United Way Lane County Media Plan J444


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United Way Lane County Media Plan J444

  1. 1. UNITED WAY MEDIA PLAN Shayne Johnson, Allison Landrum & Brandon Sugarman
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 1 Situation Analysis 2 Objectives 4 Media Strategy 5 Evaluation 9 Sources 10
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONUnited Way of Lane County’s mission statement is “Improving Lives ThroughThe Caring Power Of Community.” They work toward this goal with a number ofstrategies and tactics.Specifically in Lane County, United Way allots funds to organizations includingFOOD for Lane County, the American Red Cross, Planned Parenthood, St. Vincentde Paul, HIV Alliance, Volunteers in Medicine, Birth to Three, Womenspace,Looking Glass, and ShelterCare.By donating to United Way, an individual does not just contribute to hunger,shelter, or income problems--which are often interrelated--but they contribute tosolving the WHOLE problem. That’s the benefit of donating to United Way ratherthan a single charity organization. 1
  4. 4. SITUATION ANALYSISOur audience for United Way has less to do with age and gender andmore to do with psychographics. We are aiming for the people who aremotivated to receive something other than a physical product, who feel that it’simportant to give to those without. They see a problem in their community,believe that they can make a difference, and feel good about doing just that bydonating to United Way.One problem stands between United Way and receiving more donationsamong the general public. Many people recognize the brand United Way, butmany cannot describe what this non-profit organization does or how theyallocate their donations. United Way needs to show where its donations aregoing without harassing the donor, which has been shown to discourage them.To capture this audience’s attention, United Way will need to visuallyrepresent where their donations are going using a low cost medium with ahigh reach among 25-44 aged adults in Lane County. 2
  5. 5. SITUATION ANALYSIS Strengths: Weaknesses: -Name recognition -Ambiguous -Charitable & philanthropic -Low brand awareness-Global company; local presence -Low understanding of where -National TV commercials the money actually goes supported by national affiliates -Scattered target audience Opportunities: Threats: -Can be prestigious -Other charities and non-profits-Resources to create awareness -Lack of clarity (press releases) and advertise -Low transparency -Mostly positive media -Negative media reports -Location of Lane County -Economic recession -Population with desire to give 3
  6. 6. OBJECTIVESRaise awareness of United Way of Lane County (what they do,not just their name) among residents 25-44 by 20% in the next year.To position a donation to United Way as the most efficient wayto make a difference in the local Lane County community.Make interaction with United Way of Lane County a “leanforward” experience, considering that frequent messaging actuallylessens people’s desire to donate. 4
  7. 7. MEDIA STRATEGYRadio:With the radio time being donated, we will work with the available time slots. The radio will run fromSeptember-April, excluding the summer months. In radio, Frequency = top of the mind awareness =market share. Radio ads will be placed three times per day with one morning spot (7-9 am), oneafternoon spot(1-3 PM), and one night spot (5-7 pm). By using this method of timing, we are givingUnited Way the best possible odds to reach their target demographic, when they are heading to, andreturning from work. These are the best time slots to choose if given the opportunity.Newspaper:Ad space in the Register Guard is also being donated so we will work with available time slots, but ifgiven the opportunity to select ad space this is our recommended strategy to maximize awareness anddonations. Newspaper will run from October-January, when consumers are in the “gift-giving” seasonand coupons are of abundance in Newspapers, drawing more readers. Sunday is the best day forUnited Way to advertise, giving it the biggest audience. Saturday and Friday are next if United Way getsto choose their timing. For the 25-44 audience, the best sections would be Athletics, Living, Classifieds,or the Comics.Television:KVAL will also be donating spots to United Way, but if given the preference, these are therecommendations we make when selecting ad space. Television will run the same time as the radiospots. The TV shows that we recommend are KVAL News, How I met your Mother, and Two and a Halfmen. KVAL news runs at 6 am, 12 pm, 5 pm, and 11 pm. For the other shows they run duringprimetime, 8-10 pm. This will reach our target demographic the most effectively. 5
  8. 8. MEDIA STRATEGYDigital:With the CPM of Facebook so low ($.50 CPM), United Way can specifically target 25-44 yearolds in Lane County with specific psychographics. Running ads for the duration of the year willprovide support to the other advertising efforts donated to United Way, especially in thesummer months when no ad space is donated. Ads running simultaneously as the Facebook pagewill give United Way a social media presence, offering donors to share their stories, in the formof a viral video which will also be advertised on other digital platforms that our targetdemographic visits such as Youtube and Hulu.Guerrilla Marketing and Donor Events:Guerrilla Marketing is affordable and can raise awareness among our target demographic ifproperly placed. Guerrilla Marketing will take place in the summer months when consumers areoutside for a majority of the day enjoying the sun. The Guerrilla efforts will be paired withFacebook to raise awareness for events, promotions, and other happenings that United Way hasto offer. The Guerrilla and Social Media presence will be paired with the Donor Events. Most ofour research linked donations with people selecting local charities. If United Way can sponsor, oradvertise with local schools and YMCA, then their presence in the community will be strongerthan ever. 6
  9. 9. KVAL Radio Twitter KVAL Radio Twitter Guerrilla Facebook Guerrilla Facebook Donor Events Register Guard Donor Events Register Guard Ja n Ja ua nu ry ar Fe y b Fe rua br ry ua ry M ar ch M ar ch Ap ril Ap r M il ay M a Ju y ne7 Ju Ju n lye Au Ju y lgu st S Media Schedule Auept guem st be r Media Schedule O Se cp tote bemrb er N o O ve ct m ob be er r D N ec ov e MEDIA SCHEDULE emb me ber r D ec em be r
  10. 10. MEDIA BUDGET Media BudgetPrint MediaTelevisionRadioDigitalGuerrillaTotal--------------------------------------$ 7250.00 Budget $ 8000.00 Remaining Funds---------------------------$ 750.00*$12,000 Donated by Register Guard, KVAL and Radio for PSA Announcements. 8
  11. 11. EVALUATION The strength of our traditional media can be measured byincreased donations, and by the reach and frequency of our TV, radio, and newspaper advertising. Our non-traditional media can be measured by an increase in“likes,” clicks and comments, followers, number of user-generated responses, and number of participants at donor events. 9
  12. 12. SOURCES SRDS.com KVAL.com Facebook.comUnited Way Research Reports 1 and 2 (J495) 10