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How to Take Flight on Twitter
How to Take Flight on Twitter
How to Take Flight on Twitter
How to Take Flight on Twitter
How to Take Flight on Twitter
How to Take Flight on Twitter
How to Take Flight on Twitter
How to Take Flight on Twitter
How to Take Flight on Twitter
How to Take Flight on Twitter
How to Take Flight on Twitter
How to Take Flight on Twitter
How to Take Flight on Twitter
How to Take Flight on Twitter
How to Take Flight on Twitter
How to Take Flight on Twitter
How to Take Flight on Twitter
How to Take Flight on Twitter
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How to Take Flight on Twitter


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In the slides for this webinar, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to get started on Twitter and tweet fearlessly! …

In the slides for this webinar, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to get started on Twitter and tweet fearlessly!

We’ll cover:
- How to set up a profile
- Hashtags: what they are, how to use them
- Common Twitter functions
- How to find people to follow
- How to determine if a Twitter user is spam
- How often you can tweet
- Ideas on what to tweet about
- How to get people’s attention on Twitter
- How to incorporate Twitter into offline marketing
- How to schedule tweets for your whole team in AdvisorDeck
- How AdvisorDeck social posts can meet compliance

For more information about AdvisorDeck,

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  • Hello! Welcome to our webinar, How to Take Flight on Twitter. Here at AdvisorDeck, we schedule a webinar regularly to provide a touch point for those interested in the platform to see it in action and for current customers to get updates on our roadmap as well as tips on marketing best practices. I’m Christine Luc and I’m the marketing lead for AdvisorDeck, and I will be discussing tips on how to get started with using Twitter and engaging with other users on Twitter. Please use the “questions” box in GoToWebinar to submit questions along the way, and I’ll walk through them at the end of the call.
  • For those of you that aren’t familiar with AdvisorDeck, AdvisorDeck is an online marketing suite for financial advisors that brings together various online marketing tools that are vital to the financial services space. We offer blogging and social media scheduling tools. We pair that with FINRA-approved content by leading resources in the AdvisorDeck Marketplace. All of that is supported by compliant archiving services as well as extensive resources for marketing best practices, including webinars such as this one.
  • In our webinars we usually show off our great staff who have fantastic industry experience. Cameron, the co-founder has worked for a wide range of digital media and social products, including, WIRED Science, and the White House before working at AdvisorDeck. We’re backed by Lincoln Collins and Wade Dokken of WealthVest Marketing.
  • For those of you on this call, you may have a vague notion of the importance of Twitter. Before we dive into how to use Twitter, I’ll briefly make the case for using Twitter in the first place. In terms of customer service, Twitter is a great platform for prospects to casually connect with you and vice versa. In terms of marketing, it’s easy to curate articles and brand yourself as an expert in your field. With regards to search engine optimization, having a strong presence on Twitter is good for your search engine results pages. One of the biggest assets of Twitter is that you can make business connections and develop business relationships. Twitter is a great assistant in helping you connect with industry people so that you can cultivate relationships for writing on industry leading publications, conducting seminars, and so on. Of course, developing these relationships takes time just like it does offline. Even when you’re working in an online medium, you’re still trying to forge connections with human beings, so naturally it takes time. Using Twitter can help you develop relationships at a faster pace, but it will still take time.
  • Exit Slideshow temporarilyNow that the case has been made for using Twitter, let’s dive into the nitty gritty and I’ll go through what you need to set up a Twitter profile. What to describeSuggestions on usernameSuggestions for the little blurbEmphasize that attaching a picture is not optionalMaking a wallpaper is also not optional, nor is a header pic optional
  • When you first acquaint yourself with Twitter, you may find that Twitter uses a special kind of language. It takes a special kind of vernacular when updates are only 140 characters maximum. First off, each update that you post on Twitter is commonly referred to as a tweet.When you use the @ sign, type out someone’s username to mention them and they’ll see that you mentioned them on Twitter. When you reply to tweets, use this sign. You can also credit users using the @ sign by saying that an article was by a particular user.The pound or hash sign is known as a hashtag. You can use a hashtag to label a tweet so that people searching for that topic can find your tweet easily. At most, use one or two hashtags in the body of a tweet. Try to use hashtags so that people can find opportunities to engage with you.RT is shorthand for “Retweet”. It’s when you post a tweet by somebody else. When you retweet, the original user is notified that you shared their post. It’s good to retweet regularly to give credit to other users and also engage with them. A retweet is not necessarily an endorsement. A less commonly used label is the MT, or modified tweet. Use this if you want to shorten someone’s tweet but still share it and give that user credit. Modified tweets are helpful for meeting the 140 character limit.
  • Here are some signs that a Twitter user might be spam, especially if you see multiple signals. Many Twitter users promise thousands of followers if you pay money for it. You can consider this to be spam even though it might just really be properly labeled as “shady” and “sketchy”. To get genuinely engaged followers you have to interact with them, naturally.If there’s no photo, people usually presume that a Twitter user is spam.If there’s a lot of digits in the username, people might interpret that user as spam.Here’s an example that pretty much has all of the negative signs. It’s considered very spammy to follow a lot of users without tweeting, so join in on the conversation and stop lurking in the shadows!
  • How many tweets does it take for people to take you seriously?To make sure that you don’t look like a spam account, fill out all of the fields of your profile, including the wallpapers and header picture. Don’t immediately follow a ton of people, especially complete strangers that are outside of your industry. Follow a few publications that you’re interested in reading and tweet. Keep tweeting and retweeting good tweets that you find around the internet that your prospects would be interested in. When you have at least 20 tweets under your belt or more, you can start engaging with users, but play it safe by retweeting or responding to other tweets first.
  • What do you talk about on Twitter? Of the various social networks out there, Twitter is really flexible about what you can share. You can regularly post articles that would be worthwhile for your prospects and clients to read. You can also post pictures of your life at the business. If you have many things in common with your clients, feel free to indulge in sharing those interests on Twitter so that you can further connect with them.Whenever you attend a conference, check in on Twitter and mention that you’re there! You can also see who else has checked in on Twitter and connect with them.
  • How often can you post on Twitter? Just as Twitter is very flexible about what you can share, the community is also very flexible about how often you can tweet. You can tweet several times a day without anyone batting an eyelash. Try to space out tweets so that you’re not updating every second. It’s also okay to promote blog posts a few times a day because followers may have missed out on seeing your first tweet. Sandwich promotional posts in between helpful content by other publications.If you’re having conversations on Twitter, these tweets that start with a mention may or may not show up in the Twitter feed, so don’t hold back on chatting with people on Twitter!
  • Exit Slideshow temporarilySegue into how you can save time by scheduling tweets on AdvisorDeck. Briefly go over how to link social accounts.Mention how you can link accounts for everyone on your teamSave default settings for publishing as well as for promoting blog posts
  • For RIAs and registered reps, it’s vitally important that social media communications including Twitter are archived and stored. AdvisorDeck partnered with industry leader PageFreezer to automatically and compliantly archive all of your social media communications on Twitter and other social networks with the push of a button.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Christine LucMarketing SpecialistDecember 12, 2012
    • 2. We Merge Marketing tech Engaging content Compliance Expert guidance Ease of use
    • 3. Who We AreSan Francisco, California Cameron Christine Co-Founder Marketing SpecialistLeadership & backing Lincoln Collins Wade Dokken • Co- • Co- Founder, WealthVest Founder, WealthVest Marketing Marketing • Fmr. CEO The • Fmr. CEO American Hartford Europe Skandia • Fmr. COO American Skandia
    • 4. Why You Need to Be on Twitter• Twitter helps you reach out to potential clients in a casual and public setting• It’s easy to curate articles and brand yourself as an expert in your field• A strong presence on Twitter is good for search engines as well as developing business relationships
    • 6. Common Twitter Functions• Tweet • Status update of 140 characters max. About 1 or 2 short sentences• @ - Mention • Use the @ sign to mention a Twitter user online. The user you mention will be notified that you mentioned them• # - Hashtag • Use the # to label your tweet• RT – Retweet • Share someone else’s status update with your followers• MT - Modified Tweet • Shorten someone else’s tweet and share with your followers while still giving them credit
    • 7. How to Determine if a Twitter User isSpam• They promise you hundreds or thousands of new followers• There’s no photo• Their username may have a lot of digits• Their username might not be coherent (recognizable as a name or abbreviation of a name)• Example:
    • 8. How to Make Sure You Don’t Look Like aSpam Account• Fill out your profile. All the fields!• Post quality content• Keep posting quality content• Have a few tweets under your belt before engaging with other people on Twitter: aim for at least 20.
    • 9. What to Tweet About• Articles that would be helpful to prospects• Life at the office• Hobbies that strengthen common interests with prospects • If your clients love golf and you love golf, go ahead and mention it if you’re at the golf course• Arrivals at events or conferences that you attend for your job
    • 10. How Often Can You Tweet?• A lot. You can tweet up to 5 times a day and there’s no problem• Try to space out your tweets so that you’re not updating more than once an hour because otherwise you’ll flood a follower’s Twitter feed • If you start a tweet with a mention (@) then it will decrease the likelihood that all of your followers will see it, so don’t hold back on those conversations!
    • 12. How to Engage with People on Twitter• Explore the # Discover tab of Twitter• Search for topics that you know and respond to people• Share tweets by other users or comment on links that other users post• Try to regularly talk to certain people to build relationships rather than responding to any strangers you stumble upon and then forgetting about them
    • 13. Results You Can Expect with Twitter• Twitter is an easy way to connect with people, but developing relationships with people still takes time• Twitter can help enhance your content marketing and offline marketing efforts• It’s a great tool for promoting blog posts or other marketing pieces you have• Good to get in a habit of scheduling tweets regularly to save time
    • 14. How to Incorporate Twitter Into OfflineMarketing• Mention your Twitter handle on business cards, in your email signature, in your offline marketing materials• Create and promote hashtags for events that you’re hosting or attending • You can make your own! If you’re speaking at a “Safe Money” seminar, you can use #SafeMoney • Encourage people to use those hashtags to talk about the event on Twitter • Use the hashtag yourself and retweet or respond to people that do
    • 16. QUESTIONS
    • 17. Getting Started• Go to and create a new account• Follow the guided setup process• Support and best practices• Questions?