Single axle trailer


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Single axle trailer

  1. 1. Welcome to the Single Axle Utility Trailers (574) 343-2090 ... of trailers!MODEL SHOWN: NGANGSA5-10 Welded Board Fold Flat & Tucks Front & Rear Removable Gate Tubing Uprights 3500 Lb. “Easy & Top Rail Lube” Axles With 2” A-Frame Coupler 205/75D/15” Tires “Sand Foot” LED Lighting Grommet Mount 3” Channel Full Wrap Tongue Front & Rear Steps Tread Plate Sealed Lights Steel Fenders STANDARD MODEL SPECIFICATIONS Model Deck Length Deck Height GVWR Axles Empty Weight NGANGSA5-8 8’ 20” 2990 Lbs. 3500 Lb. Idler 810 Lbs. NGANGSA5-10 10’ 20” 2990 Lbs. 3500 Lb. Idler 930 Lbs. NGANGSA5-12 12’ 20” 2990 Lbs. 3500 Lb. Idler 995 Lbs. NGANGSA6.5-10* 10’ 20” 2990 Lbs. 3500 Lb. Idler 1040 Lbs. NGANGSA6.5-12* 12’ 20” 2990 Lbs. 3500 Lb. Idler 1150 Lbs. NGANGSA6.5-14* 14’ 20” 2990 Lbs. 3500 Lb. Idler 1250 Lbs. *Trailer Width 78” When We Designed The If you want the best way to move your mowing machines, ATV’s, and other equipment and not have to worry about product New Gen Utility failure, then a New Gen is what you are looking for. Our dealers and their customers provided input to create the Ultimate Trailer Series New Gen Utility. A New Gen Utility Trailer comes standard with construction materials that others consider optional. All New Gen Utility Trailers feature 4’ long drive-on gates, tubing We Immediately Discovered uprights and top railing. We offer a wide range of options and you can even custom order your New Gen Utility to meet your SUCCESS! exact needs. Powder coat finish and a host of other features will make your life easier! Trailers & Manufacturing, LLC (574) 343-2090 612 Kollar Street-Elkhart, IN 46514 Distributed by:
  2. 2. Single Axle Utility Trailers Standard LED Lighting Standard Model Features Std. Front & Rear Steps Std. Front & Rear Board Tucks ··3” X 4.1 C - Channel Tongue and Full Wrap ··2000 Lb. Bolt-In Jack with “Sand Foot” ··2” X 3” X 3/16” Angle Main Frame ··3500 Lb. Idler Axle with “Easy Lube” Hubs ··2” X 2” X 1/8” Angle Cross Members (24” On Center) ··205/75D/15” Tires Mounted on Silver Mod Rims ··2” X 2” 16 Ga. Tube Top Wrap ··2” X 6” Treated Floor with Board Tucks ··2” X 2” 16 Ga. Tube Gate with Mesh Cover ··100% L.E.D. Department of Transportation (DOT) Lighting ··Spring Loaded Gate Latch Pins ··4-way Flat Plug ··Tread Plate Fenders with Front and Rear Steps Powder Coat Finishes Every New Gen Trailer we build is powder coated with PPG™ products. When you consider your first or next trailer, a powder coat finish is far superior to conventional paint. Powder coat is extremely durable and does not crack, chip, or peel more commonly associated with typical coatings. Powder coating is also much more rust and corrosion resistant making it the longest lasting and most durable coating available. Black Red White Yellow Grey Green Blue Warranty New Generation Trailers & Manufacturing, LLC warrants each trailer to be free from Defects in Materials and Workmanship for 24 months to the original purchaser from date of purchase, under normal use and rated load capacity. New Generation Trailers & Manufacturing, LLC, warrants its’ finish to be free from defect as a result of improper surface preparation and application for a period of 24 months to the original purchaser from date of purchase, or 30 months from date of manufacture, whichever expires first. All auxiliary parts, axle assemblies, brake systems, wheels, tires, light systems, hitch couplers, jacks, power units, cylinders, or other accessories or purchased parts are covered by the warranty of the original manufacturer. This warranty does not cover: normal wear, lack of maintenance, abuse or negligence, overloading in excess of the GVWR on the VIN sticker. Additional terms apply and can be found at 343-2090 All materials © 2012-2013 New Generation Trailers, LLC