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  1. 1. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.comHIJACKED K-12What every parent needs to know about themorally bankrupt agenda seizing California’spublic schools!
  2. 2. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.comThe California Teachers Association’sPlan for Your ChildrenGender Liberation:• “Please do not assume anyone’s gender, even people you may have met inthe past.”• “We consider it polite to ask: ‘What pronoun do you prefer?’ or ‘How doyou identify?’ before using pronouns or gendered words for anyone.”• “Each of us can decide for ourselves in which bathroom we belong.”
  3. 3. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.comGender Redefined• SB 777 changed the definition of “gender”:“Gender” means sex, and includes a person’s gender identityand gender expression. “gender expression” means aperson’s gender-related appearance and behavior whetheror not stereotypically associated with the person’s assignedsex at birth.
  4. 4. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.comImplication• “Equal rights and opportunities” regardless of one’s gender or“gender identity”• Must allow a “self-defined female” access to any and all femalefacilities• A new bill (AB 1266) even allows for males dressed as femalesand females dressed as males to share locker rooms,bathrooms, showers, and sports!
  5. 5. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.comImplications
  6. 6. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.comInside the CTA – Executive Director
  7. 7. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.comHistory RevisedSB 48 requires all K-12 public schools to change their history &social science curricula to focus on the homosexual behavior ofprominent individuals or find obscure individuals to include insuch curricula.
  8. 8. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.comInside the CTA
  9. 9. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.comA Single Worldview• So, public schools must now specifically emphasize the positiverole of LGBT groups and individuals in society…• The Education Code prohibits any teaching or materials thatholds a view contrary to “gender liberation”.
  10. 10. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.comInside the CTA
  11. 11. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.comReal ConsequencesDr. Miriam Grossman testified to the negative consequences ofSB 48, including the fact that“…the idea of transgenderism…is confusing and frightening tochildren. These are difficult concepts for adults to comprehend,let alone children.”
  12. 12. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.comInside the CTA – a Transgendered 2nd Grader?
  13. 13. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.comTermination of Parental Rights• What can your children do without yourconsent?• Get an abortion• Seek confidential medical services• Leave campus to get these medical services –without you ever being notified about it• Receive confidential treatment for infectious,contagious, or communicable disease – includingSTDsOn top of all this, state law requires that children be informed of these“rights” to circumvent their parents!
  14. 14. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.comSchool Counseling• School counselors are authorized to provide “personal andsocial counseling” to our children.• All information the kids say during their counseling sessions isconsidered confidential (unless it pertains to a crime and/ormust be reported).• Further, a minor can independently consent to confidentialmental health counseling.Where does this leave the parents?
  15. 15. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.comHIV/AIDS Prevention Education ActInformation is required to be presented to kids at least oncein middle school and once in high school, with the goal to:1) “Provide a pupil with the knowledge and skills necessary toprotect his or her sexual and reproductive health fromunintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.”2) “Encourage a pupil to develop healthy attitudes concerningadolescent growth and development, body image, genderroles, sexual orientation, dating, marriage, and family.”We know that this is a serious health issue, but weare concerned for the slippery slope this Act couldlead to in the moral education of our students!
  16. 16. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.com“Discrimination-Free” Zones• School Board must choose to be designated a Discrimination-Free Zone under the code.• This designation means school administrators can removechildren accused of intolerance or discrimination fromcampuses in order to re-educate them.• Though no school is known to have yet adopted this“Discrimination-Free” designation, what might it look like if onedoes?
  17. 17. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.comHostility Towards Religion – A CaseStudy• Chase Harper wore a t-shirt defendinghis Christian view of homosexualbehavior at his school on the day of theGay-Straight Alliance’s “Day of Silence”• He was detained/suspended by schoolofficials• First Amendment Rights or tolerance?
  18. 18. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.comHostility Towards Religion – Case 2• Chad Farnan endured consistent rants againstChristianity from his AP European History teacherin high school, including:“When you put your Jesus glasses on, you can’t seethe truth.”“There is as much evidence that God [created theuniverse] as there is that there is a giant spaghettimonster living behind the moon who did it…”• So, teachers are censured for having a Bible ontheir desk or praying with a student, but theseremarks from a teacher are ok?
  19. 19. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.comWhat Can Parents Do?• Consider private school, homeschooling, or a charter school.• Be informed – speak to your child’s teacher before the schoolyear starts to get information about the curriculum.• Keep informed about what your child is learning.• Join the PTA.• Review the content of sex education modules, and opt out ifnecessary.• Contact (or run for!) school boards and state legislators.• Contact Advocates if you learn of any misconduct in your child’spublic school education/experience.
  20. 20. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.comWhat Can Teachers Do?• Withdraw from the California Teachers Association (CTA).• Or, opt out of paying CTA membership dues that go towardspolitical causes.• Become a leader in the CTA to effect positive change.• Join the alternative Christian Educators AssociationInternational (CEAI). www.ceai.org• Contact Advocates if you face discrimination in the publicschools based on your faith.
  21. 21. HIJACKED K-12 www.faith-freedom.comThank you!You can learn more and download ourbooklet on our website:www.faith-freedom.comfacebook.com/Advocates @advocates4faith