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NTUST Course Selection - How to
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NTUST Course Selection - How to


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Course Selection Step by Step
  • 2. At first, let’s go to NTUST Website Click the “English” preference Click the “English” preference
  • 3. Find “Student Information System” It’s over here !! It’s over here
  • 4. Click “English Version”Click “English Version”
  • 5. Student Login Click “Login” button Click “Login” button after filling in Student after filling in Student ID and Password. ID and Password. if you press “Enter” on if you press “Enter” onthe keyboard, sometimes the keyboard, sometimes it doesn’t work it doesn’t work
  • 6. Attention to “Curriculum” We’re just need to focus on: We’re just need to focus on: 1.Course inquiry system 1.Course inquiry system 2.Course selection system 2.Course selection system
  • 7. Course Inquiry System Course Catalog
  • 8. Select “Graduate program” radio buttonSelect “Graduate program” radio button
  • 9. Select your Department from the combo boxSelect your Department from the combo box
  • 10. Let say, we are going to inquireLet say, we are going to inquireany courses satisfying followingany courses satisfying followingspecifications:specifications:1.In the season of Fall Semester1.In the season of Fall Semester2.Year of 20122.Year of 20123.At any time3.At any time4.Delivered in English4.Delivered in English
  • 11. Click “Search for Courses”Click “Search for Courses”
  • 12. Courses in Department of Chemical EngineeringCourses in Department of Chemical Engineering
  • 13. Now, let’s go back th the previous page, and try toNow, let’s go back th the previous page, and try to inquire ALL department courses inquire ALL department courses
  • 14. Courses in All DepartmentsCourses in All Departments
  • 15. Click on any course titleClick on any course title to see the detail to see the detail It will open a new It will open a new browser tab/window browser tab/window
  • 16. Course Outline/Detail
  • 17. Go back to the previousGo back to the previoustab/window, select the tab/window, select the Course Number and Course Number and COPY it. COPY it.
  • 18. Go back to Student Information System menu Click “Course Selection System” Click “Course Selection System”
  • 19. Course Selection System Student Information System
  • 20. Login with your Student ID and Password
  • 21. Click “Select Course System”
  • 22. Then, click “Adding” button Then, click “Adding” buttonPaste the “Course Number” into this fieldPaste the “Course Number” into this field
  • 23. Course Successfully Added
  • 24. Dropping The Course Then, click “Dropping” Then, click “Dropping” button to drop the course button to drop the courseFill in this field with the “Course Number”Fill in this field with the “Course Number” you want to drop you want to drop
  • 25. Course Successfully Dropped
  • 26. Thank you 謝謝 Author: Vivian Cheng 鄭惠霙 Editor: Hadziq Fabroyir 哈明飛