Top Tech Trends of 2012


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Emerging technology trends, new apps, and shiny gadgets and gizmos are released into the wild daily. Staying on top of the latest technology news can be overwhelming. Join Rachel Eichen as she highlights some of the latest and greatest emerging technologies. She will focus on what is just over the horizon and will discuss how it will effect and provide opportunities to libraries, librarians and our users.

Instructor: Rachel Eichen
Rachel Eichen is a certified presenter who has had over three years of teaching experience. She has taught computer classes to passengers on the Grand Princess cruise ship, which included such topics as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office. She also taught classes while working within the software industry. She enjoys learning about new technology trends and loves sharing this information with others. Rachel holds a Master's degree in Library & Information Science and a bachelor's degree in Technical Writing.

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Top Tech Trends of 2012

  1. 1. Top Tech TrendsPresenter: Rachel EichenNovare Library Services
  2. 2. Tech Trends Quantity over Quality Lots of overlap Look to the future Basic introduction Ask ?’s anytime
  3. 3. 1. Cloud Computing
  4. 4. What is Cloud Computing?
  5. 5. What is Cloud Computing? Internet-based No hard drive needed Software examples include: Facebook and G-mail No more large server rooms? Backbone for tech trends
  6. 6. Cloud Storage Dropbox iCloud War for your pictures Other Competition: SugarSync,
  7. 7. Google Drive New this year Collaborates with Google Docs and other Google Apps No software required Will Google support it or will it fade away?
  8. 8. Cloud Concerns Will it stay free? Is it secure? Is data really safe? Login info safe?  Dropbox password leak  Now checks for suspicious activity
  9. 9. 2. Social Business
  10. 10. What is Social Business?“Social Business is a concept that goes beyond thebuzz of social media networks; it’s a practice thatcan enable more efficient, effective and net-newconnections inside and outside your organization todrive performance. The organizations that discovervalue are doing so with a layered approach thatcrosses organizational boundaries, functions andservices. While this may be alarming for manyexecutives, the new world oftransparency, knowledge flows and democratizedopinion-making is rife with opportunities.” Source: consulting/7778d8e8dde25310VgnVCM2000001b56f00aRCRD.htm
  11. 11. Social Business Social media is changing how business operates (Facebook, Twitter, bloggi ng, etc.) Customers now have the collective power More than just listening; how do companies respond?
  12. 12. Social Business Success Story :Starbucks Engages customers on Twitter on Facebook Uses social media to promote “free stuff” days My Starbucks Ideas  Ideas in Action Compare to Dunkin Donuts advertising
  13. 13. Social Business Librariescan learn a lot from successful social campaigns Not just Twitter and Facebook Know and listen to your audience Always changing
  14. 14. 3. Mobile Wallets
  15. 15. Mobile Payments Square’s iPhone dongle lets you use payments anywhere Cuts out middlemen No monthly fees Competition? Paypal?
  16. 16. What is NFC? Source:
  17. 17. Mobile Wallets Google Wallet launched Apple’s Passbook to launch (competitor?) Library cards on mobile wallets?
  18. 18. Death of the Traditional Wallet? By 2013, 1 in 5 cell phones will use NFC, 50% in 2014 Paypal thinks by 2015, the “wallet” will be dead
  19. 19. 4. Smartphones
  20. 20. Smartphones Bigger screens Better cameras Faster (rise of 4G) More power Smartphone or tablet?
  21. 21. Battle of the OS Apple vs. Android (vs. Windows vs. Blackberry) Apple fewer choices, more standardization Android more choices, less standardization OS6?
  22. 22. One Phone to Rule Them All! Your phone is everything Camera, GPS, Video, Gaming, Wallet Websites going mobile
  23. 23. 5. Tablet Computers
  24. 24. Tablet Computers iPad vs. Android HTML5 vs. Flash Video Ideal size?
  25. 25. Is Touch Computing the Future? Microsoft and Apple think so OSX vs. Windows 8 Peripheral free Goodbye desktop?
  26. 26. 6. E-Readers
  27. 27. Trends in Ebook Readers Less buttons, more touch Need a light? Special offers Lower costs Dedicated Ebook readers
  28. 28. Non-dedicated: E-readers or Tablets? Kindle Fire, B&N Nook, Nexus 7 LCD, not e-ink Lower price Sept. 6 – New Kindle  Camera?  Navigation?
  29. 29. Magazines Love E-Readers More people reading Interactive features Free digital subscription with regular
  30. 30. 7. Going Visual
  31. 31. Pinterest Public pinboard Females primary demographic Great for referrals Contests and ideas
  32. 32. Instagram Mobile sharing photo app Lots of filters and effects April 2012 – Facebook bought for $1 billion Instagram camera?
  33. 33. Pinterest & Instagram Both visual Away from words Social media integration Libraries already using it to promote their collections
  34. 34. Long-term potential?
  35. 35. 8. Gamification
  36. 36. Gamification Turning boring things into games Check-in for badges and discounts Motivation by rewards Can libraries use this?
  37. 37. 9. Asynchronous Gaming
  38. 38. Asynchronous Gaming Draw Something, “With Friends” Turn-based; play anytime Mobile based Free, but unlock power-ups or remove ads for a fee Casual gamers
  39. 39. 10. Voice Control
  40. 40. Voice Control Siri, S Voice, Google Commands and questions Voice transcription has improved Better integration with other apps?
  41. 41. What trends are you seeing?
  42. 42. 2013 and beyond Wired Appliances Flexible Screens Better Security Eink/LCD Combo?
  43. 43. Questions?
  44. 44. Rachel Eichen