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  • 1. "Cinema"Victor Tsoy
  • 2. “Cinema” - one of the most popular Soviet rock groups of 1980th.Its popularity grew over the course of time. At the end of decade, their record was played a million times andwhole stadiums of admirers gathered for concerts.
  • 3. The band was formed by the summer of 1981 in Leningrad and originally wascalled “Garin and hyperboloids”. A year later the name of the group changedto “Cinema”. In 1983, the group broke up, and then reformed with themembers being: Victor Tsoy, Jury Kasparjan, George Guryanov andAlexander Titov.
  • 4. Practically all the songs of Cinema were written by Victor Tsoy. VictorRobertovich Tsoy was born on June, 21st, 1962 in Leningrad. He finished full-timeeducation as a specialist woodcarver. Victor took a great interest in orientalcombat sports, professionally cut out netsuke from trees.
  • 5. The group enjoyed big popularity in Leningrad, but the film of SergeySolovyov “Аssа” in 1987 brought them fame. There in the final scene VictorTsoy sings the song “Want changes”.
  • 6. In 1988 in Alma-Ata, Rashid Nutmanov made the film “Needle” in which VictorTsoy played a leading role. He sang some songs, including “The Star namedthe Sun” and “Group of blood”. After the release of this film and the album“The Group of blood” in the USSR, a general “Cinema-mania” begun.
  • 7. On June 24th, 1990 “Cinema” presented a grandiose concert in the MoscowSports complex “Luzhniki”, there was full-scale advertising. The organizershad arranged a salute, were the Olympic Flame burnt. Before it was lit onlyfor the Olympiad in 1980. It was the last concert in the history of the group.
  • 8. On August 15th, 1990 at 12.28 p.m., Victor Tsoy was lost in anaccident near Riga. His death was a shock for millions of people.On August, 19th, he was buried on the Theological cemetery inLeningrad.
  • 9. “Tsoys wall” is a wall of the house numbered 37 in Arbat in Moscow. Hereadmirers of Victor Tsoy’s creativity have written inscriptions “Cinema”, “Tsoyis alive”, citations from songs and declarations of love to the musician. Thisis one of sights of Moscow.
  • 10. The wall "has appeared" in 1990 when someone, after news about VictorTsoys destruction, highly, through all wall, has deduced black: «Victor TsoyToday was lost». In the answer someone has attributed: «Tsoy is alive».
  • 11. Thanks for attention