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The Fulfillment Center powerpoint basic facts.

The Fulfillment Center powerpoint basic facts.

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  • 1. Welcome to TFC 2009 Credit Education & Disputing Assistance Program www.tfc2009.info
  • 2. TFC 2009 History Of Our Disputing System Disputing System Created in April 1999 105,000 + Clients Have Used Our System Successfully! *System Generally Takes 90-150 Days ! www.tfc2009.info * Only 22 negative items can be disputed at any one time….completion results will vary on a case by case basis.
  • 3. TFC 2009 History Continued…… t Text 4 Million+ Deletions / Changes On File Every Type Of Negative Item There Is……….. Has Been Successfully Disputed. Text We Are The ONLY Company In The Entire USA Fully Using The Section 609 Dispute from the FCRA ! Our Deletion/Change Rate Is AnText Amazing 87% +. Text Average Credit Scores Rise 60-100 Points! www.tfc2009.info
  • 4. Creditor Reporting Cycle YOU Creditor Your Creditor can pay to report your info to one, two or all three bureaus.
  • 5. TFC 2009 FCRA * Section 609 * TEXT Of Reporting TEXT TEXT Rules TEXT Full Disclosure To positively prove an account is yours….the creditor must provide the CREDIT BUREAUS a copy of the original creditors documentation. ( This would be whatever you filled out and signed to open the account with the reporting creditor. ) The Fair Credit Reporting Act was enacted by Congress to protect consumers from unverified accounts & information from being reported on your credit report. If you filed a suit against someone and you showed up in court with no proof against that person….. what would a judge do? Throw your case out of court. www.tfc2009.info
  • 6. TFC 2009 Section 609 Continued…… Without documentation…….the credit bureaus have NO right to list your private financial information on a Public report. They are required by law to verify and validate every single account on that report. Under section 609 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act….we force the Credit Bureaus to comply with that law and provide you with a copy of the original documentation they have on file. This way you could be reasonably sure it was indeed your account. We have assisted clients in over 105,000 cases and EVERY time they have failed to provide even the first piece of verifiable proof of ANY account. The law is fair and works both ways….they have every right to report it if they have what is required under the law to do so. www.tfc2009.info
  • 7. TFC 2009 Benefit To A Financial Professional The Fulfillment Center has teamed up to TEXT a support staff for Attorneys, Financial become Advisors, Loan Officers, Real Estate Professionals, and others that routinely advise in matters TEXT related to credit or pullTEXT for their client. credit As professionals, we will work behind the scenes preparing applicants to help them restore TEXT their credit worthiness, establish trade lines, if necessary, and lower their debt-to-income ratios…..all while learning the credit system. TEXT TEXT We are with your client for an entire year assisting them with anything credit-related. We have a proprietary Database tracking system that allows you to see where your client is in the process 24/7 in real time. You will have the ability to watch as their credit profiles increase over time. www.tfc2009.info
  • 8. TFC 2009 Benefit To My Client? Each Client purchases our proprietary 64 chapter Credit Education, Debt Management & Budgeting Ebook–teaching them insider secrets to the credit reporting industry, Debt Management techniques & how to budget! Unverified, Outdated, Erroneous or Misleading Accounts will be deleted or changed to reflect “Never Late” (Statistics on verified information). Credit Scores will rise an average of 60-100 points in as little as 90-150 days (Each case is unique and a time determination will be established after reviewing the TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT individual case). Debt-To-Income Ratios will lower! www.tfc2009.info
  • 9. TFC 2009 What The Real Effects Will Be Continued……. President Obama signed into law the New Stimulus Package ……each person purchasing a home this year as a first time homebuyer….or who has not purchased a home in the last three years…..can receive $8,000. or up to $12,000. as a credit for the purchase of that home……you want to get as many loans in the pipeline this year as possible……this year could be the biggest year ever in modified mortgages closed! Get your piece of the pie! www.tfc2009.info
  • 10. TFC 2009 What Do You Need Me To Do ? We will need your contact information to register you in our database system. We will create a User Name and Password to access the database (This system is similar to your desktop underwriting system…you will have the ability to query our database on the status of your referred clients 24/7 in real time). Go through your turndown files over the last 180 days Phone, Email or Fax these contacts to me for follow up (I will need the name and contact information for them. I will report back to you the status of each client after contacting them). Begin introducing us to the client when you meet with them. An education on the credit system will be one of the most valuable products they will receive!
  • 11. TFC 2009 What Does My Client Pay ? The Fulfillment Center Allows A Discounted Price Of : $599. This Pricing Pays for the Educational Ebook and FREE Disputing System talked about………For An Individual OR A Married Couple! Contact me now : AllysonE.ICU609@gmail Or call : 949-945-8578