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2013 11 CSharp Tutorial Struct and Class

2013 11 CSharp Tutorial Struct and Class







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    2013 11 CSharp Tutorial Struct and Class 2013 11 CSharp Tutorial Struct and Class Presentation Transcript

    • C# Struct & Class 2013,11 by aecho
    • References Dot Net Book Zero http://www.charlespetzold.com/dotnet/ Author, Charles Petzold
    • Mantra Struct is Value type; Class is Reference type.
    • Outlines The way of allocating memory block. New operation Equality about “==“ and Equals().
    • Struct The primitive data types int, short, double, long, … DateTime struct, Guid struct, and … custom defined struct types struct A { …. }
    • Class string class. custom defined class types. class A { …. }
    • Stack int i = 10; MyClass a = 
 new MyClass(); MyClass b = a; i 10 a 0x01 b 0x01 Heap 0x01 …
    • Stack int i = 10; DateTime now = i DateTime.Now; Guid id = Guid.NewGuid(); now id 10 2013/10/31 12:00:00 “382c74c3-721d -4f34-57657b6 cbc27”
    • Stack Heap string a = “Hello World”; int b[] = new int[] a 0x01 0x01 b 0x02 0x02 “Hello World” {1,2,3}; {1, 2, 3}
    • New operator New() will call parameterless constructor in struct or class. new DateTime(), new Guid(), new Contact()
    • New operator For struct Default parameterless constructor. Always have one. Initialize all fields to 0 or null. Can’t be customized.
    • New operator A struct example.
    • New operator For class Default parameterless constructor. If no constructor defined, compiler will create one. Could be customized.
    • New operator • PointClass • • Customized parameterless constructor. RectClass • A parameterless constructor will • It initialized all field to 0 or null. be created by compiler.
    • New operator • As for Cat class • No parameterless constructor • Only Cat(string aName) will be created. constructor can be used.
    • Equality “==” vs “Equals()”
    • A == B? A.Equals(B)? For struct, A == B, depend on the implementations of operators “==” and “!=”. A.Equals(B), T rue, If all fields of A and B are equal.
    • A == B? A.Equals(B)? Stack pt_1 pt_2 Equals() is T rue, if all fields are the same in struct. x = 3
 y=5 x=3 y=5
    • A == B? A.Equals(B)? For class, A == B T rue, if they point to the same heap memory address. A.Equals(B) Depends on the implementations of Equals(). Equals() of System.Object class Compare memory addresses.
    • A == B? A.Equals(B)? Stack pt_1 0x01 pt_2 0x02 pt_3 0x01 Heap 0x01 0x02 x = 3
 y=5 x=3 y=5
    • Examples What is b2 ?
    • == vs Equals() Conclusions about Equality, Compare equality of objects. Equals() Compare the memory addresses. == operator
    • Any question ?