Fanfiction (Connecting with Pop Culture)


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What if Harry Potter never went to Hogwarts? What if your favorite character had a twin or a kid? Connected with someone other than the show matched them with?

Fanfiction knows the answer! Fanfiction, also known as fanfic, is literature written by fans of a particular work and published online. In fact, the popular series Fifty Shades of Grey originated as fanfic for the book series Twilight. Join us as we examine the ups and downs of the wide world of fanfic. We’ll also talk about resources that you can use to create fanfic and other fan-related works.

About the Instructor:
Rachel Eichen is a certified presenter who has had over three years of teaching experience. She has taught computer classes to passengers on the Grand Princess cruise ship, which included such topics as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office. She also taught classes while working within the software industry. She enjoys learning about new technology trends and loves sharing this information with others. Rachel holds a Master’s degree in Library & Information Science and a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing.

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Fanfiction (Connecting with Pop Culture)

  1. 1. Presenter: Rachel Eichen Novare Library Services Fanfiction
  2. 2. Quick Poll (1-10)
  3. 3. Agenda  What is Fanfiction?  Terminology  Websites  Library Uses  Resources
  4. 4. What is Fanfiction?  Stories written for fans by fans  Also known as fanfic  Usually free and published serially
  5. 5. Why write fanfiction?  See characters/plot with different outcome  Improve skills as a writer  Internet makes distribution easy
  6. 6. How is fanfic written?  Author writes chapters  May submit writing to a beta (aka editor)  Chapter is posted online  Community comments and responds instantly
  7. 7. Popular Authors Started Writing Fanfic
  8. 8. Canon vs. Non-Canon Photo Credit: 825970488.html
  9. 9. Alternative Universe (AU)
  10. 10. Crossover Fanfiction
  11. 11. Pairing/Ships Draco/Hermione = Dramione
  12. 12. Slash
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Specific Archives
  15. 15. Archive of Our Own
  16. 16. What about copyright?  Most authors like it for the promotion  Some other authors see it as “stealing”  Are you making money?
  17. 17. Not just free anymore..
  18. 18. Libraries and Fanfiction
  19. 19. Fanfiction Writing Contests
  20. 20. Fanfiction Workshops
  21. 21. Fanart too! an_Art_2012_-_Teen_Drawing_Contest
  22. 22. Resources  Fanfiction and literacy: A resource guide for librarians  Librarian essay: Why you should pay attention to Fandoms  When Harry met Bella: fanfiction is all the rage. But is it plagiarism? Or the perfect thing to encourage young writers?  Fanfiction Ratings
  23. 23. Any questions?
  24. 24. Rachel Eichen