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Air defense services_platform_spec_sheet


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Air defense services_platform_spec_sheet

  1. 1. PRODUCT SPEC SHEETMOTOROLA AIRDEFENSE SERVICES PLATFORMHOLISTIC NETWORK SERVICES MANAGEMENT FOR WLANMOTOROLAAIRDEFENSESERVICES PLATFORMModern business depends on wireless communication to exchange information,build partnerships, distribute resources, promote services and functionproductively in a fast-paced world. But wireless connectivity brings with it aunique set of vulnerabilities, complexities and management challenges, anddealing with them requires a unique set of tools.Motorola’s AirDefense Services Platform (ADSP) simplifies the management,monitoring, and protection of your WLAN networks. The platform supports threekey functions - security and compliance, network assurance, and infrastructuremanagement - within a modular architecture to maximize deployment flexibilityand minimize the cost of implementation. The ADSP combines the informationcollected from your network of sensors or access points with the analyticalpower of an intelligent central console to provide 24/7 network monitoring andautomate security functions, regulatory compliance requirements, multi-vendornetwork management and remote troubleshooting.VENDOR AGNOSTIC CUSTOMIZABLE SOLUTIONS FOR EVERY NEEDMulti-vendor, multi-technology networks are Your organization is unique and so are your business Security & Compliancenot uncommon in today’s wireless infrastructure needs. Motorola’s AirDefense network services Define, monitor and enforce corporate wireless LAN policiesenvironments. Recognizing this reality, the AirDefense solutions are modular and can be tailored to your and/or regulatory complianceServices Platform is designed to support any 802.11 specific requirements. Seamless integration of policies.a/b/g wireless LAN deployment. security and compliance, network assurance, and Infrastructure Management infrastructure management functions gives you a Simplify and centralize management of multiple vendor single powerful tool for maximizing your wireless wireless LAN infrastructureCENTRALIZED network productivity. deployments with a single console.You want to focus resources on running your business, Network Assurancenot on running your network. So we simplified Remotely identify and remediatenetwork administration by creating a single graphical FLEXIBLE network problems that impact wireless applications anduser interface and central management console, for Maintaining a secure network environment is critical proactively optimize networka holistic view and easier control of your wireless to your business. So is the flexibility to adapt to the performance. changing demands of your customers and employees. The AirDefense Services Platform, through continued evolution of its advanced capabilities, gives you the confidence to rollout new applications and services that satisfy the needs of your network users.
  2. 2. PRODUCT SPEC SHEETMOTOROLA AIRDEFENSE SERVICES PLATFORMSECURITY & COMPLIANCE ADVANCED FORENSICS MODULE FOR SECURITY & COMPLIANCEMaximizing the productivity of your wireless assets Rogue devices are a serious threat to enterprise security. Ameans maintaining the strongest security posture single rogue access point can allow an attacker to gain fullpossible. With its best-in-class threat protection and access to the internal network, bypassing traditional wireda strong suite of compliance tools, the AirDefense network security controls. The AirDefense Services PlatformServices Platform allows you to mitigate the risks that identifies any rogue device and can automatically remove itthreaten your WLAN infrastructure. from the network. By analyzing wireless traffic, the system can automatically determine the level of threat that a potentialAirDefense security and compliance modules work rogue poses to the organization, allowing administrators toseamlessly to provide a comprehensive solution prioritize their efforts to secure the network. With its unmatchedfor rogue detection, policy enforcement , intrusion resolution capacity, the AirDefense Forensics module enablesprevention, and regulatory compliances across your more accurate identification of and better remediation againstwireless network. The AirDefense solution combines rogue devices which may threaten your WLAN infrastructure.intelligent analysis engines and a threat libraryunmatched in the industry to monitor your 802.11a/b/g/n traffic. By making extensive use of automated tools INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENTfor threat mitigation and policy enforcement, the ADSPensures real-time response to security risks and allows The AirDefense Infrastructure Management solution eases theyou to maintain an effective security posture. management of various infrastructure vendors with multiple consoles by providing IT staff a centralized, holistic view into the network. The solution offers centralized configuration,WIRELESS INTRUSION PREVENTION SECURITY status monitoring, fault monitoring, and reporting for multi-(WIRELESS IPS) MODULE vendor WLAN infrastructure deployments. This solution willBy analyzing existing and day-zero threats in real- enhance the visibility and control of wireless infrastructure fortime against historical data, the AirDefense Wireless organizations with diverse environments consisting of multipleIPS module is able to accurately detect wireless device models from one or more different infrastructure vendors.vulnerabilities and anomalous network activity. Withcontext-aware detection, correlation and multi- The AirDefense Infrastructure Management suite lets you managedimensional detection engines, the platform detects only the network rather than individual devices with inheritancemeaningful security events with minimal false positive based configuration. So you can spend less time less stagingalarms. An extensive threat library and customizable and provisioning hardware for new deployments and hardwarepolicy settings enable the system to respond changes. With a simplified and unified console to controlautomatically to more than 200 wireless threats, heterogeneous wireless infrastructure, the solution is also a cost-terminating connections to unauthorized devices and effective and manageable way to help organizations migrate toreducing the chances of damage to your network. new technology while leveraging legacy infrastructure.WIRELESS VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT WLAN MANAGEMENT MODULEMODULE The AirDefense WLAN Management module providesThe AirDefense Wireless Vulnerability Assessment administrators with a single, centralized console for muti-module uses a patented technology to remotely test vendor deployments, simplifying management and providingwireless security. An industry first, the module allows consistent configuration across the network. This tool willadministrators to t automatically log on to an access enhance the visibility and control of the wireless infrastructurepoint and test for vulnerabilities from the perspective for organizations with diverse WLAN deployments consisting ofof a wireless hacker. With this capability, which uses multiple vendors and varied equipment models.Motorola sensors to conduct wireless penetration testing,proactive identification of vulnerabilities is possible.Identifying g vulnerabilities before they can be exploitedallows better management of threats and improvessecurity posture.
  3. 3. PRODUCT SPEC SHEETMOTOROLA AIRDEFENSE SERVICES PLATFORMCENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT CONSOLE ACCESS POINT (AP) TESTING MODULEMODULE TThe AirDefense Access Point Testing module allows you toThe AirDefense Centralized Management Console proactively identify problems impacting wireless applications by(CMC) module provides administrators and IT staff a periodically performing end-to-end network testing. Motorola’ssingle holistic view into the wireless network. For large unique technology utilizes the radio of Motorola access points toscale deployments which require thousands of sensors emulate wireless clients in order to support wireless connectionand/or tens of thousands of managed devices, the CMC testing. The testing can be set up to run automatically forprovides aggregated views of the data on multiple proactive detection of network problems or on-demand toappliances and a single point for configuration changes. assist in real-time troubleshooting. Alerts allow designatedCMC streamlines the monitoring of security events, team members to ensure appropriate escalation and timelyautomates management, and speeds time-to-resolution remediation.of network issues, thereby improving productivity. SPECTRUM ANALYSIS MODULENETWORK ASSURANCE The AirDefense Spectrum Analysis module utilizes your Motorola WLAN infrastructure (dedicated sensors or accessWith a real-time view of all WLAN traffic, the points) to troubleshoot interference problems without theAirDefense Network Assurance suite enables IT need to dispatch a technician to a physical location. Uniqueadministrators to quickly identify and respond to to the industry, the AirDefense Spectrum Analysis Module isissues and misconfigurations, proactively monitor the a software only solution that allows you to view the physicalnetwork’s availability, and remotely troubleshoot RF layer of your wireless network without the need for specializedproblems. The suite includes sophisticated real-time hardware. With the AirDefense Spectrum Analysis module, youtools to remotely capture and analyze 802.11 frames, can cost-effectively identify, classify, and resolve interferencedetect and classify non-802.11 sources of interference, issues that limit the productivity of your WLAN.monitor performance policy violations and remotelydebug client and AP connectivity issues. Also includedis the industry’s first toolset to perform expert analysis ADVANCED FORENSICS MODULEof wireless connectivity issues and perform end-to The AirDefense Advanced Forensics module providesend network testing from the wireless perspective, administrators the ability to rewind and review detailed recordsremotely. Once a problem or issue is identified network of wireless activity. It allows organizations to view eventsadministrators have two types of tools, real-time and months later to improve network security posture, assist inhistorical, which allow them to appropriately diagnose forensic investigations and ensure policy compliance.and fix the problem. This suite of tools will significantlyreduce network helpdesk costs and operational LiveRF MODULEexpenditures related to the wireless network by The Airdefense LiveRF module performs sophisticated RFpractically eliminating the need to travel onsite to propagation analysis, taking into account the RF characteristicstroubleshoot wireless network issues. of your 3D environment, including objects such as walls floors and ceilings. With extensive options for customization andCLIENT TROUBLESHOOTING MODULE best-in-class visualization, the LiveRF function allows you toThe AirDefense Client Troubleshooting tool lets tier one identify coverage and capacity issues within your network.helpdesk personnel with limited wireless networking Unique functionality including side-by-side comparative analysisexpertise easily identify the exact connectivity problem, and rewindable RF visualization which gives you the ability toso they can resolve it or escalate it as appropriate. The look “back in time” at past conditions, allows identification ofmodule’s sophisticated analysis engine will quickly transient sources of interference and changing usage patterns.identify device level problems, wireless networkhealth and availability, wireless network or clientconfiguration, and wired network connectivity issues.
  4. 4. PRODUCT SPEC SHEETMOTOROLA AIRDEFENSE SERVICES PLATFORM DEFEND YOUR WIRELESS NETWORKAirDefense provides organizations with industry- and policy compliance while, while reducing deviceleading WLAN security and network management and model specific expertise required by networksolutions. AirDefense solutions satisfy regulatory administrators. Instead of managing multiple systems,audit requirements, provide 24/7 monitoring, simplify administrators have a centralized management consolemanagement of multi-vendor network deployments to control wireless infrastructure. The Networkand remotely troubleshoot network performance. Our Assurance suite includes analysis tools that that allowSecurity & Compliance solutions help protect from organizations to proactively optimize wireless LANcostly security breaches and prevent lost revenue and performance as well as remotely troubleshootproductivity from network downtime, while offering RF problems.a cost-effective way to meet regulatory securityaudit requirements. The infrastructure Management With the AirDefense Services Platform, customers havefunction, with its centralized management console a holistic network service management solution foreliminates the need for multiple management systems their WLAN with a feature set and functionality thatand allows your organization to monitor WLAN will maximize efficiency, improve operations, mitigateinfrastructure across multiple device types and multiple risk and assure compliance.vendors. This provides consistency in configuration AirDefense Services Platform Security & Compliance Infrastructure Management Network Assurance Wireless IPS WLAN Management Client Troubleshooting Wireless Vulnerability Centralized Management AP Testing Assessment Console Spectrum Analysis Advanced Forensics Advanced Forensics Mobile Workforce Protection LiveRFFor more information on MotorolaAirDefense Solutions, please visit uson the web at number G3-22-106A. MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of MotorolaTrademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2011 Motorola Solutions, Inc.All rights reserved.