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The Beatles
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The Beatles


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  • 1. The Beatls – the great four!
  • 2. The Beatles were a British rock-band from Liverpool, which was formedin 1960. The group consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, GeorgeHarrison and Ringo Starr. Paul McCartney George John Harrison Lennon Ringo Star
  • 3. The group became one of the most famous rock-n-roll bands in the history. During 8years they had a big impact and changed the rock-n-roll and the character of allmusic. John Lennon was the band as founder. The music which was performed byThe Beatles was the skiffle music which was a special rhythm and was based onjazz, British folkl and country. These kinds of music were extremely popular inEngland. First composition of group
  • 4. At the beginning the band was famous in Liverpool only, but afterwards in 1960 inGermany they were noticed by Tony Sheridan, who was a very famous rock-n-rollperformer that days. Sheridan and The Beatles wrote their own album "Tony Sheridanand The Beatles""The Beatles" performed in club CavernClub, Liverpool, in 1961. George Harrison on a scene in December, 1962, Hamburg, Germany.
  • 5. After the joint project with Sheridan the band was in the Brayan Epsteins interest list. Sincethe 1961 he became their manager. After Stuart Satkliffs leaving, the band contained onlyfour members.The Beatles squad changed once again after recording companys request tochange the drums Pitt Best to continue cooperating with the band. Brian Epstein, first manager of The Beatles. Participant of The Beatles group Pete Best: "I am not sorry about anything"
  • 6. "Love me do" which was the first Beatles single was recorded in December 1962. BrayanEpstein made a risky step by buying first 10 000 copies. But it was a success - a huge number ofbuyers were attracted. The Beatles first single album was recorded in early 1963. The bandebecame extramely famous by 1964. John is the soloist at "Love Me Do" harmonica
  • 7. October 13, 1963, the Beatles performed at the London Palladium Hall ". Their concert wasbroadcasted on television and put together about 15 million viewers. On the 4’th of Novemberthe same year the Beatles performed in the Prince of Wales Theatre. Their performance wasmostly a Royal variety show. The Queen Mother expressed her admiration when the Beatlesperformed the song "Till There Was You". On October 13, (1963) "Beatles", London hall «Palladium». On November 4, (1963) "Bitls", Prinze Uelskogos theater.
  • 8. Soon, they released their second album "the Beatles" With The Beatles ", which broke all existingrecords for the number of preliminary inquiries on purchase. Popularity came after the single "Iwanna Hold Your Hand" at the United States at the end of 1963. In January 1964, in the UnitedStates was released the album "Meet the Beatles!", which received the "gold" status in February.The Quartet went on tour performances in the United States, where they gave three concerts,and twice participated in the popular TV program "the Ed Sullivan show. "The Beatles "werenamed best songwriters since Schubert
  • 9. In June 1967 the Beatles is concert was broadcasted all around the world. They also were thefirst band, whose presentation was seen by 400 million people. This great success has neverbeen reached by any musical band ever. Shortly after this triumphant success there was thetragic death of "Fifth Beatle", the Groups Manager, Brian Epstein. Business of the group wentdown.
  • 10. The band recorded one of its best songs named Hey, Jude in 1969.This single got in the top-lists all around the world so 6 000 000 copies were sold.Another album, "Let it be", was recorded in 1970 and included old records of the band.In April of 1970 Paul McCartney officially announced that "The Beatles" was not a band anymore. The greatest band in history disintegrated. McCartney tried to reunion the band in1979. But he had never done because of John Lennons death in 1980…