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Multimedia design

Multimedia design






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    Multimedia design Multimedia design Presentation Transcript

    • A02 –MultimediaDesignBy Adam Henning
    • Audience The Audience of my Multimedia product will be peoplewho play/enjoy Minecraft. Minecraft is a video gameplayed on the PC. It is a sandbox game, emphasised oncreating and building, which allows players to createbuildings using textured cubes in a 3D world. There is ahuge amount of freedom in the game, with no setobjectives. There are huge range of blocks such as dirt,wood, stone, water and ores. In minecraft there are 2game modes: Survival where you have to survive the dayand night to build a shelter. The other game mode iscreative, players can access every single block andhave an unlimited supply of them. You can break allblocks instantly and fly around the world. The mainaudience will be people who are gamers who playminecraft or want to get into playing minecraft. The mainage will be 12+ as younger people may not understandfully how minecraft works. People who don’t playMinecraft or dislike Minecraft may not enjoy mymultimedia product as much.
    • Purpose The purpose of my multimedia product is toeducate people who have not have playedminecraft on how to play minecraft and what to dowhen they start out. If they have played minecraftfor a while and want to develop their knowledgesuch as how to find diamonds and get to thenether. If people are very good at minecraft anddon’t need to have a look at the educatingsection, then they can have look at all of the othersections such as how to build and how to craft. Theproduct is aimed at all ranges of players.
    • PlanHow to Craft Items.What to build?Photos and soundsVideos
    • House Style The house style of minecraft is grey and blue. It willalso contain pictures which contains landscapesof minecraft type blocks. The house style will beblocky containing various squares and rectangles.Below is a picture of the font used in minecraftwhich will be used to make it feel like a realMinecraft product. The buttons will also help withthis which are also placed below. (The up andpressed state are shown.)
    • Storyboard: How to craft? This button will take you to a new pagecontains videos, photos, text andanimations. This will show the viewer thebasics of Minecraft crafting and what tocraft and why it will be laid out in thehouse style using the appropriate fontand colours. Some icons and photos areshown below to give an idea on what willbe on page.
    • Storyboard: What to build? This is will be a smaller section of the multimediaproduct. This will be a smaller section of themultimedia product. It will show the viewervarious videos of as well as photos and sounds ofcreations people have made, it made importedfrom websites such as YouTube. It will use thehouse style and appropriate font.
    • Storyboard: Photos and sounds andthe videos section This section will show various photos and playsounds around the main screen and won’t takethe user to any different section. The photos will bea slideshow which plays behind the menu. Thesounds will be recorded from minecraft orimported from the internet. It will follow the housestyle and font of minecraft. Also the videos sectionwill be the same as this but will cover the mainmenu making it darker.