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  • 1. Mathematics Algebra First term
  • 2. Name: Ustena Ezzat. Class: Prep 2. School: Al-Amal Altagreby school. Teacher: Sayed Yosef.
  • 3. The set of real numbers(R) Q Q R R=QUQ
  • 4. Ordering numbers: If (a) and (b) are two points on the straight line, and we determined a certain directionby arrow, as shown. A B The arrow determine the direction.
  • 5. The properties of orders 1-If x and y are two numbers represented by two points A and B respectivly on the number line. A B X Y X<Y If A comes before B. B A Y X X>Y If A allows B. . . . . . AorB X Y If A=B. X=Y
  • 6. 2-If X is a real number represented by point A on the number line and O is the origin point which represented by point zero 0, zero X 0 A X > 0 X is a postive number. X 0 A 0 X < 0 X is a negative number. X=0 A or zero X=0 A equal 0.
  • 7. Remark(1): The number zero is neither negative nor negative. R+ U={0}={X:X E R,X>0} Therefore: R- U{0}={X:X E R,X<O} _ _ The real number without zero are denoted by R. * R=R-{0}. *
  • 8. Remark(2): We can use the calculator to get the solution by finding approximated values of the roots.
  • 9. Example: Complete: 1-Q U Q=.......... 2-Q n Q=........ 3-R n R =.......... 4-R U R =.......... 5- R-Q=........ 6- R-Q=........ + - + -
  • 10. Solution: 1-Q U Q= 2-Q n Q= 3-R n R = 4-R U R = 5- R-Q= 6- R-Q= R R * Q Q Comlete: + - - +
  • 11. Thank you For watching My show Good by and good luck.