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Bredbury hall cs

  1. 1. CASE STUDY WI-FI DEPLOYMENT AT BREDBURY HALL BREDBURY HALL BOOSTS BUSINESS WITH WI-FI HOTEL SEES A RAPID RETURN ON ITS WIRELESS INVESTMENT BREDBURY HALL Bredbury Hall hotel, set in seven acres of its own grounds just outside Stockport, south Manchester (UK), has an excellent restaurant and conference centre and serves both corporate and leisure customers. It has 150 bedrooms, 10 conference rooms catering for up to 200 delegates, and a restaurant also catering for up to 200. When the hotel came under new management in early 2008, the team wanted to develop the conference side of the business in particular. Realizing that robust Wi-Fi would be a key selling point, the management decided to introduce a reliable, enterprise-class infrastructure. It chose Pennine Telecom to install wireless from Motorola, which has continued to work smoothly since that date. Research shows that these days, each hotel guest, on average, has 2.8 wireless devices. This matches Bredbury Hall’s experience. As a result of increased demand for bandwidth from conference users who now often use connected devices simultaneously, Bredbury Hall carried out a network upgrade. It once more opted for Pennine Telecom and Motorola to deploy the system that has handled the increased loads effortlessly, helping to maintain Bredbury Hall’s reputation as a great venue for both leisure and business customers. CUSTOMER PROFILE Organisation Bredbury Hall Location Stockport, Manchester, UK Industry Hospitality Partner Pennine Telecom Motorola products l Motorola RFS4000 wireless LAN switches l Motorola AP650 access points Applications l Free Wi-FI: both business and leisure customers can now use a secure, robust wireless network at any time of the day, wherever they are in the hotel
  2. 2. CASE STUDY WI-FI DEPLOYMENT AT BREDBURY HALL “We’ve invested in many areas of the business in the five years that we’ve had the wireless network. And I think it would have been extremely difficult, in fact near-impossible, to grow the corporate business and acquire new customers throughout that period without the reliability and quality of the Wi-Fi from Pennine Telecom and Motorola.” Ross Finch, Managing Director, Bredbury Hall CHALLENGE When Bredbury Hall was taken over by new management one of the first decisions it made was to install a new Wi-Fi network. The Motorola network, installed by Pennine Telecom, provided a big boost to the hotel’s business. Time and again, customers have identified the excellent Wi-Fi as a reason for coming back. And despite the economic downturn, conference bookings have soared since the introduction of the Motorola network. Although the network was still working well, Managing Director Ross Finch felt that the increasing demands made by a proliferation of new devices meant it was time for an upgrade. Customers were bringing laptops, smartphones and tablet computers with them, and there could be as many as 300 people using the wireless network at the same time. Also, instead of simply checking emails, customers were now streaming bandwidth-hungry YouTube videos or holding Skype calls. The load on the network had increased from 10GB a month in the early days to more than 350GB a month. It was the right time to invest in an upgrade. SOLUTION Having been very happy with the quality of the network for over four years, Mr Finch had no hesitation in going back to Pennine Telecom and Motorola for a new, state-of-the art 802.11n wireless network. The new network included two wireless controllers running the load simultaneously, so that if one failed, the load would transfer entirely to the other. Motorola’s WiNG5 architecture, designed to reduce bottlenecks, boosted capacity from 54mbps to 240mbps per channel, and most of the previous AP 300 access points were replaced by AP 650s. Because Bredbury Hall is a mix of new and old construction, which includes wood paneling and doubleskin brick in the old hall and reception area, Pennine Telecom had to carry out a thorough survey to make sure that the new network would cover the whole building. The transition was carried out smoothly, with only a few minutes of downtime in one area of the hotel while the access points were swapped one by one. BENEFITS Bredbury Hall is now able to provide much greater bandwidth to each user. The new network can comfortably handle a situation where, for example, a large group of conference guests are accessing the internet on their laptops, several other business customers are using a virtual private network (VPN) to collaborate and leisure guests are streaming videos from YouTube. Bottlenecks in the system have been eliminated. The result is that both leisure and business customers feel very satisfied. The fact that the hotel upgraded to a new network while the old one was still performing well means that there has been no dip in reliability. The new network has proved highly robust, and Mr Finch believes that the hotel’s reputation for providing reliable Wi-Fi continues to contribute to its popularity with customers. The return on investment, he says can be measured in weeks, not months. For more information on how Motorola Solutions’ Wi-Fi networks can benefit your business, please visit us on the web at or access our global contact directory at MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ©2013 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. Benefits l More business bookings: the availability of reliable, free Wi-Fi has made Bredbury Hall a highly popular venue for conferences and business meetings. l More leisure bookings: more and more customers want to simultaneously use their laptops, smartphones and tablets. The new network is able to handle the increased load with ease. l Continued customer confidence: the reliability of the network, and its ability to handle heavy loads, means that customers are highly satisfied.