3a6 guadalinfo a great scale attempt


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3a6 guadalinfo a great scale attempt

  1. 1. An integration projectGuadalinfo Accesible
  2. 2. AN INTEGRATION PROJECT Guadalinfo AccesibleMotivation• Andalucía is, by population, the biggest region in Spainwith more than 8 million people• There are around 700 villages and towns with lessthan 20,000 people• People with disabilities in Andalucia account for 8,62%of the population• The regional public policy is to remove the digitaldivide for disabled people living in Andalucia
  3. 3. AN INTEGRATION PROJECT Guadalinfo AccesibleNumber of telecentres 755 centres64 in deprived urban areas510 in areas with less than 5,000 inhabitants 181 in towns withpopulation between 5,000 and 20,000 The biggest European network of telecentres
  4. 4. AN INTEGRATION PROJECT Guadalinfo AccesibleObjectives• To improve the accessibility in the Guadalinfocentres• To promote the ICT use among disabled people• To increase awareness among population withregard to disabled people• To foster the innovation of new technologies for e-inclusion
  5. 5. AN INTEGRATION PROJECT Guadalinfo AccesibleMain actions and investment• Total amount to be invested: 4.310.360 €1. Supply of AT devices2. Development of supporting software and improvements to existing one3. Adaptation of contents
  6. 6. AN INTEGRATION PROJECT Guadalinfo AccesibleHardware (I)• Supply of AT devices • Mice • Keyboards • Screens • Switches • Other elements under demand
  7. 7. AN INTEGRATION PROJECT Guadalinfo AccesibleHardware (II)• The hardware has been divided into three groups • Basic, delivered to all centres: keyboards, mice, touch screen • Extended, to centres located in towns with more than 5,000 people (249 centres): switches and more specialized mice and devices • Devices for very specific use, delivered to certain centres and available under demand: Braille displays, big size screens,
  8. 8. AN INTEGRATION PROJECT Guadalinfo AccesibleHardware (III)
  9. 9. AN INTEGRATION PROJECT Guadalinfo AccesibleSoftware (I)• Improvement of accessibility and functionality in differentGNOME apps: •ORCA (screen reader) •EVINCE (PDF file viewer) •OCRFeeder •Caribou (virtual keyboard with text prediction) •EVIACAM (mouse by head movements) •Speech recognition for Spanish •Dots •Other
  10. 10. AN INTEGRATION PROJECT Guadalinfo AccesibleSoftware (II)• Adaptation to GNOME of the Sc@ut tool for communicationwith autistic people• A cognitive training tool that allows experts to remotely trackusers progress and to add new exercises• The t-Orienta tool to help the staff at the centres to configurethe PC for disabled people
  11. 11. AN INTEGRATION PROJECT Guadalinfo AccesibleSide actions• The staff has been individually trained onaccessibility• Hand-outs and posters• Awareness campaign• Call centre to solve problems and ask questions thatcould appear and arise
  12. 12. AN INTEGRATION PROJECT Guadalinfo AccesibleLearning materials• Contents about accessibility• Adapted courses and contents for disabled people• Made in a simple language• Special training for people receiving free AT devicesfor home use funded by Junta de Andalucía
  13. 13. AN INTEGRATION PROJECT Guadalinfo AccesibleCompanies involved
  14. 14. AN INTEGRATION PROJECT Guadalinfo AccesibleThank you!