Jeffrey dahmer serial killer


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Jeffrey dahmer serial killer

  2. 2. Born on May 21, 1960 at the home of a troubled marriage, made by a researcher chemical and an emotional and self-indulgent neurotic wife.   He was a shy and lonely child who feared abandonment and gave the impression of being helpless.
  3. 3. Jeffrey Young demanded attention to their parents from a very young, but was never taken into account, since their parents were too busy with their own personal wars that led to a bitter divorce. Most of his childhood was spent hiding in a wooden shed on a hill, catching insects in jars and preserved in formalin. Soon he became interested in animal anatomy.
  4. 4. His great curiosity to know how they were made inside the animals was so ​​ great that filled the basement of his house rabbits, chicken and other animals. Then step by squirrels, raccoons and larger animals.
  5. 5. •At eleven years old, was a lonely child and behaving like a moron in stores to attract the attention of their peers. He started to drinking and compulsively masturbating using gay magazines or watching the entrails of the animals he hunted. •  •At sixteen years old he usually came to class drunk. He was referring to alcohol as his "medicine" to calm his moments of anguish. •  •At seventeen years old, after observing a young man who spent every day working out in front of her house, she felt an unbridled desire to possess but the man stopped going to run through that area, thus saving the first casualty. •  •At eighteen years old collect on the road a boy who took her home and murdered, then stuffed the body in a garbage bag and tossed into a ravine.
  6. 6. His father sent him to college, but is rejected by his constant state of inebriation Goes to live with her grandmother, as appears to have a change, start going to church, read the Bible and finds work in a factory. A short drive change, and he returned to masturbate and stealing a mannequin. . Visited nightspots where some homosexuals came together to have sex but it was hard to get an erection while their partners were awake.
  7. 7. He killed a second time, this time it was a black girl who offered a drugged drink. He put the corpse in the closet and went out to buy a large suitcase to transport the body home from her grandmother. There has kept him in the basement and dismembered. After that, Dahmer begins to kill him whenever the occasion arises. He followed the same modus operandi.
  8. 8. Dahmer fits perfectly into the subcategory called "marginal": a person prone to murderous rage if you think you are being abandoned, with a perversion able to perform sexual acts with the victim after death. A common theory is that may be related to childhood abuse. People who fear abandonment can feel outraged when someone who want to stay will go. In this sense, the mass murderer becomes so normal for his antisocial character or character flaws have also through sexual deviations, typically sadistic and necrophilic.
  10. 10. Most of the murders he committed, took place in an apartment building called the " Oxford Apartments ", at 924 N. 25 Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  11. 11. He is known not only by the number of people killed but also for practicing necrophilia and cannibalism.
  12. 12. In his childhood he suffered from the constant bickering of his parents. When he went fishing with his father liked to open in two parts and see the fish died.
  13. 13. In the school he was considered weird, bizarre as it had problems with alcohol and marijuana
  14. 14. CRIMES When he was 18, he found Steven Hicks, took him home. Once home, he realized that Hicks was interested, and when he wanted to leave, Dahmer could not stand and hit him in the head and then strangled with a dumbbell
  15. 15. In September 1987, met Steven Toumi in a gay bar. They drank a lot and went to his hotel room. Dahmer don’t remember how he killed, only that when he awoke in the morning found he was dead
  16. 16. He was hanging around gay bars looking for someone to have sex
  17. 17. Their tactic was always similar, invited them to watch pornography or removed some photos I put a drug in the drink, strangled and had sex and masturbated over the corpse body.
  18. 18. Then he takes photographs of the body and every stage of dismemberment. He used to break up fatty meat and bones, but I used to keep the head and genitals as trophies
  19. 19. On February 17, 1992, Jeffrey was sentenced to 15 consecutive life terms, for the murder and dismemberment of 15 young men and boys.. He would serve his sentence in the Columbia Correctional Institution , near Portage, Wisconsin.. He was given ID #177252, and occupied cell 648.
  20. 20. The videos Blade Runner, Star Wars, Hellbound and The Exorcist III , included Hardmen II, Rock Hard , and Tropical Heatwave .  Other items were: Doritos, Ruffles, cans of Bud, Pabst and Miller, Clorox Bleach, Woolworth Pine Cleaner, peacock feathers and a fish tank. There were various sheets and pillow cases with blood stains on them, and a refrigerator
  21. 21. NOVEMBER 28TH, 1994 Jeffrey had what was to be his last meal.. A hard boiled egg, toast, cereal and coffee.
  22. 22. At 7:50AM, Jeff and two other inmates were brought in to clean the prison gymnasium. Twenty minutes later, guards found Dahmer and one of the other inmates beaten severely, and one hour and one minute later, Dahmer was pronounced dead.. He was beaten to death by another inmate, 25 year old Christopher Scarver . ahmer's head was destroyed with a broom handle, then smashed against the floor and wall. e died en route to the local Divine Savior Hospital. he other inmate was in critical condition.