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24 Jan 2009
trimester 2, 2008-2009

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  • 1. P h y s I c s B e h I n d G l o b a l W a r m I n g
  • 2. Physics Perspective • Global warming is a matter of heat balance: Earth's temperature rises until the heat flowing out of the earth balances the heat flowing into it. Meaning  If the earth cannot release the heat before the new one come in from particular sources (i.e. Sun), earth’s temperature will accumulate.
  • 3. How the Earth Releasing Heat? Because the earth is an isolated object; therefore, there’s only one way the earth can exchange heat with the rest of universe, which is through thermal radiation. Balance heat from the sun Heat lost to outer space Heat returned to earth
  • 4. Thermal Radiation
    • Thermal Radiation is an emission and absorption of electromagnetic waves.
  • 5.
    • The atmospheric temperature of the Earth is in an approximately stable state as incoming heat from the sun is, in turn, reflected out into space, maintaining an income-outflow energy balance. For more on the physics and chemistry of the atmosphere
    Thermal Radiation
  • 6. Thermal Radiation
  • 7. Factors of Exchanging Heat
    • Sun’s properties determines the rate of heat flow to the earth.
    • Earth’s properties determines the rate of heat radiating away to outer space.
      • The more heat that is trapped into the earth atmosphere, the more heat the earth has to absorb in order to lose and regulate the heat as fast as possible.
  • 8. Problems
    • There are many substances in the earth’s atmosphere. The problem is that some of them can absorb the unique spectrum of electromagnetic wavelengths; for example, CO2 and CH4.
    • They cause the accumulation of heat inside the earth.
  • 9. Carbon & Temperature Chart
  • 10.