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  • Welcome to our weekly webinar. My name is Cameron Nordholm and I’m the Co-Founder and principal of AdvisorDeck. Every week we hold webinars at this same time to provide introductions to our platform and updates on new features. A few housekeeping items as we get started: we welcome your questions during the presentation and if you type them into the “questions panel of your gotowebinar desktop app we will gladly answer them at the end of the presentation. We will also be recording and archiving this presentation and will be making it available on our website at, or just google AdvisorDeck webinars.
  • As an introduction, AdvisorDeckis designed to be a best in class digital marketing platform for Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, Investments advisors, and others in the financial services space. We’ve built a dedicated team to ensure that the unique needs of the financial services vertical are best met – something no other platform can claim. AdvisorDeck is completely proprietary and focused exclusively on optimizing the performance of your business online and – perhaps especially – saving you time.
  • Speaking of saving time, I’m excited this morning because we have a number of new features to introduce this morning – all geared toward saving you time and connecting more easily with clients and prospects. Since our public launch just a few months ago, we’ve followed the manta of “publish once, everyone,” meaning that content is the most effective tool you have and distributing it quickly and effortlessly is the best way to help you capitalize on the work that goes in to creating it.
  • Up to today we’ve deployed one of the easiest to use blogging platforms in the industry. Our goal was to make blogging as easy and familiar as writing an email – and I think we accomplished that. We even made sure that you can work how you want, allowing you to post new content by emailing your unique email to blog email address. Blogging also followed our mantra of create once, publish everywhere. Just a month ago we released our social linking feature, which allows you to link your Facebook Profile and Timeline, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts and have your new blog posts automatically shared across all of those networks.
  • This effectively cut the time needed to promote your business content in half – by ensuring that remembering your social network passwords, composing unique posts for each, and publishing them, is no all taken care of automatically by AdvisorDeck. But in the meantime we haven’t been sitting still. Today we’re announcing the release of a new set of features and upgrades to make AdvisorDeck an even more powerful social tool for your business and gain more control over your online messaging strategy.
  • Today we’re announcing social posting. Social posting builds on the social sharing tools in AdvisorDeck blogging to make AdvisorDeck a full-featured social network management tool. Now, in addition to blogging from AdvisorDeck, you can post status updates, upload photos, and share third party links and content to one or many social networks all from within your AdvisorDeck dashboard. Best of all, you can see all of your messages and their destinations in one view – whether to your Blog, Facebook, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts.
  • To compare the two, blogging allows for the automatic sharing of content you post on your website and social posts allows you to manage to posts to social networks all from the same view. We’ve also followed the latest best practices with all social networks so that your posts appear as rich, inviting, timely, and engaging as possible.
  • Now let’s jump over to our browser to demo some of these new features in social posting.
  • As much as I’ve touched on here, here’s an outline of the roadmap that you’ll gain access to by signing up today. iPad native, email to post – you can blog or post to social media just by sending an email – custom lead generation calculators, and much much more.
  • Now let’s jump over to our browser to demo some of these new features in social posting.
  • Now let’s jump over to our browser to demo some of these new features in social posting.
  • AdvisorDeck Social Media Management Features

    1. 1. Who we areSan Francisco Principals Cameron Derrick Christine Co-Founder/ Development Marketing Principal Lead LeadBacking and Industry Leadership Lincoln Collins Wade Dokken Co-Founder, WealthVest Co-Founder, WealthVest Marketing Marketing Fmr. CEO The Hartford Fmr. CEO American Europe Skandia
    2. 2. Publish Content Once, Everywhere
    3. 3. • Create and schedule blog posts • Create and schedule status updates• Post attached photos • Upload photos to social accounts• Automatically share posts • Share web content and links
    4. 4. Demo
    5. 5. Roadmap• Compliance Engine: Built-in moderation for small B-Ds • Accepting partners on complimentary basis• Content Library • Pre-approved library and in house library • FINRA-compliant articles, calculators, quizzes• More In Social Media
    6. 6. One more thing…
    7. 7. Get an account today. Or call 877.595.9325