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  • Great presentation! Good for use with my 5th graders. They were able to fully and easily understand this concept because of it.
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Linking verbs ppt

  1. 1. Linking VerbsThe great equals sign of sentences
  2. 2. Let’s Review• Action verbs tell us what thesubject is doing• Action verbs sometimes haveobjects that receive the actionof the subject• Action verbs can be found byasking the question, “Can I…?”
  3. 3. What Are Linking Verbs?• Linking verbs act as an equals (=)sign in the sentence.• The subject is not doing anything.Instead, it is or is like somethingelse in the sentence• Linking verbs tell us that thesubject has a word in thepredicate that renames it (a noun)or describes it (an adjective)• In other words, they are equal
  4. 4. Examples of Linking Verbs• Linking verbs include the formsof the verb to be– is, am , was, were, are, be, being,been• Linking verbs are also related tothe senses– tastes, smells, looks, feels,sounds, seems, and more
  5. 5. Linking Verbs in Action• Get ready for some sentencesthat use linking verbs• In each, I’ll add arrows thatshow which words are linked, orequal, in the sentence
  6. 6. Linking Verbs in ActionMr. Childers is the nicest teacher in the school.Here is the linking verbMr. Childers is the subject
  7. 7. Linking Verbs in ActionMr. Childers is the nicest teacher in the school.Think of the linking verb asan equals (=) sign
  8. 8. Linking Verbs in ActionMr. Childers is the nicest teacher in the school.Mr. Childers equals what?Teacher is a noun in thepredicate that renames thesubject, so we call it a predicatenominative
  9. 9. Important Note!• A linking verb will always havea word in the predicate that itlinks to the subject• Always• Yes, always• Let’s see how linking verbswork in some sentences
  10. 10. Linking Verbs in ActionThe trees are beautiful in the fall.Linking VerbSubjectPredicateAdjectiveThe verb are links anadjective in the predicatewith the subject
  11. 11. Linking Verbs in ActionThe play was exciting.Linking VerbSubjectPredicateAdjectiveThe verb was links anadjective in the predicatewith the subject
  12. 12. Linking Verbs in ActionIt seemed like a good idea at the time.Linking VerbSubjectPredicateAdjectiveThe verb seemed links anoun in the predicate withthe subject
  13. 13. You Try It!• I’ll give you a sentence and youfind the linking verb• You will need to use yourmouse pointer to click on theword of your choice, so moveyour mouse around now tomake sure you can see it.• Ready?• Go!
  14. 14. You Try It!Ice cream is my favorite dessert.
  15. 15. YES!
  16. 16. Oh NO!
  17. 17. You Try It!This water tastes funny.
  18. 18. YES!
  19. 19. Oh NO!
  20. 20. You Try It!The report cards were terrible.
  21. 21. YES!
  22. 22. Oh NO!
  23. 23. You Try It!That couple seems pleasant.
  24. 24. YES!
  25. 25. Oh NO!
  26. 26. You Try It!We were delirious with joy!
  27. 27. YES!
  28. 28. Oh NO!
  29. 29. Need Another Clue• There is a way to find out if theword you are looking at is alinking verb or not• Are you ready to find out what itis?• It’s kind of sneaky• Sure you’re ready?
  30. 30. Substitution• If you can substitute is, am, orare for the word you think is alinking verb, and the sentencestill makes sense…you areprobably right!• Let’s try that before we quit
  31. 31. Is, Am, Are• Here is a sentenceThe pie smells deliciousIf we think smells is alinking verb, let’ssubstitute one of ourwords and see if it stillmakes sense
  32. 32. Is, Am, Are• Here is a sentenceThe pie is deliciousThe sentence still makessense, so smells is alinking verb
  33. 33. Is, Am, Are• Now let’s try one that doesn’tworkThe meatloaf smells like it is overcooked.We still have smells as averbLet’s substitute again
  34. 34. Is, Am, AreThe meatloaf is like it is overcooked.This time is doesn’t makesense, so the verb is not alinking verb
  35. 35. Let’s Re-Cap• Linking verbs act as equal (=) signsbetween a noun in the subject and anoun or adjective• Linking verbs do NOT show action• Linking verbs tell us that somethingis or is like something else• We can substitute is, am, or are tosee if a verb is linking
  36. 36. Try It Online• To further check yourunderstanding of linking verbsclick here to take an online quiz.• To study more about linkingverbs, check out this website.