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Accessible project newsletter 5

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Accessible project newsletter 5

  1. 1. ACCESSIBLE Project Newsletter nº5 SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME PRIORITY FP7-ICT-2007-2 Accessible and Inclusive ICT EditorialWelcome to the fifth 6-monthly issue of the Accessible Newslet-ter. This issue focuses primarily on dissemination events for allACCESSIBLE activities. As a commitment to the open sourcecommunity, all the accessibility evaluation tools created in the Full Project NameACCESSIBLE project are now available at the Sourceforge Accessibility Assessmentcommunity, to foster innovation and dissemination of accessible Simulation Environment forsoftware development. New Applications DesignEach newsletter issue is available in accessible PDF format via and Development Grant Agreement ACCESSIBLE Outline 224145 (ACCESSIBLE)Accessibility is a paramount issue nowadays. Authorities andexperts are putting a lot of effort in pushing forward accessibility Upcoming Relevantof software applications. However, despite this, ICT applications Eventsare in most cases not fully accessible yet. The triggering ideabehind ACCESSIBLE is to contribute for better accessibility for 1st Digital Agenda Assem- bly, 16-17 June 2011,all citizens, to increase the use of standards, and to develop an Brussels, Belgiumassessment simulation environment (including a suite of acces- DRT4ALL 2011, 27-29sibility analysing tools, as well as developer-aid tools) to assess June 2011, Madrid, Spainefficiently, easily and rapidly the accessibility and viability ofsoftware applications for all user groups. ACCESSIBLE will ex- HCI International 2011, 9- 14 July 2011, Orlando,ploit the technologies behind the recent expansion of accessibil- Florida, USAity tools and standardisation methodologies, in order to provide ITAG 2011, 25 - 26 Octo-an integrated simulation assessment environment for support- ber 2011, Nottingham, UKing the production of accessible software applications mobile or AEGIS International Work-not. This will enable organisations and individuals (e.g. devel- shop and Conference, 28-opers, designers, etc.) to produce software products of superior 30 November 2011, Brus-accessibility and quality, accompanied with appropriate meas- sels, Belgiumures and proposals for best practice. The proposed system will European Day of Peoplebe demonstrated in the four pilots of ACCESSIBLE for the as- with Disabilities (EDPD)sessment of mobile applications, Web applications, Web ser- policy conference, 01-02vices (mainly focusing on info-mobility services), and descrip- December 2011, Brussels,tion languages (e.g. UML, SDL, etc.). Belgium
  2. 2. Page 2 ACCESSIBLE Newsletter New PrototypesAll of the ACCESSIBLE tool prototypes have been updated to newer versions, with stabilityimprovements, as well as extended features. These tools are: The Disability Impairment Approxi-mation Simulator – DIAS, the Web Accessibility Assessment Tool, the Web services assessmentmodule, the Mobile Web Adequacy and Accessibility Assessment Tool and the Description Lan-guages assessment module. SourceforgeAs a commitment to the open-source community, all software developed under the ACCESSIBLEumbrella is now available at Sourceforge:  Disability Impairment Approximation Simulator – DIAS  Web accessibility assessment Tool – WaaT  Web Service accessibility assessment Tool – WebSaaT  Mobile Web accessibility assessment Tool – MobileWaaT  Description Language accessibility assessment Tool – DlaaT Figure 1: ACCESSIBLE Sourceforge page
  3. 3. Page 3 ACCESSIBLE Newsletter n° 5Forthcoming activities will centre on:  Making all source code available;  Documentation for all software components;  Actively engage with accessibility development communities;  Further promote the use of ACCESSIBLE tools by developers and designers. Publications ACCESSIBLE contributed to the 10th edition of the ePractice Journal (September 2010), showcasing the state of the art on accessibil- ity assessment, presenting examples of best practice and highlighting the challenges of eAccessibility implementation in the Informa- tion Society. Entitled "Implementing eAcces- sibility as a service quality factor", this issue featured an ACCESSIBLE article "Accessible web design a burden? Lessons learned from the ACCESSIBLE project" that outlined the lack of taking accessibility into account. Itgave a closer insight into the process and challenges of designing with accessibility in mind. It canbe downloaded as PDF via:
  4. 4. Page 4 ACCESSIBLE Newsletter ACCESSIBLE Events ACCESSIBLE 2nd Review Meeting On 22 November 2010, the FP7 project ACCESSIBLE had its 2nd Annual review meeting in Brussels, Belgium. The project was given green light for the 3rd year. Key results and the technical progress of ACCESSIBLE were successfully presented. The overall assessment was that ACCES- SIBLE has fully achieved its objectives and technical goals for the second period. ACCESSIBLE 7th Plenary Meeting On 24 January 2011, the FP7 project ACCESSIBLEheld its 7th official plenary meeting in London, UnitedKingdom. During the meeting special attention wasgiven to the results from the 2nd Annual review. Fur-ther talks were held with regards to pilot settings andplanning, as well as to the achievements made sofar by all partners. In addition, the meeting was heldin order to examine the status of the various proto-types and their integration status, the action plan forthe project results validation, and further dissemina-tion of the ACCESSIBLE results to the wider public. ACCESSIBLE at Web4All ConferenceOn 28-29 March, 2011, the ACCESSIBLE project was represented at the 8th International Cross-Disciplinary Conference on Web Accessibility (W4A) at Hyderabad, India. Two works were pre-sented at this conference:  Crosschecking the Mobile Web For Visually Impaired Persons. Luís Carriço; Rui Lopes; Rogério Bandeira.  WaaT: Personalised Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool. Theofanis Oikonomou; Niko- laos Kaklanis; Konstantinos Votis; Grammati-Eirini Kastori; Nikolaos Partarakis; Dimitrios Tzovaras. ACCESSIBLE at ICT 2010ACCESSIBLE participated in the ICT 2010 networking session "Built-in accessibility assessmentand interoperability architectures in products of the future", which took place on 28/09/2010 (16:00-17:30) in Brussels, Belgium. The content of the networking session focused on the interoperabilityarchitectures that provide adaptive interfaces and modern accessibility evaluation approaches forthe design and development of products of the future. Related projects that were also present:AEGIS, INREDIS, VERITAS. /
  5. 5. Page 5 ACCESSIBLE Newsletter n° 5 ACCESSIBLE at AEGIS 1st International Conference On 7-8 October 2010, ACCESSIBLE attended ÆGIS’ 1st International Conference, in Seville, Spain with a dedicated booth, and presentations. Following papers were presented:  Accessible EU Project User Cases. Chalkia Eleni, Evangelos Bekiaris  Towards Mobile Web Accessibility: Vi- sion and Challenges. Rui Lopes, Karel Van IsackerThe proceedings (with all papers) can be downloaded from Relevant Events ACCESSIBLE at HCII 2011ACCESSIBLE project will present papers at HCII 2011 which will take place on 9-14 July 2011 inOrlando, Florida, USA. Following papers have been selected:  A Unified Environment for Accessing a Suite of Accessibility Evaluation Facilities. Nikos Partarakis, Constantina Doulgeraki, Margherita Antona, Theofanis Oikonomou, Niko- laos Kaklanis, Konstantinos Votis, Grammati-Eirini Kastori, Dimitrios Tzovaras  An Architecture for Multiple Web Accessibility Evaluation Environments. Nádia Fer- nandes, Rui Lopes, Luís Carriço  Results from “Multidimensional Accessibility Assessment”. Rogério Bandeira, Rui Lopes, Luís Carriço  A harmonised methodology for the components of software applications accessibil- ity and its evaluation. Eleni Chalkia, Evangelos Bekiaris ACCESSIBLE at 2nd ÆGIS ConferenceACCESSIBLE project will organise a dedicated workshop at the forthcoming “AccessibilityReaching Everywhere” International Conference in Brussels, on 29-30 November 2011, or-ganized by the AEGIS project.The AEGIS project organises its final Workshop and 2nd International Conference entitled―Accessibility Reaching Everywhere‖ on 28-30 November 2011 in Brussels, bringing togetherboth end-users (people with disabilities) as well as platform and application accessibility develop-ers, representative organisations, the Assistive Technology industry, and policy makers. Since2008, the AEGIS consortium (comprising companies such as Vodafone Foundation, Research inMotion, Oracle, and research groups from Cambridge University and Katholieke Universiteit Leu-ven, etc.) has been developing an Open Accessibility Framework – comprising open accessibilityinterfaces, user interface components, developer tools, end-user applications and prototype ac-cessibility solutions for desktops, rich Internet applications and mobile devices.
  6. 6. Page 6 ACCESSIBLE NewsletterThe workshop on 28 November will focus on the realisations of the AEGIS (Open AccessibilityEverywhere: Groundwork, Infrastructure, Standards) project and provide attendees the opportunityto try out all outcomes of the project. The demonstrated products offer barrier-free access to desk-top, mobile and web applications, are open source based and will be freely available.The conference on 29-30 November will gather a wide array of experts and users in the area ofAssistive Technology to discuss scientific and policy developments in accessible technology;showcase relevant projects and initiatives in the area of assistive technology. ACCESSIBLE willhave a dedicated workshop during the conference, highlighting and demonstrating the outcomes ofthe project.Access to all events will be free, but places are limited.This event comes ahead of the European Day of People with Disabilities that is marked by theEuropean Commission via a policy conference on 1-2 December, in close cooperation with theEuropean Disability Forum (EDF).Both AEGIS events take place at the Diamant Conference and Business Centre, Boulevard A.Reyerslaan 80, 1030 Brussels. More information is available under, or viacontact with Ms. Julie Buttier at for papers (see also conference website)We kindly invite you and your colleagues to submit papers in the following categories:  Scientific papers  Technical papersConference topics (non-exhaustive list):  Accessible desktop applications (AT, developer tools and accessible applications)  Accessible mobile applications (AT, developer tools and accessible applications)  Accessible Rich Internet Applications (AT, developer tools and accessible applications)  Accessibility and Standardisation (e.g. ISO, eInclusion, Policies, Legislation)  Accessibility and Usability (e.g. Design for All)  Accessibility research (e.g. Assistive technology usage by end-users and their satisfaction, innovative AT training via accessible e-learning)Important dates:  Abstract submission deadline: 30th April 2011  Notification of acceptance abstract submission: 31st of May 2011  Paper submission deadline: 30th June 2011  Notification of acceptance and outcome of review process: 15th September 2011  Final camera ready papers: 31 October 2011  Registration by 31st October 2011Abstracts submission:Abstracts submitted in the context of one of the above topics should not exceed 500 words. Thetitle, authors and their contact and affiliation details (authors’ email address, telephone and faxnumber and affiliation name and address) as well as keywords (up to five) should be included. /
  7. 7. Page 7 ACCESSIBLE Newsletter n° 5Under the title of your abstract, please quote the relevant conference topic. It is strongly recom-mended to propose more than one conference topic, if applicable, quoting them in priority order.Authors who are unable to provide an electronic version or have other circumstances that preventsuch submission must contact the project ( prior to submission to discussalternative options.The project also offers the opportunity to have a trade stand or poster stand at the 2nd Interna-tional AEGIS Conference (29-30 November 2011). Full details on this are available at details on the conference, including the online accessible registration form is available Figure 2: AEGIS conference page –
  8. 8. Page 8 ACCESSIBLE Newsletter Consortium List No Participant Name Acronym Country Type Centre for Research and Technology Hellas / Research 1 Informatics and Telematics Institute and Hel- CERTH Greece Institute lenic Institute of Transport Foundation for Research and Technology Hel- Research 2 FORTH- ICS Greece las, Institute of Computer Science Institute Czech 3 Oracle Czech ORACLE Industry Republic University of Stuttgart, Institute for Human Fac- 4 USTUTT Germany University tors and Technology Management Fundação da Faculdade de Ciências da Univer- 5 FFCUL Portugal University sidade de Lisboa 6 Softeco Sismat SOFTECO Italy SME NET- 7 Netscouts gGmbH Germany SME SCOUTS 8 Marie Curie Association MCA Bulgaria NPO 9 SOLINET GmbH SOLINET Germany SME Coordinator Technical Manager Dissemination Leader CERTH/ITI CERTH/HIT MCA Contact Person Contact Person Contact Person Dr. Dimitrios Tzovaras Dr. Evangelos Bekiaris Mr. Karel Van Isacker Project details Project Reference 224145 Contract Type STREP Start Date 2008-09-01 Duration 36 months Project Status Execution Project Cost €3.79 million Project Funding €2.6 million /
  9. 9. Page 9 ACCESSIBLE Newsletter Join us!If you would like to join us and receive our news, invitations to our workshops, information on theprogress of the project, or just want to contact us, please fill in the contact form below and send itto the ACCESSIBLE communication partner, Marie Curie Association, by email at the followingemail address:, or by fax at + 359 32 628890. Title (please select one): □ Mr. □ Ms. □ Mrs. □ Dr. First name*: Surname*: Email*: Your Function or Expertise*: Organisation Name: Address/postal code: Country: Tel. no. (+Int. Code): Fax no. (+Int. Code): Web Address: http:// How did you get in touch with this project? My remark/request is: Are you a person with special needs? □ Yes □ No If yes, please specify: □ Blind/partially sighted □ Deaf or other hearing impairment □ Unable to walk, e.g., wheelchair user □ Difficulty in walking and bending limbs □ Cognitive impairments or other learning difficulty □ Illiterate □ Other: ____________________________________* Obligatory□ Ι would like to subscribe to the ACCESSIBLE mailing list and receive further news and updateson the progress of the ACCESSIBLE project as well as invitations to your workshops. I understandthat I will have no obligations whatsoever, and any possible participation to the project’s activitieswill be strictly voluntary. I can also withdraw my participation at any time with a simple e-mail
  10. 10. Page 10 ACCESSIBLE Newsletter ACCESSIBLE User ForumIf you would like to join the ACCESSIBLE User Forum, please fill in the contact form below andsend it to Name*: Organisation*: Address: Country*: Tel. no. (+Int. Code): Fax no. (+Int. Code): E-mail*: You are a: □ Developer □ Accessibility Assessor □ Older person □ Person with disability □ Public body (servant) □ Service provider □ Other: ____________________________________* Obligatory