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  • 1. Fact and Opinion
  • 2. Sometimes it is hard to tell thedifference between sentences thatare facts and sentences that arefiction.• A FACT can be proven to be true.• An OPINION is what someonebelieves -it cannot be proven trueor false.
  • 3. Deciding if a sentence is a Fact• If you can find proofproof, orevidenceevidence for a sentence, then itis a FACT.
  • 4. Look at these sentences:• 1. Rabbits are mammals.• 2. George Washington was the firstpresident of the United States.• 3. The earth orbits the sun.• 4. There are books in the libraryDoes the Author want you to believe thatthese sentences are facts?YES No NextSlide
  • 5. Rabbits ARE Mammals• You could look in a dictionary orencyclopedia, and find PROOF that thesentence states a fact.
  • 6. You decide - Fact or Opinion• Elephants have four legs.Fact Opinion Go On
  • 7. You decide - Fact or Opinion• Black is the best color for a dog.Fact Opinion Go On
  • 8. You decide - Fact or Opinion• Many people have dogs for pets.Fact Opinion Go On
  • 9. Remember:A FACT can be proven to betrue.An OPINION is whatsomeone believes -it cannotbe proven true or false.
  • 10. The End
  • 11. RIGHT!!That was an OpinionYou could not find that fact in adictionary or reference bookGo Back
  • 12. Sorry, that was a FACT.Go Back
  • 13. That’s Right!The sentence was a FACT.Go Back
  • 14. That’s Right!!The sentences are facts. You canprove these sentences are TRUE byusing an encyclopedia, a dictionary,or your own experience.GO Back
  • 15. Sorry, try again.Go Back