S O L U T I O N PA P E REliminating Guesswork From WirelessNetwork Design and DeploymentMotorola’s One Point Wireless Suit...
It wasn’t so long ago that someone somewhere asked a simple question.“What if we could get two computers talking to each o...
One Point Wireless Suite                                      PTP LINKPlanner                                             ...
BroadbandPlanner                                                  Leveraging Real-World Measurements.                     ...
LANPlanner 3D Multi-floorRF Prediction View andMIMO Throughput Prediction                             LANPlanner          ...
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One point wireless suite design & deploy solution paper web_2.09


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One point wireless suite design & deploy solution paper web_2.09

  1. 1. S O L U T I O N PA P E REliminating Guesswork From WirelessNetwork Design and DeploymentMotorola’s One Point Wireless Suite helps you easilydesign and deploy networks that deliver optimum performancewhile reducing costs
  2. 2. It wasn’t so long ago that someone somewhere asked a simple question.“What if we could get two computers talking to each other?” The answer hasturned out to be anything but simple. Because as we all know, networking hasbecome a lot more than two computers talking. Now organizations all over theworld are basing their entire businesses on their wireless networks and a myriadof wireless devices. Their business models rely on their networks to perform atpeak levels of performance and availability. They rely on their networks to ensurethat their business-critical applications perform at their highest levels, enablingthe enterprise not only to survive but to grow and prosper. All of which bringsup another simple question. “How do you create a wireless network you can besure will meet your crucial performance and reliability requirements?”Fortunately, there’s a simple answer to that simple Point-to-Multipoint access, wireless Mesh networksquestion: plan your network using the Motorola One and indoor wireless Local Area Networks (LANs).Point Wireless Suite of software-based network Optimal designs are used as deployment guidesdesign, deployment and management tools. and transferred to management tools that provide aThe One Point Wireless Suite empowers data single-pane-of-glass approach to network monitor-engineers and other professionals to plan and deliver ing and control, including outdoor Google maps andhigh-performance networks that help organizations indoor floor layout real-time views. Using the Onemeet their technology and business goals. The suite Point Wireless Suite enables you to create high-enables the simplified design, installation, verifica- speed wireless networks that assure consistenttion and ongoing management of today’s complex high performance, significantly reduced risk andwireless networks. Working interactively with you, substantial dollar savings realized from using onlythe software helps ensure that you establish the the equipment needed, eliminating unnecessary trialstrongest links and use the right equipment—and and error in deployments, and speeding up problemthe right amount of equipment—to build networks localization, diagnosis and correction.that maximize performance while minimizing cost. Design and DeploymentHolistic Approach This paper focuses on the design and deploymentThe One Point Wireless Suite software tools help capabilities of the One Point Wireless Suite, with thecustomers leverage Motorola’s years of wireless lead- integrated management capabilities of Motorola’sership, experience and innovation. Because today’s Wireless Manager, RF Management System andwireless communications networks normally contain the Motorola AirDefense solution to be outlinedmany types of technologies, the suite takes a holistic in a subsequent publication. The following threeapproach. The suite’s design tools use advanced sections present the suite’s advanced networkRF prediction engines to help create each layer of design and deployment tools, PTP LINKPlanner,the network, including Point-to-Point (PTP) links, BroadbandPlanner and LANPlanner.2 S O L U T I O N P A P E R - Eliminating Guesswork From Wireless Network Design and Deployment
  3. 3. One Point Wireless Suite PTP LINKPlanner Wireless Manager Outdoor BroadbandPlanner RFMS Indoor Motorola LANPlanner AirDefense PTP LINKPlanner access and import ground profiles compiled from The One Point PTP LINKPlanner is one of the in- many sources including the U.S. Department of dustry’s most accurate and respected Point-to-Point the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, the European design tools, now helping to Commission Joint Research Center and a myriad calculate more than 16,000 of third-party sources. link path profiles for more than 1,500 organizations Google Earth Network View. In one of the suite’s each and every month. The most innovative capabilities, you can visualize your PTP LINKPlanner is a highly network design via Motorola’s integration with intuitive tool that takes the Google Earth. This enables you to clearly see all of guesswork out of develop- your network links, and pinpoint potential obstacles ing accurate performance such as trees, foliage and buildings on the link paths. projections for Point-to-Point The link path obstacles are easily entered into the networks. It enables you software where they are accounted for and become to select the best system part of the design. configuration for your organization’s wireless Performance Prediction. PTP LINKPlanner objectives, applications calculates whether or not the link will work, and and path conditions even enables you to view accurate performance predic- before purchasing the tions. If you’re not getting the performance you actual equipment. The need, you can tweak the design, adjusting, for application is proving example, antenna location and height, to reach your extraordinarily success- specific requirements. Importantly, you can gain all ful in helping to plan this detailed network performance knowledge beforePTP LINKPlanner Google and deploy wireless networks that meet and exceed you ever purchase a single piece of equipment,Earth Network View and organization-specific performance, reliability and allowing you to buy the exact type and amount ofPath Obstruction Profile budget requirements. the equipment that will work best for you. Network Design, Simplified. The LINKPlanner Streamlined Deployment. For deployment, the software is intuitive and easy to use. Built-in features One Point PTP LINKPlanner outputs a summary allow you to design your system by simply entering screen that serves as a template for network field the end points between which you wish to establish installation. It provides personnel with specific links. PTP LINKPlanner allows you to design equipment placement and installation instructions networks with multiple PTP links simultaneously. including GPS coordinates, antenna height, bearing, The software guides you through the design tilt angles, transmit paths, predicted receiving paths process, beginning with selecting the right license and more. In addition, since PTP LINKPlanner is for the country in which you are located and portable enough to run on a laptop, unforeseen suggesting appropriate Motorola equipment that challenges can be quickly resolved real-time by complies with regulations and meets your technol- predicting the impact of small adjustments to ogy requirements. Since terrain is the most common location and height in the field rather than relying obstacle to a wireless link, the software helps you simply on a trial and error process. 3 S O L U T I O N P A P E R - Eliminating Guesswork From Wireless Network Design and Deployment
  4. 4. BroadbandPlanner Leveraging Real-World Measurements. The One Point BroadbandPlanner is a sophisticated A crucial part of the software is the GPS-driven software solution that helps take the complexity and BroadbandScanner, which allows you to plan a uncertainty out of designing and deploying outdoor drive-route through the service area and then collect wireless networks. By enabling network planners to and analyze potential sources of 802.11 interference more easily design, deploy and verify complex Mesh in the network. Residing on a laptop computer, and Point-to-Multipoint networks, BroadbandPlanner BroadbandScanner automatically detects and“ We use Motorola’s allows them to focus more of their attention on the collects specific noise and interference information network design tools strategic issues, such as number of users, types of on a real-time basis as you drive the network area. extensively here at Scientel.   technology and applications supported. BroadbandPlanner then incorporates signal interfer- These powerful tools have ence data into the network design, assuring that helped us many times to Advanced Design Capabilities. Since physical network planning includes current interference deliver competitive and environment is crucial to wireless networks, detailed information. If you cannot drive the network, the realistic project quotes geographic and terrain information can easily be software offers default levels of interference for and deploy solidly reliable imported into BroadbandPlanner. The data also environments similar to yours. Motorola wireless network usually includes RF signal obstacles such as buildings, solutions for our customers.   trees and other foliage. Using its advanced propri- Deployment Made Easy. Portable enough to They have a great intuitive etary RF per­ ormance modeling engine, the software f run on a laptop, the software provides installation interface and I trust the combines all of this environmental information and teams with detailed instructions on location and coverage and throughput enables you to easily visualize the entire network— configuration for every piece of equipment in the predictions. I think from the predicted throughput performance of the network. In addition, it provides a real-time feedback these Motorola wireless multi-node Mesh backhaul links to the WiFi cover- loop that allows network designers to verify design tools are the best age heat-maps and the Point-to-Multipoint backhaul performance of the network as it is installed, and available today.” links—on a single computer screen. facilitating adjustments in real-time. BroadbandPlanner can Dennis Broderick, also automatically sug- Scientel Engineering Manager gest placement of Mesh and Point-to-Multipoint nodes to achieve the optimal mix of required coverage and equip- ment. Finally, “what-if” scenarios can also be run to assess the impact of one or more Mesh node failures thereby ensuring the best possible performance in difficult conditions. BroadbandPlanner 3D Obstructions and Prediction View BroadbandPlanner Google Earth View 4 S O L U T I O N P A P E R - Eliminating Guesswork From Wireless Network Design and Deployment
  5. 5. LANPlanner 3D Multi-floorRF Prediction View andMIMO Throughput Prediction LANPlanner One Point LANPlanner is an intuitive, powerful With Motorola’s broad indoor/outdoor portfolio and application that leverages Motorola’s deep expertise expansive end-to-end experience in designing and in designing today’s larger-scale WLANs. LANPlanner deploying wireless communications systems, you is highly adept at helping you get the best answers can easily source the finest solutions from a single to these critical questions as well as ensuring that supplier. Complementing PTP LINKPlanner and your WLAN delivers the required coverage, especially BroadbandPlanner in the One Point Wireless Suite for critical applications like VoIP. Importantly, is LANPlanner, the design and deployment tool that LANPlanner was the first application that allowed allows network planners to design and deploy indoor predictive design based on the powerful new wireless LANs that deliver maximum performance 802.11n wireless standard and is one of the only at minimum cost. tools that can predict data rates based on 802.11n MIMO performance, not just on basic Designing Wireless LANs That Deliver on signal strength. the Promise. Wireless LANs have evolved from “nice-to-have” indoor mobility extensions of a 3-D RF Modeling. LANPlanner makes it easy to wired network to being primary networks which import building layout and site information from a organizations increasingly use for their business- variety of sources, including AutoCAD files, blue- critical applications ranging from accounting and prints, scanned images, even hand-drawn floor business processing to VoIP. As with outdoor net- plans. Using its embedded library of RF attenuation works, many environmental factors affect wireless characteristics, the software creates a site-specific performance and advanced prediction engines are three-dimensional model of the wireless network. needed to answer key questions in the design By adding the organization’s specific usage infor- stage, including: mation—such as number of users, their locations, required applications—and reliability, capacity and • How much equipment do we need and where coverage goals, LANPlanner recommends the should it be mounted to ensure full coverage? optimum number and location of access points to • How do we make sure the network works ensure that your network meets both your perfor- in elevators? mance and business objectives. • Will we be able to get a signal down that 300-ft. corridor? Visualization. The building- and organization- specific 3-D simulation allows designers to visualize • How do we ensure data and voice work in every coverage, RF environment and even composite conference room? heatmaps of application-specific performance of • How will construction materials affect the signals? VoWLAN and other key applications. You can see 5 S O L U T I O N P A P E R - Eliminating Guesswork From Wireless Network Design and Deployment
  6. 6. Sophisticated SpectrumAnalysis with Motorola Deployment and Verification. One PointAirDefense Sensors LANPlanner facilitates smooth, efficient deployment by delivering a site-specific plan with detailed deployment specifications and instructions. These include equipment configuration, placement and installation as well as identification of optimal loca- tions for Motorola AirDefense sensors. Once the network is deployed, the application’s SiteScanner functionality can help a deployment team plan a coverage survey route and capture measurements in order to assess, verify and optimize the design, increasing performance and reducing expense. As the Gartner Group decisively points out, “An investment in network design can create a 50NETWORK MANAGEMENT data rate performance predictions, and utilize “what percent savings in WLAN setup costs.”WITH ONE POINT if” scenarios like adding, moving or removing accessWIRELESS MANAGER points to adjust for peak performance. LANPlanner Buy With Confidence. One of the most important includes wizards for either upgrading existing ac- benefits of the design and deployment tools inThe One Point Wireless Suite’s the One Point Wireless Suite is that you won’t cess points to a newer technology or calculating thedesign and deployment tools buy equipment that is either unworkable or optimal locations for access points in a new networkdiscussed in this paper are unneeded. With comprehensive PTP LINKPlanner, based on specified performance criteria and support-designed to interoperate with BroadbandPlanner and LANPlanner designs, you ed applications. The result is superior voice, videothe suite’s comprehensive know exactly which equipment is best for your and data Quality of Service and reduced planning,management applications, One network, and how much equipment you will need deployment, hardware and operating costs.Point Wireless Manager and to meet your goals. Bottom line, you can be sureRF Management System, for you’ve made the right equipment choices before Motorola AirDefense Security. LANPlanner alsounified 24/7 indoor/outdoor committing the funds. This can save you substantial enables network designers to plan and deploywireless network manage- dollars in hardware costs alone, and helps ensure Motorola’s powerful wireless LAN Motorolament. As soon as the network that your wireless network delivers the full value of AirDefense network security solution that protectsis operational, management ubiquitous access to your users. the network, mobile devices and traffic from attackstools enable full manage- and unauthorized access. The Motorola AirDefensement capabilities including Whether you are making a network solution solution provides enhanced network security byquick detection and resolu- proposal to a prospective client or you are an placing a series of dedicated security sensors thattion of problems that impact enterprise IT professional planning and installing listen to all network wireless data signals and relaynetwork performance and user your organization’s own network, the network design relevant information to network management forsatisfaction, maintenance and and deployment tools of the One Point Wireless assessment. LANPlanner helps designers to placereports scheduling, automated Suite—PTP LINKPlanner, BroadbandPlanner and sensors—either as stand-alones or embedded infirmware upgrades and secu- LANPlanner—are your link to high-performance, access points—in the proper locations to ensurerity provisioning and enforce- highly reliable wireless networks that meet crucial maximum network security.ment. Equipment locations can technical, business and budgetary parameters.be transferred from designto management tools, anddesigns can be viewed fromwithin the management tools. Motorola’s comprehensive portfolio of reliable and cost-effective wireless broadband solutions together with our WLAN solutions provide and extend coverage both indoors and outdoors. The Motorola Wireless Broadband portfolio offers high-speed Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Mesh, Wi-Fi and WiMAX networks that support data, voice and video communications, enabling a broad range of fixed and mobile applications for public and private systems. With Motorola’s innovative software solutions, customers can design, deploy and manage a broadband network, maximizing uptime and reliability while lowering installation costs. Motorola, Inc. 1301 E. Algonquin Road, Schaumburg, Illinois 60196 U.S.A. www.motorola.com/onepoint MOTOROLA and the stylized M Logo are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. All other products or service names are the property of their registered owners. © Motorola, Inc. 2009