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20101101 general implementation usbrs






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    20101101 general implementation usbrs 20101101 general implementation usbrs Presentation Transcript

    • The U.S. Bicycle Route System Background, Vision & Implementation November, 2010 Created by Ginny Sullivan Adventure Cycling Association
    • Overview
      • Who is Adventure Cycling Association
      • National Update
      • AASHTO Task
      • USBRS Vision
      • AASHTO Process/Signs
      • State Progress
      • Resources
      • Draft Criteria
      • Implementation
      • Routes, Trails & Greenways in Partnership
      • Adventure Cycling: Who We Are
      • “ America’s Bicycle Travel Experts”
      • Started as Bikecentennial in 1973
      • Largest cycling membership group in North America: 44,000+ globally
      • Non-profit mission: to inspire people of all ages to travel by bicycle
      • 28 staff and many volunteers
      • Outside Magazine ’08 Best Place to Work
      • Create some of the best bike route maps, publications, special cycling routes (40,000+ miles) in North America
      • Fantastic bike adventures and education
    • 40+ Tours
      • Southern Tier –Van Supported
      • VansAm on the TransAm
      • Heart of the UGRR
      • Pueblos to Peaks
      • C&O/GAP
      • Conversion to GIS
      • GPS Waypoints
      • Elevation profiles
      • Technology & the future
      • Maps Working Group
      • Waterproof, Tear-proof
    • http://fastlane.dot.gov/2010/07/us-bicycle-route-system-begins-connecting-america.html
    • “ We are writing to express our strong support for a U.S. Bicycle Route System … As enthusiastic cyclists, we believe that such a system has many important merits.” Congressman Jim Oberstar, Chairman, Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Congressman Peter DeFazio, Chairman, Subcommittee on Highways and Transit
    • National Organizations Supporting the USBRS The Education Foundation of America The Lazar Foundation American Public Works Association
    • ** A Nation of Networks ** ** Connected and convenient interstate bike travel from city center to countryside **
    • History of US Bicycle Routes In 1970’s interest in long distance bicycle travel picks up
    • First US Bicycle routes designated in 1982 *US Bicycle Route 1 (red) *US Bicycle Route 76 (blue) _______ No routes designated since
    • Began Project late 2003 Staff Support 2005 ** AASHTO Approval 2008 **
    • The Vision
      • To encourage the development of a coordinated system of US bicycle routes across the country.
      • The Task Force is charged with developing a recommended national systems-level or corridor-level plan for use in designating potential future US bicycle routes.
    • A Z Y G S L E
      • Pennsylvania state designated routes
      • Adventure Cycling’s Northern Tier not shown
      Arkansas Memphis to Fort Smith cross state route from the Dept. of Parks & Tourism US-70, 49, 107, 64, AR-147, 50, 70, 1, 284, 306, 38, 31, 319, 60, 236, 89, 10, 176, 9, 154, 7, 155, 22 Per advocacy groups AR-7 a western-central north-south route US-71 western side north-south route AR-1 eastern side north-south route US-62 northern side east-west route US-82 southern side east-west route
    • Arizona - NO DESIGNATED CROSS STATE ROUTES Description of possible routes based on suitability map Route US-160 US-89 to eastern border AZ-264 US-160 to eastern border AZ-87 AZ-264 to AZ-260 US-191 US-160 to southern border US-163 US-160 to northern border AZ-85 I-8 to southern border AZ-86 AZ-85 to I-19 AZ-286 AZ-86 to southern border AZ-95/US-95 AZ-72 to I-8 US-93 Hoover Dam to US-60 US-60 I-10 to US-93 US-89 I-40 to northern border US-60 US-70 to eastern border US-70 US-60 to eastern border US-89A US-89 to northern border AZ-389 US-89A to northern border US-8 Western border to I-10
    • Florida - NO DESIGNATED CROSS STATE ROUTES No cycling suitability map Doesn’t include ACA routes
    • Minnesota Taconite State Trail Paul Bunyan State Trail Soo Line Trail Minnesota Valley State Trail Willard Munger Trail Luce Line State Trail Central Lakes Trail Heartland State Trail
    • Put it all together…
    • Inventory of existing routes overlaid by the proposed corridor system
    • Most routes will be on existing roads and facilities.
    • USBR M1-9 MUTCD USBR M1-9 Alternate NCUTCD 2009
    • Implementation: Big Picture
      • Route applications submitted to AASHTO by State DOTs
        • Neighboring states submit together OR connect to an existing USBR or foreign country
        • Include maps and route descriptions
        • Sign-off from DOTs
      • Installation of signs & trailblazing
      • Expansion of the system
        • Spur, alternate & loop routes
        • New routes & corridors
    • Implementation: State by State
      • State & local agencies determine best approach
        • Route Identification
        • Road Assessments
        • Coordination with transportation divisions, counties, townships and MPOs
        • Also aligning routes with neighboring states
      • Who Does the Work?
        • Volunteers, bicycle and/or trail advocates
        • Agency staff
    • State Progress http://www.adventurecycling.org/routes/nbrn/USBRSStatusReport.pdf
      • Virginia’s
      • USBR 1 & 76
      • Part of their State Bike Plan
      • Realigned Routes in 2007 – work in progress…
      • Signed through much of state
      • VA Bike Federation uses USBR 1 & 76 for events and club rides
    • Michigan: USBR 20 and 35
      • Local Interest and Support
      • Mix of existing facilities plentiful
        • Multi-Use Pathways
        • Paved Shoulders
        • Low-volume roads
      • Interest from adjacent States
      • Volunteers from Michigan Trails and Greenway Alliance and a Corridor Committee of city managers/planners
    • Ohio Kentucky Indiana
      • Ohio: working on USBR 25 using rails trails to ease the need for multiple jurisdictional agreements
      • Kentucky: first priority is realignment of USBR 76 then will work on USBR 25 in partnership with OH
      • Indiana: drafting a route for USBR 35 since Michigan is working on this route currently.
    • Oregon & Washington Cycle Oregon is helping the DOT determine routes to implement Bicycle Alliance of Washington is bringing the WS DOT on board
    • Long Trail & Partner Perspectives
    • Mississippi River Trail Goal: A transportation corridor that helps recreational cyclists gain access to State and National Parks, Wild Life Refuges, & Cultural and Heritage sites
    • What are your state opportunities?
      • Agreement by DOT
      • Coordination with Neighboring States
      • Identification of partners, volunteers and supporters
      • Review of community and MPO bicycle plans, Greenways and Trails maps
      • Determine a DRAFT route, have communities review/suggest
      • Resolutions of Support of routes by state and local governments
      • Application to AASHTO for route number
      • Development of wayfinding tools – signage, pavement markings, public maps
      Process in Most States
      • AASHTO & Task Force Liaison
      • Corridor Plan Map
      • Meeting Coordination
      • Training & Mapping
      • USBRS Blog Social Media
      • News & Updates
      • Forums for discussion
      • Links to Important Sites
      • Contacts & Stakeholders
      • Future GeoDatabase
    • Resources Available
      • Background Info
      • AASHTO Application & Instructions
      • AASHTO Purpose & Policy
      • Sample Criteria
      • Road Assessment tools
      • Research & Studies
      • Benefit Handouts
      • Steps for Designation & Flowchart
      • Guide to Gaining Agency Support
      • Template Resolution of Support
      • How to Form an Implementation Committee
    • Benefits of the USBRS http://bit.ly/USBRSBenefits
      • Economic Impact:
        • Millions of dollars can be brought into state economies.
      • Transportation:
        • Green, cost effective, high rate of return
      • Health:
        • Increase access, safety, reduces health risks
      • Environmental:
        • Decrease fuel consumption, conservation, appreciate natural surroundings.
    • FL-GA Route Criteria (Draft) - Heart
      • Has intrinsic scenic or cultural quality
      • Supports natural connections between adjoining states, Canada, and Mexico
      • Accesses destinations with high tourism potential and scenic, historic, cultural, and recreational values
      • Includes or intersects regional and local bicycle routes, including roadways and shared use paths that are suitable for touring bikes
      • Provides services and amenities such as restaurants, overnight accommodations (including camping), bicycle shops, and convenience/grocery stores at appropriate intervals
    • FL-GA Route Criteria (Draft) – Spine
      • Reasonably direct route connecting cities or attractions along the corridor
      • Even distribution of north/south and east/west routes, consider population density and availability of suitable roads & trails
      • Can be linked to major metropolitan areas, key attractions and transportation hubs
      • Meets design and operational criteria for bicycle facilities
      • Ferry or shuttle crossings have regularly scheduled service available to cyclists and alternate routes available when out of service (seasonal) or infrequent
    • Important Web Links
      • General Information www.adventurecycling.org/usbrs
      • AASHTO Special Committee on Route Numbering http://cms.transportation.org/?siteid=68
      • National Corridor Plan Map www. adventurecycling.org/corridorplanmap
      • Inventory Report www.adventurecycling.org/usbrsinventoryreport
      • Task Force Criteria www.adventurecycling.org/corridorplancriteria
      • US DOT Secretary Ray LaHood on Fast Lane http://fastlane.dot.gov/2010/07/us-bicycle-route-system-begins-connecting-america.html
      • Discussion Forums http://www.adventurecycling.org/forums/index.php#5
    • Your thoughts? www.adventurecycling.org Ginny Sullivan, Adventure Cycling (406) 721-1776 x 229 [email_address] Richard Moeur, AZ DOT [email_address] Jim McDonnell, AASHTO [email_address]