Refined Branding Overview


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Overview of Refined Branding - 9 slides

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Refined Branding Overview

  1. 1. Refining and Managing Your Brand
  2. 2. Refined Branding Mission StatementWe help our clients determine who they are, whatthey do and how to communicate their identity totheir customers by providing documentation thatallows them to disseminate a consistent message andvision across all entities that “touch” their business.
  3. 3. Refined Branding BackgroundAdam Edelman is the Owner of Refined Branding.Adam has over 24 years of hi-tech, businessdevelopment, sales and marketing experience.Adam is a graduate of the University of Maryland atCollege Park earning a degree in Marketing andpeople relationships.
  4. 4. Refined Branding Target MarketSmall to Medium-Size Businesses or Divisions: Healthcare Providers Print Producers Network/System Integrators Software Developers Business Service Providers Manufacturers Non-ProfitsBusiness Lifecycle: Rebranding their company or product Merging with another firm Launching a new product or service Looking for greater brand clarity
  5. 5. Refined Branding Services We OfferBrand Development Consulting – Two Phases• Brand Audit & Assessment Documentation• Brand Advisor and Project ManagementMarketing Strategy & Campaign Development• CRM Design and Implementation• Creation, Implementation and Metrics• Conventional and Online• Focus on Automation; Print-On-Demand, Targeted Email• Interactive URLs, Call Campaigns, Online Promotions, etc.• Marketing Collateral DevelopmentSpeaking Engagements• Brand Audit & Assessment – Why your company needs one• Marketing On-Demand and Automation• How to Become a Marketing Services Organization• Thoughts on Entrepreneurship
  6. 6. Refined Branding Brand Development Consulting – Two PhasesWe help our clients figure out who they are, what they do and how to communicate thatmessage to their customers.Phase I – Brand Audit & Assessment:• We will meet for a four hour interview session to uncover the brand foundation of yourcompany. We will define your competitive positioning, describe your target market, howyour product/service solves problems, your value proposition and how you’ll position yourvalue against your competitors.• We will uncover and document your brand identity; in other words, describe your brandpromise, themes and imagery, what it means to prospects & customers, and the emotionalhuman traits that you want to convey.• Then we’ll explain how you’ll ensure that everything your company says, shows and does,will be consistent with this identity.The deliverable for this initial phase will be a 20-25 page document outlining your Brand Auditand Assessment, as well as discussion points for potential Phase II business development tasksand marketing campaigns which can be used with your internal or external marketingresources.Phase II – Brand Project Manager & Advisor:• We stay involved with you to manage the brand and make sure every marketing mediumyou decide to use and campaign you launch maintains your brand identity and message.• Refined Branding can bring together the appropriate marketing media and resources tohelp you plan your long-term marketing strategy and short-term marketing campaigns.
  7. 7. Refined Branding List of ClientsAmerican Built ArmsToadNet, Inc.Continental BroadbandZippy Communications, Inc.Legal Technology Solutions, LLCNOW Technology GroupCodetta Technology GroupAntek HealthwareCaring HandsMental PerformanceIntellicomp TechnologiesSentinel Technology GroupPractice Partners LLCCMedITPhoenix FiltrationCore CommunicationsAccent Custom ContractingMarvel TitleHigh Mountain SignsLegal PapersReliable Repairs (ToolBox TomGirl)
  8. 8. Refined Branding Refining and Managing your BrandWe promise to develop and deliver a customized brandfoundation document to our clients that can be used tocommunicate who they are and what they do with any entitythat touches their business. Refine your brand Refine your service offerings Refine your processes Refine your marketing Refine your company
  9. 9. Refined Branding Refining and Managing your BrandAdam EdelmanPresident & CEO443-310-8777 –