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  • Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is a tourist destination that is visited by a number of patrons yearly for shopping, recreation, and other enjoyable activities. My family and I have visited Pigeon Forge at least once a year as long as I can remember. I know almost everything the town has to offer and for this reason feel that Pigeon Forge is truly my “home away from home.”
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    1. 1. Alex Eaton Pigeon Forge Welcome Sign “Pigeon Forge Vacation Guide.” Retrieved 7 Sept. 2012 from < igeon-Forge-Vacation-Guide>ACIS PowerPoint Presentation Eaton 1
    2. 2.  Pigeon Forge, Tennessee is my favorite vacation destination.  The extensive features that Pigeon Forge offers include: Feature Slide Number Housing 3 Dining 4 Recreation 5 Shopping 6 Sight-seeing 7 Entertainment 8 Hospitality 9 Numerous holiday 10 decorationsACIS PowerPoint Presentation Eaton 2
    3. 3. There is a wide variety of places to stay for at least one night in Pigeon Forge. These include, but are not Log Cabin overlooking the Great limited to: Smoky Mountains “Pigeon Forge • Hotels Cabins: Three Bedroom Cabin Rentals.” Retrieved 7 Sept. 2012 from • Motels < br_pigeonforge_cabins.htm> • Cabins • Resorts • Condominiums • Chalets The Resort at Governor’s Crossing “Feature-The Resort at Governor’s Crossing.” Retrieved 7 Sept. 2012 from < at-governors-crossing/> The Grand Resort Hotel at Pigeon Forge “Grand Resort Hotel And Resort Center, Pigeon Forge, TN.” Retrieved 7 Sept. 2012 from < forge/hotels/City1774815Reservation.html>ACIS PowerPoint Presentation Eaton 3
    4. 4.  Many fast food and sit-down restaurants are present along the main strip of Pigeon Forge.  Several of my favorite restaurants in Pigeon Forge over the years include: Applewood The Old Mill Farmhouse Restaurant Restaurant Kinkaku Mama’s Japanese Farmhouse Steakhouse The Old Mill Restaurant “The Old Mill-Pigeon Forge.” Retrieved 8 Sept. 2012 from Johnny < mill.html> Carino’sACIS PowerPoint Presentation Eaton 4
    5. 5.  The main recreational attraction  Though Dollywood is a family- that tourists seek when coming to oriented theme park with many Pigeon Forge is the Dollywood entertaining attractions, I prefer theme park, as well as its spinoff the other minor activities the town summer park, Splash Country. has to offer, such as miniature golf, go-karts, gem mines, and Dollywood promotional arcades. Though I personally enjoy poster, featuring its founder miniature golf primarily, many of Dolly Parton “Dollywood my friends and family members Information.” Retrieved 7 Sept. 2012 from have enjoyed the other activities I < dollywood.php> listed above. Dollywood’s spinoff, Splash Professor Hacker’s Country Lost Treasure Golf, one of several “Dollywood and miniature golf Dollywood’s Splash Country.” attractions in Pigeon Retrieved 7 Sept. 2012 Forge from “Professor <http://outbackrentals.c Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf.” om/dollywood_dollys_spl Retrieved 8 Sept. 2012 from ash_country.htm> <http://www.mypigeonforge.c om/business/professor- hackers-lost-treasure- golf.aspx>ACIS PowerPoint Presentation Eaton 5
    6. 6.  One of the many tourist attractions to Pigeon Forge is the numerous outlets that are scattered throughout the town. Currently, there are three major outlets in Pigeon Forge: ◦ Tanger Outlets at Five Oaks ◦ Belz Factory Outlets ◦ Z-Buda Outlets (not as many shops present now) Tanger Outlet Mall located at Five Oaks “Shops at Pigeon Forge-Tanger Outlet Centers.” Retrieved 7 Sept. 2012 from <> One side of the Belz Factory Outlet Mall “Belz Factory Outlet World.” Retrieved 7 Sept. 2012 from < isting/14699714/2655- Teaster-Lane-Pigeon- Forge-TN/>ACIS PowerPoint Presentation Eaton 6
    7. 7. Beautiful view of the vast mountainous terrain in Pigeon Forge Pigeon Forge lies in the heart of Retrieved 7 Sept. 2012 from <> the Great Smoky Mountains, so naturally tourists are likely to venture out to some of the scenic attractions of the mountainous views. Stop on a tour of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park “Sugarlands, Douglas Dam, Covered Bridge & Winery Tour from Pigeon Forge.” Retrieved 7 Sept. 2012 from < il&offerId=15761>ACIS PowerPoint Presentation Eaton 7
    8. 8.  Since Pigeon Forge is a famous tourist town, it only makes sense that entertainment venues are populated throughout the strip.  Several theaters and museums are located in Pigeon Forge, including: ◦ Country Tonite Theatre (where I saw Ronnie Milsap perform in 2008) ◦ Memories Theatre (features numerous tributes to legendary artists such as Elvis Presley, Rod Stewart, The Temptations, and The Blues Brothers) ◦ Comedy Barn ◦ Smith’s Family Theatre ◦ Titanic Museum Front view of the Country Tonite Theatre “Country Tonite Theatre.” Retrieved 8 Sept. 2012 from <http://great-smoky->ACIS PowerPoint Presentation Eaton 8
    9. 9. Though Pigeon Forge has many different attractions that could apply to a wide variety of individuals, my personal favorite characteristic of the town is the hospitality that the people in the town possess, whether it be workers in the town or tourists. Hospitality is a key factor in my family’s decision in returning year after year. For instance, almost every restaurant I go to in Pigeon Forge has a waiter or waitress who not only gives amazing service to my family and I but also goes to great lengths to create friendly conversation with us about where we’re from, how we’ve enjoyed our stay, their own personal opinions of the town, etc. It is the courtesy and kindness that citizens of Pigeon Forge possess that I believe is a crucial factor in the town’s success over the years.ACIS PowerPoint Presentation Eaton 9
    10. 10. Numerous Holiday Decorations Every year, Pigeon Forge decorates the town with Christmas lights and celebrates the holiday well into the new year and the remainder of winter. This year, Pigeon Forge will officially kick off what they call “Winterfest” on November 6th and leave decorations and lights up until February 28, 2013 (, < Winterfest>). My family and I try to venture to Pigeon Forge for Winterfest for a weekend usually before Thanksgiving before the holiday shopping rush sets in just before Christmas. To me, the holiday spirit in Pigeon Forge is a truly unforgettable experience since the town is such a religious and hospitable town and the residents want to give visitors a strong sense of family and warmth during the holiday season. Winterfest welcomes tourists yearly to Pigeon Forge “Pigeon Forge’s 23rd Annual Winterfest Kick Off At Patriot Park.” Retrieved 8 Sept. 2012 from < Winterfest> Nighttime view of the Pigeon Forge Trolley Tour of Lights “Winterfest Trolley Tour of Lights.” Retrieved 8 Sept. 2012 from < winterfest_trolley.aspx>ACIS PowerPoint Presentation Eaton 10
    11. 11. My thoughts on Pigeon Forge Pigeon Forge has and most likely always will be my favorite vacation destination due to the reasons I have listed above. Below is a picture taken of my family and I at Dollywood when I was six years old. Next to that picture is a pie chart of what I regard as the best features of Pigeon Forge. This chart of course is completely based off of my personal experience of Pigeon Forge and in no way should be considered as a tour guide for those interested in visiting the area. The friendly and homely atmosphere that Pigeon Forge offers undoubtedly is what makes it a classic tourist getaway for people all over the nation. Housing Pigeon Forge Features Dining Recreation Shopping Sight-seeing Entertainment Hospitality Numerous holidayACIS PowerPoint Presentation decorations Eaton 11
    12. 12.  I thought this assignment was tougher than I originally anticipated. Although I did enjoy making it and am proud of the final draft, the different graphics and elements that Microsoft offers got confusing and frustrating at times. I had never had experience implementing speaker notes, sounds, pictures, SmartArt, tables, and graphs into PowerPoint presentations. However, I feel that I have a better mastery of PowerPoint than I did before this project and I feel more confident in doing another project using PowerPoint in the future because of the instructions I had to follow over the course of this assignment.ACIS PowerPoint Presentation Eaton 12