Hungry for profits


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Consumers with smartphones and tablets are searching for local businesses on their devices. Local restaurants account for almost 30% of what’s being searched for on a mobile phone.

Yet in many instances, restaurants are not mobilized to greet those ‘hungry eyeballs’ before they are ready to make a purchasing decision.

Learn how you can take the first steps to interact with these customers via mobile marketing as they look for you.

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Hungry for profits

  1. 1. “Your Message On The Move”Mobile Marketing for RestaurantsPresented to:Webinar AttendeesJune 18, 2013Presented by:Bob BentzAdvanced TelecomServices
  2. 2. Bob Bentz President, AdvancedTelecom Services(founded 1989) Experiencedentrepreneur withexpertise in MobileMarketing
  3. 3. Mobile AppsText MessageMarketingQR CodesMobileWebsitesText ChatMobile Ad BuysMobile SEO
  4. 4.  55% of people access the internet via amobile device◦ 47% last year 31% of adult U.S. mobile web users say theynow go online mostly via their mobile phonesSource:
  5. 5. Source: Nielsen 201148% ofSmartphoneOwners Visited aRestaurant’sMobile Website inthe Past Month
  6. 6. 17%Source:
  7. 7. 47%Percentage of Restaurant searches performedby mobile phonesSource:;January 201162% onValentines Day
  8. 8. ONLY 7%Source:
  9. 9. From 2011 to 2012, restaurantmobile searches increased50%Source: ComScore
  10. 10. Defining The Mobile RestaurantSearcherSource: Nielsen
  11. 11. Year-over-year mobilesearch growth: 117%Top Searches1. Restaurants2. Financial Services3. Auto Repair ServicesSource: YP
  12. 12. 76% of Restaurant searches by Smartphonesare done on the go51% of Restaurant searches by Smartphonesare done in the carSource: Nielsen
  13. 13. What They’re Looking For:Location: 70%Hours: 66%Phone Number: 51%Source: Nielsen
  14. 14. Connect toCustomersImmediatelySource: Nielsen30% ofusersconvertimmediately60% transact within60 minutes
  15. 15. Source: Nielsen
  16. 16. 78%65%48%48%27%0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%Type of Food I was Looking forClose to My LocationWithin Price RangeHad an Exact Location/SpecificRestaurant in MindHad Good ReviewsSource: Nielsen
  17. 17. CustomQRCodesMobile AppsTextMessageMarketingMobileWebsites
  18. 18. Text ChatMobile Ad Buys Mobile SEO
  19. 19. Mobile Websites
  20. 20.  Take a look at what your visitors see whenthey bring up your desktop website on amobile phone.
  21. 21.  Serve this up on yourmobile phone to seethe difference a mobilewebsite makes on yoursmartphone or featurephone:
  22. 22. Our Special Sauceat 15% of the CostShow YourFood andRestaurantIncreaseTakeoutMakesEasyContactPointClick To Call
  23. 23.  Google has 2 bots:Googlebot & GooglebotMobile. Different rankings fordesktop & mobile. Added benefit ofmobile site is higherrankings in mobilesearch.
  24. 24. The average responsetime to an email is 90minutes. The averageresponse time to atext message is 90seconds.Source: SmartMediaTips
  25. 25. Mobile coupons are 10x more likely to beused than traditional paper couponsSource: HubSpot
  26. 26.  Offer specials and deals toencourage business Most effective medium ofadvertising on Monday andTuesday (“Slow Days”)
  27. 27.  Use specialevents togeneratebusiness
  28. 28. “21% of AllSales werefromcustomersnot in thedatabase”
  29. 29. Using auniquePIN, youcan track theeffectivenessof youradvertising
  30. 30. Custom QR Codes achieve scan rates that are2.3 times higher than ordinary B&W mobilebar codes.Catch your customers attentionBoost your online trafficBuild your database withqualified leads
  31. 31. More than half of aperson’s mobile phoneusage is spent on apps.In 2011, 45 billion appswere downloaded. By2015, that numbershould grow to 108billion.Source Garnter
  32. 32. - Achieved 15% redemptionrate with SMS marketing-achieved 11%redemption rate forSuper Bowl campaign
  33. 33. “Jump the Line!”Mobile Campaign1400 added todatabase in month!
  34. 34. InvestmentThe Package: • Mobile Website• Text Message Marketing*• Custom QR Code• Text Chat* Includes 1000 text messages$1,850 + $199/ month
  35. 35. Please scan to Link In with Me