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Virtual event


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. virtual event Braj Chaturvedi I I +91 9958166889 I
  • 2. changing media landscape
  • 3. changing market dynamics Tightening Shrinking Increasing Content Increasing Networking Green Marketing Marketing ROI Budgets Resources Overheads Distribution Engagement
  • 4. What is virtual event? A Virtual Event is a gathering of people sharing a common virtual environment on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location. Virtual Event provides a rich source of marketing data as every activity of a participant at Virtual Event can be tracked and evaluated. It helps create a virtual engagement index, which is a variable to measure interaction quantity and quality of participants.
  • 5. virtual event elements Immersive Interactive Display Engaging Chats Webinars Social Networking Q&A Environment
  • 6. virtual event features Resource Entertainment Lobby Registration Exhibit Halls Auditorium Lounge Utility section Centre Centre •Navigation •Capture relevant •Offers tool to •Relevant and •White papers •Social network •increase •Increase panels to other visitor data interact with scheduled and informative with others participation by participation by areas of the captured, before exhibitor, booth presentations content in form •Build new introducing an introducing show visitor is allowed staff •Interact with of PPT, video, relationships element of FUN utility features to navigate •Offers relevant speakers audio, etc. into each event booth content
  • 7. Live Chat Content Preferences Universal Search Event Bag Visiting Card CMS Booth Creation Media Conversion Visitor Analytics Platform features E-Commerce
  • 8. what we do? Braj Chaturvedi I I +91 9958166889 I
  • 9. Virtual Virtual Virtual Trade Virtual Job Virtual Education Corporate Show Fair Museum Fair Event we do trade shows Industry Annual Trade Product Trade Association Specific meet specific Promotion Promotion
  • 10. Virtual Virtual Virtual Trade Virtual Job Virtual Education Corporate Show Fair Museum Fair Event we do virtual job fair Company Job-Sites Recruitment Vertical Job Recruitment Event Meet fair drive
  • 11. Virtual Virtual Virtual Trade Virtual Job Virtual Education Corporate Show Fair Museum Fair Event Higher Vertical we do virtual education fair Education University Education Education Event Events Meet fair
  • 12. Virtual Virtual Virtual Trade Virtual Job Virtual Education Corporate Show Fair Museum Fair Event we do virtual corporate events Virtual Virtual Virtual Virtual Virtual Brand induction corporate product Annual Meet Event Event booth launches
  • 13. Virtual Virtual Virtual Trade Virtual Job Virtual Education Corporate Show Fair Museum Fair Event we do virtual museum Virtual Virtual Virtual Art Virtual Handicraft artefacts Exhibition Museum Exhibition Show
  • 14. our process Braj Chaturvedi I I +91 9958166889 I
  • 15. Virtual event consulting Pre Event Content Traffic Post Event Branding Production Sponsorship Consulting Creation Generation Consulting
  • 16. Live Chat Content Preferences Universal Search platform features Event Bag Visiting Card CMS Booth Creation Media Conversion Visitor Analytics E-Commerce
  • 17. Registration Exhibition Hall Manage Content cms framework Publish Content Event Settings Manage Promos Manage Users User Analytics Moderated Chat Manage Booths Preview
  • 18. lead generation Platform and Communication Marketing Plan Registration Confirmations Follow-up Speakers Strategy
  • 19. lead management Braj Chaturvedi I I +91 9958166889 I
  • 20. lead management process SEO, SMM, ORM Blog, Forum Microsite Mobile Virtual events
  • 21. SEO Understanding SEO Relevant Traffic Understanding Market Measurability
  • 22. SMM Communication Define message Blogging is must Build brands Measure SMM
  • 23. mobile marketing Community Define message Engage community Mobile apps Gaming
  • 24. our advantage Braj Chaturvedi I I +91 9958166889 I
  • 25. advantage virtual trade Generate Revenue Extend life of exhibition Generate value and leads Engagement ROI • Virtual events, like a physical trade • While a physical event happens at a • A Virtual Exhibition can be launched • Conduct more targeted events more show has virtual booth space in the single venue for 2-3 days, a virtual 4-6 weeks before the physical event frequently and stay closer to your exhibition hall to generate revenue. trade event can be available for to create online buzz about the event audiences. • It offers multiple opportunities to several months. to eventually attract more footfalls. • Exhibitors can organise a semi-annual place banner ads in the main lobby, in • Virtual exhibition can attract visitors • Virtual events attract serious, Virtual Trade Show to add to your the exhibition halls and the from other parts of the country and targeted global visitors - booth annual physical Trade Show. auditorium. also from across the globe. owners can interact with them • Virtual event is simple to organise, at • This excitement created by virtual • Many interested visitors, who would through chat, e-mail and business- a fraction of the cost. It provide event might also help get last minute not spend time and money to travel card exchange , etc. effective ROIs vis-a-vis physical event stall sales! to the physical show, would certainly • It enhances the lead generation spend time on their desktops to visit process of the exhibitors, providing the exhibition virtually. them additional, qualified leads beyond the physical show.
  • 26. advantage virtual job fair Interactive Medium Highly engaging Positive ROI Increased Reach • Attract youth through a medium, • The booth staff get access to the •Generate qualified leads and extend •It helps you to reach candidates across they are most comfortable with resume provided by the candidate the reach to candidates. the country and even offer access to • An online Job Fair makes perfect and can discuss their questions •While a physical job fair happens at a reach global candidates. sense for them and a great business directly with the candidate. single venue for 2-3 days, a virtual •It is possible to have frequent Virtual sense for the recruiting companies. • It is easy for candidates to meet event can be available for several Job Fairs; like a weekly or fortnightly • HR people staffing the booth interact multiple companies, from the months. •It is also possible to conduct a with candidates via chat and e-mail. comfort of their home, college or targeted Live Virtual Job Fair, which is cyber-cafe. •A Virtual Job Fair saves valuable HR staff time and their travel costs. certainly not possible as a physical job fair.
  • 27. advantage virtual education fair Engage students Highly Interactive Easy To Apply Extend Reach • Students are extremely comfortable • Institute representatives staffing the • Each student provides summary • A virtual event can be available for interacting online. booth interact with students or their profile about themselves – their several months. They are much • The percentage of visitors to virtual parents via chat, and e-mail to preferred course, location, their easier to organise and provide event would be much higher than a answer questions about the course scores etc. effective ROIs. physical event. Thus the leads would and the institute. • It enables quick screening by the • It saves valuable counsellor staff time be hotter and relatively easier to • The representatives get access to the institutes. and their hotel & travel costs, as they convert. preferred courses provided by the • Exhibitors get access to reports that will be able to reach many student and can discuss their list which student posted query or geographic areas, sitting in office or questions directly with them. interest for which course. at home.
  • 28. advantage virtual corporate events Your virtual event Visitor Greater ROI Engagement •Readymade but customisable Web2.0 •Reach out to invited visitors from •Virtual events saves the company •Platform offers flexibility to conduct platform for companies’ event. The across the globe executive time and travel cost. more targeted virtual events. it offers platform can be customised in •Possibility of re-running same event 3- •It generate more value and leads for opportunity to stay closer to your accordance with your needs and brand 4 times a day to suit different time your partners, dealers, or associates by customers and partner . guidelines. You can engage in events zones. attracting targeted visitors. •Highly Interactive corporate event like: Brand promotion, Product •Organise events and contests to •The business associates or partners can provide corporate with visitor launches, HR induction, Annual meet, engage customers and get invaluable be provided booths, where they can interaction facility in the events area, Corporate Booth, etc. feedback and ideas from customers. interact with the visitors through live- booth, auditorium area and also in •Platform offers feature to track the chat, e-mail and business-card Lounge. All these places interaction customers activity, and gauge their exchange. happens via chat and e-mail, besides interest area. through surveys and contests.
  • 29. advantage virtual museum Educational tool Visitor delight Virtual Studio Culture Display • A Virtual Museum tour can happen • Visitors can explore at their own pace • Display artefacts which cannot be • Makes the country’s history & culture right in the classroom, to add interest & leisure, from anywhere displayed due to lack of space. accessible to people abroad to school curriculum as an • Visitors are not constrained by the • Many a artefact, paintings, • A virtual museum becomes the educational reinforcement and museum timings and can visit the handicrafts, etc. which are consigned country’s global cultural ambassador, teaching supplement. select items they want to cover, at to stores, due to lack of physical apprising visitors about the rich • Promotes global tourist traffic anytime, from any part of the world. space can be displayed in the virtual cultural heritage. A virtual museum gives information • Additional information & references museum. about a country and its’ culture. can be shared in virtual platform • Arrange virtual art exhibitions. which can not be given in the virtual museum
  • 30. Braj Chaturvedi I I +91 9958166889 I