounted for!
  • 19. Communication Rules • Be Consistent • Let students know how you will communicate with them, how often, and how they can contact you • Let your students know how they should address you up front (no guessing) • Give course work extensions sparingly, esp. early on
  • 20. Class Help Forum Example • Students who have a question about information or concepts presented in a particular chapter should post a message to the Class Help Forum. • Classmates are expected to look at these postings and reply to them if they think they can answer the question or provide some help. The instructors will respond to questions posted to the Class Help Forum within 48 hours if the question is not answered correctly by a classmate.
  • 21. Students that are MIA Contact Report Move On • Concentrate your efforts early  Report absent students the first day  Report absent students the first week  Report students that stop out
  • 22. First Three Weeks of Class • It takes three weeks to develop a habit  Keep them informed • Follow the points  Discussion boards*  Assignments  Assessments
  • 23. Example Rubric
  • 24. Example Feedback Initial post – answers are very general and are not supported by examples or specifics from the podcasts or experience (-4). Please add to the answers. Please review specific feedback in the course mail and update the post as appropriate. URL – missing (-2), please add an external URL address from the web that promotes the understanding of this discussion topic and add a complete statement describing it. The purpose of this part of the assignment is to help with research skills, looking beyond the course material.
  • 25. Example Feedback Cont. Response posts –good for the second response but the first is very brief, general, and basically “I agree” (-3). Posts should add to the discussion by bringing in new information. Please update the posts with a minimum of 4-5 statements, adding to the discussion using the web, your textbook, experiences… Take a look at feedback in the course mail for suggestions to help out. Please make updates as noted above and in the course mail by Wed night, Oct 16. Updates can be made by going back to your original post, click on the post, click edit, make changes, and then click submit.
  • 26. Course Mail - Feedback Good, but need to expand on the response posts. You are good for content, just need to support opinions. Also, please describe each URL. See feedback below. Updates can be made through Mon night, Dec 16. Prof Jacobs ---------------------1. What's one development in technology that could give Facebook trouble? Mobile computing has been the biggest development in technology to cause trouble for Facebook so far. The mobile version is severely lacking and members are noticing it more and more. It‟s sluggish and almost impossible to manipulate. Other social networking sites may be able to develop better mobile apps that almost completely trump Facebook‟s. Good 2. Is Twitter a major player in the social media scene? Why or why not? Twitter is considered a major player in the social media scene. The microblog sight (site) has well over 100 million members and even businesses use them to promote and keep customers up to date. Companies like Comcast even use Twitter for customer service requests. With Tweeter (spelling), you also have the ability to live feed events that are taking place around you. I‟m not sure Facebook has that ability. Good comparison. Please describe each URL below with a complete sentence. • http://topics.nytimes.com/top/news/business/companies/twitter/ • http://9to5mac.com/2013/11/08/many-users-reporting-facebook-app-crashingfollowing-latest-update/
  • 27. Course Mail - Feedback Cont. Responses: • I agree that other social networking sites could give Facebook trouble. I think for this to happen, other sites would have to get ahead of Facebook in technology development and have a more improved mobile experience than Facebook. Google + will hopefully give LinkedIn some competition in the near future, mainly because I am annoyed with LinkedIn (why? Please add). Twitter is definitely a major player in social media. The number of users alone should give the site major league status. • OPEN ID can be a major issue for Facebook as people value their personal information. Although some people live through the sight (site) and share everything anyway (sentence fragment, please revise). Google + should give LinkedIn some troubles due to LinkedIn's lack of privacy also (how is it similar? Please add). Twitter is definitely a major player; there are hundreds of millions of users on Twitter daily, that alone should give it the majpr (spelling) player status.
  • 28. Example Assignment Feedback Good for the first review, all criteria are well addressed. For the second website, all questions are addressed except how current the site is (-1) and information about the links within the site (-1). For the last website, needed to address authors, each article has one (-1), if the site is current (-1), and information about the links in the site (-1). All other questions are addressed. Good descriptions, just need to check that all assignment questions are covered.
  • 29. Midterm Time! • About a week earlier, REMIND THEM • Post Midterm Grades  Even during the summer and mini sessions • Be Honest  If a student is failing, let him/her know  Add extra credit points at the end of the semester (if you offer extra credit)
  • 30. Finals Week
  • 31. You’re Not Done Yet…. Grades Update Finish Up Roll Over Spreadsheet
  • 32. Example Blackboard Course • ITS-1015 • The Information Age: Emerging Technologies • Web course, 100% online • 9 learning modules and a PPT project • Word, PPT, and Excel are used • Websites are evaluated for validity/reliability
  • 33. Questions