VDI Personalization Made Easy Webcast
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VDI Personalization Made Easy Webcast

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Watch this webcast to learn how you can use straightforward and costs effective solutions to migrate your users’ desktop ‘personalities’ to virtual desktops and easily manage them once there.

Watch this webcast to learn how you can use straightforward and costs effective solutions to migrate your users’ desktop ‘personalities’ to virtual desktops and easily manage them once there.

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  • 1. Virtual Desktop Personalization Made Easy Amy Hodler Director of Marketing & Product Mgmt. December 2009
  • 2. TRANXITION Personality & •  Focus: User Environment   Simplify desktop management by abstracting and managing the desktop “personality” (aka   User Virtualization end user experience)   Migration •  About:   Founded in 1998 Application Customizations   Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon OS Customizations   Millions (2M) seats deployed
  • 3. Why Worry about Personalization for VDI?
  • 4. “Cultural resistance from end-users,” is the #1 most noted challenge with VDI. -ESG Research
  • 5. User Demands •  What?   Familiarity •  Personal OS/App Customizations •  Related Files •  Why?   Continuity & proficiency •  Efficiency •  Comfort
  • 6. Personalization Benefits •  User Productivity •  User Acceptance User Support is 2nd Largest cost component of •  Reduced Helpdesk Calls Hosted VDI HW + SW Operations Administration End-User IT Downtime Traditional Server-Style Source: Gartner, IDC, Citrix and Wyse Estimates
  • 7. “Cultural resistance from IT Staff,” is the #2 most noted challenge with VDI. -ESG Research
  • 8. IT Concerns •  What?   Additive Overhead   Long Implementation   Job Security   Results •  Why?   New Skills Required   Extra and “Different” Processes   Not Included in Decisions   Unproven
  • 9. Easy to Manage VDI My Own Desktop
  • 10. The Personality Problem Entanglement of Desktop Personality with Infrastructure •  Personality is lost when infrastructure changes (hardware, OS, or Apps) •  User productivity suffers in unfamiliar environments •  Helpdesk calls increase
  • 11. 2 Steps to Managing Personality for VDI Discrete Migration Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Continuous Management
  • 12. Hot Start VDI Options & Best Methods for Discrete Migration
  • 13. Manual Efforts
  • 14. Image Capture Old Mess New Mess
  • 15. Intelligent Extraction Old Mess Clean Environment
  • 16. LiveManage™ for Virtual Migrations Jan 2010 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • 17. Using LiveManage 2. Install 1. Identify a data LiveManage share client on source & client target 3. Customize extraction & injection for the user population 4. Initiate the process
  • 18. Simple Configuration and Customization Use File Rules to Store user enforce data storage personalities policy anywhere – Select supported LiveManage applications with just transports a few clicks profiles even when users are not logged on
  • 19. Managing Desktop Personality Common Approaches
  • 20. Everyone Has Their Own Desktop Image •  Same Sprawling Mess •  Unique End Points to Manage
  • 21. Roaming Profile Based Solutions •  Long Log on / Log off •  Profile Corruption •  Profile Bloat
  • 22. Managing Desktop Personality Continuous Management A Fresh Look for VDI
  • 23. Layered Personalization •  Managed Separately
  • 24. Machine and App Virtualization Model
  • 25. New Level of Abstraction Required •  Extract user customizations and manage separately •  So infrastructures changes become irrelevant to the user
  • 26. AdaptivePersona™ Virtual Desktops •  Separate OS personality from desktop User Data infrastructure User Settings User Personality Application Settings Windows Settings Hardware Virtual Desktops
  • 27. Tranxition’s Personality Hypervisor Personalized Experience Virtual User Personalities Virtual File System User C Personality Hypervisor User B Virtual Registry User A Personality Personality Windows OS Interceptor Interceptor Application Application Server Client
  • 28. AdaptivePersona Architecture Virtualized Files Virtualized Registries Personality Data store Personality • Personalities Hypervisor on Personality • Configuration Client Endpoint Server Personality Database Active Directory
  • 29. Example: Personalize XenDesktop Virtual Desktop 1 Desktop Delivery Controller Apps: Office Personality Hypervisor OS: Vista Gateway Virtual Desktop 2 Apps: Office Personality Hypervisor OS: XP AdaptivePersona XenDesktop Host Personality Infrastructure with Server Virtual Desktops Virtual Desktop 3 Apps: Office Personality Hypervisor OS: W7 (Jan’2010)
  • 30. Impact on VDI Increase User Productivity Personalize Virtual •  Increase Satisfaction Desktops •  Accelerate VDI Adoption Personalize Virtual Desktops •  With Non-Persistent VMs •  WITHOUT Roaming Profiles Increase IT Efficiency •  With an Easy to Setup & Maintain Solution Personalize Virtual Desktops •  With a Cost Effective Solution Decrease Costs & •  Without Specialized Teams or Increase Business Training Enablement
  • 31. Is it Really Easy?
  • 32. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” -Leonardo da Vinci
  • 33. Easy to Choose •  LiveManage™   Discrete personality migration •  AdaptivePersona™   Continuous personality management solution
  • 34. Easy to Try Out •  LiveManage™   Download a Free Evaluation •  Fully Functional www.tranxition.com/resources/trial-software.shtml •  AdaptivePersona™   Preconfigured Virtual Appliance •  MS VHD Demo
  • 35. Easy to Setup and Configuration •  Be up and running and less than 1 day   Little configuration required •  No specialized training required •  Built for Integration •  Platform Agnostic Architecture
  • 36. Easy to Maintain and Support •  No Roaming Profiles •  Easy to use console •  Easy to customize   File and registry rules •  Easy to capture personality and data outside of windows profiles
  • 37. Easy to Afford $18 per $30 per migration user $24 per $33 per named user concurrent user
  • 38. Easy to Buy •  Purchase directly from Tranxition •  www.tranxition.com/software/purchase.shtml •  Purchase from select partners •  www.tranxition.com/partners
  • 39. Easy to Partner with •  No Burdensome Certification Requirements •  Flexible Terms •  Sales Assistance •  Joint Marketing
  • 40. Remember
  • 41. Personalization Requirements for VDI Reduce Management Issues Eliminate Easy Profile Issues Improve User Satisfaction
  • 42. Tranxition - Personalization Made Easy Key Attributes VDI Results •  Separate user environment from •  Personalize non-persistent desktop virtual desktops •  Intelligent and granular •  Improved user Experience abstraction •  Increase user acceptance of VDI •  On demand file retrieval •  Decrease in helpdesk calls •  Continuous real time mesh of •  No specialized training required changes •  Easily integrate into common •  Easy to setup, maintain, and mgmt frameworks integrate •  Cut user migration costs by a •  Affordable factor of 10 •  Translate settings to new OS/ applications versions
  • 43. Personalization Made Easy www.tranxition.com ahodler@tranxition.com