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One point wireless suite brochure v3_web

  1. 1. One Point Wireless SuiteDesign and Manage Trusted,High Value Wireless Networks
  2. 2. A Revolution in Ease-of-Use Networks today are evolving more and more towards and costly field-based activities. Not any more. Por- a primarily wireless architecture. Because the per- table enough to run on a laptop in the field, Motorola formance of wireless networks depends on many design tools give installers all the information they different factors, the process of network design and need and allow unexpected challenges to be quickly management used to be complicated and ponderous addressed by adjusting the network design on the and did not always yield the desired results. The fly. The One Point Wireless Suite helps ensure the Motorola One Point Wireless Suite has changed all right coverage, capacity and performance for eachDELIVERING that. The suite is an innovative set of software solu- device and application while reducing unplannedVALUE AND AGILITY tions designed to work together to make the design, deployment and capital equipment costs.The One Point Wireless deployment, management and security of indoorSuite leverages Motorola’s wireless LAN and outdoor wireless broadband net- One Point Design and Deployment Solutionsdeep wireless expertise works something they’ve never been before. Simple. The One Point Suite includes three powerful design/in helping customers deployment solutions:design better networks, A New Holistic Approachdeploy them faster and • BroadbandPlanner is a powerful and efficientmore cost-effectively, Advanced prediction engines in the suite’s design tools leverage Motorola’s deep expertise in wireless software solution that helps you propose, design,and comprehensively technology and take the guesswork out of designing deploy and measure Point-to-Multipoint andmanage them for maxi-mum availability and each network layer for optimal coverage, capacity Mesh Wide Area Network systems. The tool’ssecurity. The One Point and performance. With innovative unified, map- advanced RF modeling engine automates theWireless Suite helps based network visualizations, the One Point Wireless process of determining optimum equipment place-ensure that you capture Suite lets you see every network node at its actual ment while taking into consideration the impact ofmaximum value and location and manage your entire wireless network the physical environment on the wireless signals.flexibility from your BroadbandPlanner offers integration with Google from one screen — including indoor and outdoorMotorola wireless Earth and streamlined network measurement and access, distribution and backhaul Trust Motorola verification. It makes designing and optimizingsolutions to give you Enabling Streamlined Deployment networks easy with signal strength heatmaps,wireless agility through Historically, deploying a wireless network has been optimal urban-canyon relay locations and terrainnetworks that are morereliable, more secure a time consuming effort that included unpredictable obstruction path profiles.and more cost effective • PTP LINKPlanner simplifies design of Point-to-than their legacy wiredcounterparts. DESIGN • DEPLOY MANAGE • SECURE Point links by accurately predicting achievable data rates, taking into account terrain profile and obstructions between links, antenna heights BroadbandPlanner Wireless Manager and antenna type/size. Through integration with PTP LINKPlanner Google Earth™, PTP LINKPlanner allows for exceptional real-world link path visualization of single or multiple link designs. Additionally, you RF Management System can create “what if” scenarios while determiningBroadbandPlanner shows LANPlanner important performance measurements such as Motorola AirDefensesophisticated Mesh and Point- link reliability, throughput and path coverage predica-tions in Google Earth maps • LANPlanner uses an intuitive 3D interface with multi-floor building coverage visualizations and an advanced RF performance modeling engine to help customers design and install 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless LANs that deliver maximum performance at minimum cost. This powerful tool can model not only signal strength and interference but also throughput for 802.11n MIMO access points. LANPlanner makes it easy to see how a planned network will perform for applications like web surfing, file downloads, FTP file transfers, video conferencing, wireless VoIP or location based triangulation with specialized application coverage maps that integrate RSSI, AP coverage overlap, SINR, utilization, and data rate information into LANPlanner calculates multi-floor an easy-to-understand good/bad heat-map view. 3D throughput predictions LANPlanner designs can be transferred into RFMS to improve coverage visualizations.
  3. 3. Trusted Networking:Managing for Maximum Reliability and SecurityWIRELESS MANAGERWireless Manager is Motorola’s powerful, Wireless Manager shows a map-based view of all networkflexible and scalable deployment and management layers with realtime performancesolution that helps organizations maximize networkreliability and uptime. Its breakthrough map-basedvisualization capabilities use embedded Googlemaps, and combine with advanced configuration, RFMS shows heatmaps ofprovisioning, alerting and reporting features. realtime WLAN coverageNetwork managers can holistically monitor andmanage their Motorola Mesh, Point-to-Point,Point-to-Multipoint, WLAN sites and other SNMPenable devices from one live Google map view.Wireless Manager features one-click access tothe RF Management System and allows operatorsto view PTP LINKPLanner and BroadbandPlannernetwork designs in a Google Earth view. This RF MANAGEMENT SYSTEMhelps operators more quickly localize, diagnose The RF Managementand correct network issues, improving overall System is a robust andperformance and availability. scalable WLAN manager for both Motorola andWireless Manager Capabilities other WLAN equipment.Wireless Manager provides a single consolidated It provides alerts, configu-network view that delivers new levels of system ration, customized graphsvisibility while reducing training time and costs. for key statistics, planned versus discovered device• Live Google Map Visualization. Wireless lists, heat maps of cover- Manager visually shows relationships between age, channel map visualization and the ability network layers and provides detailed Google map to recognize interference in multi-floor environ­ - NETWORK visualizations of network devices and connectivity ments. WLAN sites managed by the Motorola VISUALIZATION on both macro and micro levels levels via device RF Management System (RFMS) are displayed in WITH GOOGLE MAPS search, local search, street view, device drag Wireless Manager, along with real-time performance Motorola Wireless Manager and drop and path profiler. You can instantly view metrics and alert status. Easy one-click access overlays network elements estimated network coverage and real-time link is provided from the map view to the RFMS for onto a sophisticated real- performance data. troubleshooting, configuration and monitoring of time embedded Google WLANs down to the access point level. RFMS map. This allows you to• Auto Discovery. The solution automatically provides aggregate alert/status from, and easy visualize and analyze a wide discovers new equipment in the network. This one-click access to, industry-leading Motorola range of crucial information functionality enables faster network deployment AirDefense solutions. including connectivity and setup, while helping to reduce errors and between nodes, link significantly lower deployment costs. MOTOROLA AIRDEFENSE SOLUTIONS quality, range, and device and network availability. • Intrusion Protection. It’s essential to guard• Template-Based Configuration. By providing Graphical representations your network against unauthorized access. streamlined provisioning via the application of of data help you quickly Motorola AirDefense solutions provide 24x7 determine network status, template-based device configuration, Wireless monitoring of your wireless LAN, safeguarding identify problems and Manager makes it simple to create your own proprietary information and enabling compliance determine the severity custom-defined configuration templates and apply with government regulations for protection of of impact on the network them to devices automatically. personal and financial information such as health and end users. In this map-• Unified Network Performance. Through real- and credit card data. Motorola AirDefense based view, you can scale solutions allow you to identify hackers, attacks and pan to view an entire time network polling, the solution determines and network vulnerabilities, and to instantly city or a specific area. the current status of all network elements, Satellite, terrain, roadmap identifies issues and generates alerts according terminate the connection to any rogue device. or hybrid views can be to customized user parameters. You can easily selected and intuitive, see the causes and effects of issues in both context-sensitive bubbles high-level and minute detail, from a full network appear over the map which overview to detailed information on individual give quick access to key devices. You can also just as easily troubleshoot management functions. and resolve these issues.
  4. 4. The Value of Suite Synergy • Troubleshooting. The Network Management and Security Advantages same Wi-FI sensors that • Unified, Map-based View. The Wireless Manager monitor the network and RFMS sophisticated map-based visualization can also be used to capabilities streamline network management troubleshoot problems by by providing easy-to-understand graphical repre- simulating client devices sentations of your most important connectivity and testing the connec- and performance data. You can see one view of tion from client back in to your entire indoor/outdoor network on a map or the application server. This floor plan. simplifies and accelerates problem resolution at the • Enhanced Security. Motorola AirDefense level-one help desk stage, solutions help actively safeguard your WLAN as well as saving time by access network from intrusion and compromise. correctly escalating larger The system also manages embedded hardware problems to the right WPA2 and AES security features. expert team. • Complete Reporting. Wireless Manager andMotorola AirDefense solution The Motorola One Point Wireless Suite features RFMS generate pre-defined and custom reportsoffers proactive WLAN threat some of the most powerful network design, through their ability to collect and chart a widedetection and forensics management and security solutions in the industry. range of statistics, allowing the viewing of a Now, through one suite of innovative applications, network health check at any point in time. you can easily take control of your indoor and out- • Interoperability. The solution suite provides door wireless network and make sure it delivers a north-bound SNMP interface that supports the full value of mobility, security and reliability. streamlined integration with third-party network One Point Wireless Suite advantages include: management tools and systems. Design and Deployment Advantages As an acknowledged leader in integrating wire- • Better Design. Optimal network designs deliver less technologies, Motorola offers over 80 years of high performance and QoS for data, video and exceptional expertise in designing, deploying and voice while minimizing capital expenditures and managing wireless networks around the world. Our labor costs. solutions are empowering stronger, more effective networks for a broad range of customers, including • Faster Deployment. Installation guides, municipal public safety and public works depart- verification plans and automated performance ments, schools and educational institutions, medical measurement tools help streamline deployment. centers and healthcare systems, and commercial Design tools are portable enough for use in networks for service providers of all sizes. the field and designs can be leveraged by management tools for smoother hand-off to configuration and full operation. Motorola delivers seamless connectivity that puts real-time information in the hands of users, giving customers the agility they need to grow their business or better protect and serve the public. Working seamlessly together with its world-class devices, Motorola’s unrivaled wireless network solutions include indoor WLAN, outdoor wireless mesh, point-to-multipoint, point-to-point networks and voice over WLAN solutions. Combined with powerful software for wireless network design, security, management and troubleshooting, Motorola’s solutions deliver trusted networking and anywhere access to organizations across the globe. Motorola, Inc. 1301 E. Algonquin Road, Schaumburg, Illinois 60196 U.S.A. MOTOROLA and the stylized M Logo are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. All other products or service names are the property of their registered owners. © Motorola, Inc. 2009