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Established in 1989, Advanced Telecom Services (ATS) provides its media and advertising customers with non-traditional revenue sources through a large scale platform for both interactive voice response services and text message solutions. This includes 900 number programs, personals, interactive text message solutions, premium SMS, pound codes, and more sophisticated mobile marketing apps for Smart Phones.

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Mobile Marketing - Advanced Telecom Services

  1. 1. Bob BentzAdvanced Telecom Services Direct Phone: Established in 1989 Your one stop mobile marketing shop Presented to: Landy Ung September 13, 2011
  2. 2. Established in 1989 Advanced Telecom Services, headquartered in Wayne, PA, operates international offices in Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic. Advanced Telecom Services is a leading provider of mobile audience engagement and interactive voice response (IVR) services, specializing in providing turn key mobile marketing solutions.
  3. 3. A leader in tele-interactive marketing and promotion execution and ideation for over 20 years! (AMS) has produced over 950 Apps on all platforms, and over 1450 custom mobile sites. Mobile App Division www.84444.comBuilt custom APP’s for Versus NHL, Golf Channel, PGA, Over 8800 clients use Turner Network, CBS Sports, our SMS marketing system and Comcast Sportsnet (5 markets)
  4. 4. ATS is a company that has roots in Interactive telephony and consumer interaction!• Premium rate services in the United States, more commonly known as 900 numbers, have been a mainstay of Advanced Telecom Services for over twenty years. You can buy 900 numbers directly from Advanced Telecom Services knowing that you are working with one of only three USA service bureaus with a national direct billing relationship with MCI and its parent company Verizon.
  5. 5. ATS entrée into MOBILE – RINGTONES! • ATS was an early pioneer in the RingTone business with two leading ringtones web portal sites …
  6. 6. • In 2009, after many months of development, Advanced Telecom Services rolled out its version 2.0 of its do-it-yourself mobile marketing product—• With, Advanced Telecom Services took the best features of its original PromoTXT and TXT Launch Pad products, added a host of enhancements, and created the best text message marketing site on the internet. The Text Message Blog described as: “The easiest to use mobile marketing site on the internet. You’ll be a pro in less than ten minutes.”• provides a tool for advertisers, businesses, and organizations to easily provide interactive mobile marketing. Then, once a database has been created, it allows for those participants to become part of the opt-in database to be sent a broadcast mobile marketing message.• The site allows for the user to keep unlimited databases of its opt-in consumers. An opt-in can be created through participation in an interactive text message offering that utilizes a unique keyword and the shared short code 84444. In addition, should the customer have obtained an acceptable opt-in through other means, the site allows for easy loading of the off-site database through Excel or a .csv file. If the customer wishes to provide an opt-in to its mobile data service via a web site, can provide a sign-up page on the internet that can be easily transferred into the database itself.
  7. 7. Text Message MarketingThe easiest Do-It-Yourself Platform in the Industry
  8. 8. Mobile Marketing and Promotions
  9. 9. Day: Free Slurpees on 7/11. 7-Eleven offers up to 1,000 customers a free Slurpee of their choice only one day a year. This promotion interests consumers to take part in their marketed day. 7-Eleven has used’s text messaging marketing solutions in order to promote this day. They use interactive text message programs where the customers opts-in to their promotion. Customers text slurpee to 84444 and receive the promotion in response. The response message is what is shown to any 7-Eleven in order to get a 7.11 oz free slurpee. On 7-Eleven day, they also use’s text messaging in order to help customers save money on gas. Customers text gas to 84444 in order to save 11 cents per gallon at participating 7-Eleven’s with CITGO gas when you purchase a CITGO cash card and prepay at the pump.
  10. 10. Founded in 2006, Advanced Mobile Solutions (AMS) has becomea leader in providing turn-key mobile web search, mobile marketingand custom smart phone applications to various vertical markets.The Company’s core competency is “mobilizing” inventory data andmaking it searchable from any mobile device, while generating highquality leads for our clients. AMS enables its customers to quicklyand affordably:– Have a mobile website that optimizes to any size mobile screen– “Mobilize” inventory data, content and listings– Create text message mobile marketing campaigns– Develop cool mobile applications for iPhones, Blackberrys and Android phonesAs the first company to do mobile classifieds, AMS hasdeveloped a suite of mobile products that are tailored to variousvertical markets such as: autos, real-estate, recruitment andmerchandise. Our clients are: auto dealerships, home builders,newspapers, advertising agencies, major online web portals,professional sports teams and cable television networks.
  11. 11. Mobile Websites
  12. 12. A leader in Mobile App development • The Mobile Applications Development Group designs and develops custom mobile applications for businesses and brands creating compelling enterprise solutions and platforms. We leverage our technology allowing customers to cost effectively and rapidly go to market with unique solutions. Applications robustly function on a full range of mobile operating systems including, iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, Android and Windows Mobile. Our solutions are carrier agnostic resulting in the greatest audience reach. We also develop for the iPad. • The Development Group has delivered turnkey mobile services since 2004 and is proud of a customer list that boasts national and global organizations across a wide range of industries. • For the majority of these commitments we have deployed custom solutions and software which seamlessly handled multiple, complex and real‐time data feeds. We have developed mobile solutions for CBS College Sports, Turner Sports, AT&T, IBM, US Lacrosse, The Golf Channel, American Express, Versus NHL, and Comcast Sportsnet.
  13. 13. Custom QR Code promotions
  14. 14. (ATS) provides unique branded customization on the outside andinside of the end user mobile device, with complete asset integration!
  15. 15. WhyA One Stop Mobile Marketing Shop with …• Twenty (20) plus years in telecom business• Customized SMS Text Message Marketing tools and tactics• Superior mobile App Development• Robust back-end reporting and analysis• “Executive level” account management• Cutting edge website mobilization capabilities• Custom solutions and software which seamlessly handles multiple, complex and real-time data feeds. • An entire staff seasoned with broadcast media, interactive marketing, and turn key promotion execution experience.
  16. 16. “Providing interactive telephone for the world.” Some of our favorite clients include …
  17. 17. We look forward to building a mutually beneficial partnership. Thank you