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Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks All Social Network Slides


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Published in: Technology
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  • New Features: Launched Group Statistics Dashboard that focuses on demographics, growth and activity. Revamped Your Events Home which provides recommendations based on your network, industry and location. Added “ Attendees You May Want To Meet” feature. Can easily share events to other social networks. New company status updates let members receive further insights directly from the companies they follow. Introduced LinkedIn Alumni - a networking for college alumni and insights tool.
  • What is “Total Likes”? The metrics of “Total Likes” depends on the amount of people who have “liked” your page. The number beside the percentage is formulated from the date period you have chosen or will automatically show the past weeks percentage of the “likes” or non-growth of “likes” on your page; you can view the date period by hovering over the percentage number. What Does “Friends of Fans” Mean? The “Friends of Fans” shows your potential reach of the friends of people who have “liked” your page. This again, will fluctuate, as your page “likes” increase or decrease. What is “People Talking About This” Metric Mean ? This form of metrics indicates the number of unique people who have created a “story” regarding your page, which means any type of interaction amongst or about your page within a defaulted or chosen period. (Examples: comments, likes, tagging etc.) What is the “Weekly Total Reach” Metric? This metric displays the week’s total amount of people who have seen associated content regarding your page, including any ads or sponsored stories pointing to your page. Facebook have now introduced three new tabs onto the Insights Page, that allow you to gather further breakdown of data by Likes, Reach, and Talking About This: Page Posts: Understanding the impact of your posts on your page will help in providing the best content for your audience, knowing which posts have generated a vibe, will help you create a better connection with your audience by posting similar content. The Overview of your insights highlights the retrieved data within a graph. This graph displays your influence amongst your page, allowing you to measure your overall impact and reach. This information is gathered from the content on your page, engage more and receive more feedback.
  • FB insights currently lacking “frequency of exposure”- While Facebook Insights currently gives you a good overview of how many individual people you’re reaching, it can’t really tell you how many times you’re reaching the same people. This is a metric that’s available in Ad Insights, where you can see how many times people have been exposed to your ad on average. Now that is being rolled out to new Insights, where you can the average number of times people have been exposed to your Page content over the past seven days : This will help you to see how much exposure you’re gaining on Facebook overall, as this figure doesn’t just apply to how many times fans have seen your content, but the complete exposure to your content. This should be tracked over time to spot patterns emerging. If you see that there is a decrease in people being exposed to your content a higher number of times, you know that people are beginning to be less engaged, particularly if this occurs alongside a general increase in fans.
  • Located under the details of the “Who’s Talking About This” tab, you are able to discover your demographics and locations about the people who have “liked” your page. This tab is a vital resource in targeting your market audience; this data can be used for a variety of your marketing needs, including campaigns and dependent on how in-depth and active you are within your local market. If the numbers are not showing you what you hoped, take the necessary steps to gain popularity where you need or want it most by sharing directed content towards the type of people or location you want.  Also suggested is to socialize as your page on Facebook, “ liking” and engaging with pages that are of businesses within your local community. The demographic data will only be collected if thirty or more people are “talking about” your page within the last 7-days proceeding the last day of your selected date range.
  • You are able to view the amount of people that “talk about” your page by hovering over the “dots” within the graph. To see further stories click on the “All Stories” defaulted drop-down, the dates are displayed at the bottom of the graph. The “viral reach” graph highlights the amount of unique people that saw a story that the people who have “liked” your page then shares with their profile, therefore having their friends and friends of friends see it depending on their activities.
  • Such as referral sites, Like boxes etc., now they are providing admins with a view of the sources specifically for Reach, that is broken down by Organic (reach through natural Facebook activity, such as wall post); Paid (Reach by sponsored stories or ads) and Viral (Reach that came specifically from someone viewing the activity produced by a friend). This wil enable you to easily see if you have a good mix of activity that is driving interest in your page. If your paid activity for example, is producing much higher reach than any organic activity, you’ll know that you might need to improve the content strategy for your page, to make the ad spend work harder for you.
  • Latest addition to FB Insights: Page administrators who click “engaged users” on Facebook posts can now see how many users either hid their posts or gave them negative feedback in their news feeds. A Facebook spokesperson explained further: This is measuring the negative feedback options that exist on Facebook, which means reporting on clicks that occur on news feed stories (any time a user hides or reports a news feed page post as spam). We’re showing which page posts get some negative feedback from people because it helps page administrators know what type of content resonates best with their customers, so that they may improve their page posting strategy long-term. These metrics appear to be in a testing stage, since not all page administrators have access to the feature yet; we hope Facebook makes it permanent, since the statistic is so helpful, albeit painful.
  • If you want to see better numbers, demographics and locations, you will need to modify the way you interact on and with your page, including the choices made to consolidate with your business’s overall marketing strategies. Combining the insights from your Facebook page with that of your overall marketing data will help you capture the appropriate audience for your business.
  • Transcript

    • 1.
      • New Features
      • Group Statistics Dashboard
      • Updated Events Home
      • Company Status Updates
      • LinkedIn Alumni
      • Relaunched CardMunch iPhone App
      • Brands That Use
      • Holland Volkswagen
      • Philips’ Innovation in Health group
      • Microsoft’s BizSpark program
      LinkedIn Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks 11.17.11
    • 2. Group Statistics Dashboard CardMunch iPhone App Your Events Home Company Status Updates Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 3.
      • Employee Engagement
      • LinkedIn Corporate Solutions: tool for recruiters
      • Recruiter subscription fees range from $100,000-250,000
      • Average Member
      • College educated
      • 43 y/o, $107,000/yr
      • 1/4 are senior executives
      • Problems
      • Lack of privacy settings
      • Must opt-out to stop third-party advertisements from fielding data from profiles
        • Interesting Info
      • All Fortune 500 companies are represented
      • Former Oracle CFO Jeff Epstein found on in 2008
      Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 4. Facebook New in 2011
      • Tag brand pages in photos
      • Skype powered video chat
      • Group chat
      • Ad prices increase
      • Ipad & Blackerry App
      • Facebook for business
      • New & improved Facebook insights
      • Topic groups for Newsfeed updates
      • Facebook messenger for Iphone & Androids
      • Ads targeted by zip code
      • Privacy & Tagging changes
      • Reduce email notifications
      • Subscribe to pages
      • Changes newsfeed & timeline/
      • real-time ticker
      • Top Stories
      • TV & Movies stream
      • Enhanced Friends list
      • Expandable Ad unit
      • Social Jobs
      Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 5. Group Chat Tag Brand Pages Ipad App New FB Insights Topic Groups Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 6. Facebook for Business Facebook Messenger Subscribe to Pages New FB Timeline Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 7. Top Stories Expandable Ad Unit Social Jobs
    • 8. Brands on Facebook
      • Coca- Cola
      • Red Bull
      • Oreo
      • Skittles
      • Nike
      • Nutella
      • Privacy settings
      • Backlash on changes
      • Too complicated
      • Information overload
      • “ Dislike” button
      Problems Tid Bits
      • Average time spent: 8 hr/month
      • 732.4 million global unique visitors
      • 140 million US unique visitors
      • Ad Revenue to hit $10 billion in 2013
      • Most popular social network for all ages
      Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 9. Integrated Social Media Campaigns Facebook Think beyond the conversation to the recommendation… Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks 12.1.11
    • 10. Adidas: “Every Team Needs a Fan”
      • Players: Reggie Bush, Dwight Howard, BJ Upton, Dale Earnhardt
      • Tactics:
      • “ Every Team Needs a Fan” Video Content (YouTube)
      • Watch->> Kick Off video
      • Watch->> Dwight Howard video
      • “ Every Team Needs a Fan” Test Your Sports Knowledge (Facebook)
      • Reggie Bush in South Africa
      • Howard Earnhardt, Jr. & Upton During World Cup (Twitter & Facebook)
      • Follow Me, Follow Us- (Twitter) Who gets the most fans?
      • Dwight Howard hosted watch party in ATL for one winner that signed up via Facebook
      Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 11.
      • Mission
      • Excite American fans of all sports about 2010 FIFA World Cup
      • 4 super athletes/celebs as ambassadors to drive fan engagement on
      • Incorporate Twitter & YouTube into campaign
      • Captivate fans through live experience via Facebook, YouTube & Twitter
      • Why use Facebook?
      • Sports Fans have an affinity to athletes & crave interaction
      • Offers Fans an exclusive experience not available on any other SM platform; engaging an audience and offering exclusive content
      • Outcome
      • Increase in fan “likes” for both Adidas Soccer fan page & individual ambassadors
      • Increase in followers for individual ambassadors
      • Increase in YouTube views for both Adidas Soccer channel & individual ambassadors
      • Substantial increase in awareness & engagement within US sports fan market
      Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 12. Mattel: Barbie & Ken
      • Barbie & Ken reunion-
      • - hub of the campaign, where users could vote on whether Barbie should “take Ken back” or not
      • Mattel separated Ken & Barbie social accounts
      • Follow Ken’s adventures to woo Barbie back via Facebook, Twitter, & Foursquare
      • Follow Barbie on Facebook & Twitter for reactions
      • Videos posted on YouTube incorporating online dating site to further humanize Barbie & Ken
      • Mixed both traditional offline marketing efforts & online
      Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks Watch: Barbie & Ken Reunion
    • 13.
      • Mission
      • Rebuild awareness of Mattel’s epic romance between Barbie & Ken
      • Leverage Barbie and Ken’s social channels to authentically share moments & insights into their romance, reunite the couple and re-emerge as the ultimate Roman-TECH couple
      • Why use Facebook?
      • Able to target large segment of Barbie enthusiasts & fans
      • Leverage both doll’s fanbase to drive engagement & buzz via valuable content
      • Outcome
      • 34% increase in fans and a 200% increase in engagement on Barbie’s Facebook page
      • 5 million pageviews on
      • Barbie & Ken reunited on February 14- end of campaign
      • #BarbieandKen trending topic in 15 cities, including New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago and San Francisco
      Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks Mattel: Barbie & Ken
    • 14. Social Media Campaigns that use LI
      • Chevron
      • Athenahealth
      • Hp
      • Volkswagen Holland
      Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 15. Largest energy corporation in the world with ties to the gas and oil industry.
      • Mission
      • Create Chevron Group on LinkedIn.
      • Target those in energy industry along with NGOs and policymakers.
      • Utilize Partner Messaging and LinkedIn ads to increase members .
      • Why Use LI?
      • Professional audience and interaction.
      • Able to target by profession, job title, seniority and location.
      • Outcome
      • 92% of members read group emails.
      • 90% made repeat visits.
      • 87% read discussion threads.
      • Membership doubled as a result of recommendations from other LI users .
      Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 16. Premier provider of cloud-based services, electronic health records and patient communication for medical groups. Develop blogs, videos that instruct executives on methods for enhancing patient care while increasing revenue.
      • Mission
      • Expand access to materials via LinkedIn content ad unit.
      • Target top healthcare executives along with other players.
      • Drive traffic to website and Twitter.
      • Why Use LI?
      • Creative marketing tools that engage users.
      • Widest market of healthcare executives.
      • Able to target by profession and job description.
      • Outcome
      • Click-to-conversion rate increased 61%.
      • More leads and contact info.
      • Number of Twitter followers rose.
      Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 17.
      • Mission
      • Create HP LinkedIn Company Page to engage clients and professionals.
      • Set up LinkedIn recommendation, enabling users to endorse HP products/services.
      • Utilize LinkedIn recommendation Ads to speed up process.
      • Why Use LI?
      • Largest professional network in the world.
      • Able to target by profession, job title, seniority and location.
      • Outcome
      • 500,000 viral updates were generated about HP services/products.
      • 20,000 additional followers on HP Company Page.
      • 2,000 people recommended HP in just 2 weeks.
      Multinational information technology corporation. Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 18. Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 19. Volkswagen Holland http://www.linkedu i
      • Linkedout
      • Encourages users to fill out their LinkedIn profile more completely.
      • Choose friends to compete against. Battles take place around experience, recommendations and connections.
      • Person with most comprehensive LinkedIn profile wins. Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 20. How to measure analytics on LinkedIn & Facebook?... Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks 12.8.11
    • 21. Who’s Viewed Your Profile Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 22. Profile Stats: Who’s Viewed Your Profile, Trends Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 23. Subscription Plans Lexie Perez & Jula Weeks
    • 24. Network Statistics Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 25. Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 26. Company Pages Analytics
      • Who’s visiting your co. profile
      • Who’s following your page
      • Their Industry
      • Company
      • Position
      Tracks visitors to your careers tab, products and services tab, promotional banners and which visitors reach out to your employees Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 27.
      • Profile Stats - Available to free basic account holders only if you display your name and headline when selecting what others see when you've viewed their profile.
      • Up to 5 results of who's viewed your profile
      • Number of visits to your profile
      • Number of times you've appeared in search results
      • vs.
      • Profile Stats Pro - Available to all premium account holders.
      • The full list of who's viewed your profile
        • (Note: You won't see additional information about a profile viewer if they've chosen to remain anonymous in their privacy settings)
      • Trends
      • Total profile visits
      • Keywords used to find your profile
      • Number of times you've appeared in search results
      • Industries of people viewing your profile
      Free vs. Premium Accounts Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 28. Profile Stats Pro Trends Graphs Keywords Geography Industry Visits Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 29. Group Statistics- Summary Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 30. Demographics Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 31. Growth Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 32. Activity Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 33. Analytics Limitations
      • Must pay for premium packages
      • Not enough data
      • Challenge of how to target consumers with available data
      • Platforms keep changing
      Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 34.
      • Understand the performance of your page
      • Fine tune your publishing strategy to get more people to talk about your page
      Facebook Insights: Old vs. New Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 35. Posts published to Page influence the # ppl talking about you & how the # of ppl talking about you influences overall reach. # of unique ppl who saw post (organic, paid, viral reach) # of ppl who engaged w/your post # of ppl who created a story from from page post # of unique ppl who created story from a page post as a % of the # of unique ppl who’ve seen it Facebook Insights revamped dashboard Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 36. Facebook Insights: Old vs. New In the new metrics, we get reach, engaged, talking about this, and virality. What’s missing is the frequency with which we reach each of these unique users. Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 37. Analyze Your Audience: Demographics & Location Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 38. How people talk about you? Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 39. Breakdown of Sources Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 40. Newsfeed Negative Feedback Page administrators who click “engaged users” on Facebook posts can now see how many users either hid their posts or gave them negative feedback in their news feeds. Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 41. Analytics Limitations
      • No set standard
      • Data overload
      • Frequency of exposure
      • Frequent glitches
      • Platform keeps changing
      Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 42. In a Facebook world…What’s New? What’s up & coming? | Launched November 2010 | Approx. 1 million users | San Francisco, CA
      • Automatic
      • Path learns about you and automatically posts when you go to a different neighborhood or city. More posts in your Path, without your effort.
      • Emotion
      • Respond to moments with any one of five core emotions: smile, frown, gasp, laugh, and love.
      • Seen
      • Know when your loved ones see your moments.
      • Visits
      • Know when your loved ones stop by your Path for a visit.
      • Pages
      • Learn more about the places and artists your loved ones post.
      • Settings
      • Control your Path experience from your mobile device, no need to visit a website.
      About Features
      • Personalize
      • Choose a cover wallpaper for your Path from your photo library, or choose from over 42 handpicked photos from photographer John Carey. Also choose from one of 6 free and 4 premium lenses to filter your photo and video moments into beautiful works of art.
      • Menu
      • Access key features (Menu and Friends) by simply swiping your screen left or right with a simple gesture.
      • Security
      • Your Path is securely stored in the cloud on Path's servers using world class technology and techniques.
      • Sharing
      • For the occasional moment you’d like to share in public, you can share to Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare & Tumblr.
      Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks 12.15.11
    • 43. What’s its value proposition? Unlike Facebook, Path allows users to share intimate details of your life with an exclusive list of friends–or just with yourself if you choose to do so. Recently rebranded the app as a “smart journal”. Where Facebook has what it calls profile pages, users of the Path’s apps have what are called paths. Path compares them to a private diary or journal that they’ve chosen to share with their closest friends and family. With Path 2, users can now share a host of new information, including thoughts, music, location and even sleeping habits. Users can still only pick 150 people with whom they want to share their path, keeping to the company’s novel way of encouraging sharing within a hyper-private environment. Path doesn’t allow friends to post on another friend’s path. There is still the option of sharing your information more publicly because Path allows you to automatically post your updates to Facebook, Foursquare or Twitter. Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks View Demo View Ad
    • 44. Pinterest | Launched in 2010 | Approx. 1 billion page views per month | Palo Alto, CA About … connect everyone in the world through the 'things' they find interesting. We think that a favorite book, toy, or recipe can reveal a common link between two people. With millions of new pins added every week, Pinterest is connecting people all over the world based on shared tastes and interests . Mission Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 45. Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 46. Think of it as a collage that can be shared among the community . Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 47. What’s its value proposition?
      • The site is designed with the understanding that in their zigzag around the Web, people are constantly stumbling across cute trinkets, interesting books, iPad cases and pieces of furniture. Pinterest allows users to save the items and organize them into sets, including holiday wish lists. Pinterest users can follow each others’ lists to look out for gift ideas.
      • Own lexicon: Pin, Repin, Pinboards, Pin Etiquette
      • Silicon Valley marks Pinterest’s user growth rate is what Facebook’s was five years ago
      • Pictures >> Text
      • Install bookmarklet to browser and “pin” images across the web
      Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks Why people love Pinterest?
    • 48. Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks About SECURITY! Diaspora is an open-source and distributed community of social networks run by users that enables you to own your own personal data, control with whom you share, and discover cool stuff throughout the Web . Mission Launched in 2010 | Alpha Stage | San Francisco, CA
    • 49. Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
      • 13 languages
      • “ Aspects” similar to Google Plus’ “circles”
      • Ownership of photos
      • Invite only to register
      • Change your profile name anytime.
      • Change the email you use to access Diaspora and receive notifications anytime.
      • Integrate Twitter and Tumblr accounts.
      • Limited apps for now, but more are said to be on the way.
      • A function to export all of your personal data is planned for the future.
    • 50. Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks What’s its value proposition? According to, Diaspora seems to be an answer for those Facebook users, who are dissatisfied and sad with the latest updates. In recent times, there has been a lot of buzz on the social media sites about privacy concerns, updates and changes on Facebook . Hence, Diaspora is aiming to attract such online users who are angry with Facebook and seeking a change. Of course, Diaspora continues to be in alpha mode since a year and soon hopes to launch itself on the web. Privacy related wins: Use your nickname or screen name, No advertisements, None of your data is sold Diaspora is a software that can be installed on a server by someone that has the knowledge to do so. They in turn can allow people to register for an account on what they call their “pod”. There are many of these pods already established across the internet with many users. You register for a free account on a pod and you can seamlessly connect with other users on other pods the same as if you were making someone a friend on other social networking sites. Preview Diaspora
    • 51. LI What’s New
      • LinkedIn Today - Composed of stories shared by your connections. Can share stories or save them to read later.
      • Status Updates and Signal - Allows members to search connections’ updates by company, industry or location and save the searches.
      • Share Tools - Used to “Like,” leave a comment or forward to one of your groups.
      • Skills - Links to prominent members who list the skills in their profiles, companies that hire people with the skill and related job openings.
      • Embedded Apps - LI Application Directory lists 20 including Google Presentation, Slideshare Presentation and Huddle Workspaces.
      Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 52.
      • Profile Organizer - Part of Premium Membership, allows members to save profiles, add contact info/notes and save them in a folder.
      • Product Recommendations - Members can recommend and review a product/service on a company profile, and their recommendations will appear on their profiles.
      • Apply Now Button - Uses LI profiles to apply for a position on a company’s job posting.
      • Display Ads - Can be targeted to the specific segment of LinkedIn professionals most receptive to your message.
      • Content Ads - Drives engagement through multiple streams of content in a single unit.
      What’s New
    • 53. Recommendations Skills Apply Now Profile Organizer
    • 54. Competitors Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 55. viadeo
      • Networking - Manage your network of professional contacts.
      • Identify useful contacts through your extended network. Share information and knowledge.
      • Business - Find new leads and partnership opportunities. Contact industry experts in your sector. Identify and recruit talent.
      • Career - Showcase your expertise and get headhunted. Find a new role through your network. Enhance your online visibility.
      Professional social network with over 40 million members worldwide. Founded in Paris in May 2004. Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 56. Quora
      • Accumulating Knowledge - Used to document the surrounding world.
      • Reusable - There is only one version of a question on the site, and that material is focused in one place.
      • Collaborative - Any user can edit the text of questions and the details around them, what topics are attached to which questions and the answer summaries.
      • Continually Improving - Users can rate answers so the best ones rise to the top of the question pages.
      • Organized - Each question has a list of topics making it easier to find related questions.
      • Targeted - Users can follow topics, and Quora will show them relevant questions .
      • People - Users supply their real name, photo and a bio so readers can take into account the author’s perspective.
      Collection of questions and answers created, edited and organized by users . Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 57. Allows users to post photos and videos in their answers. Quora Question
    • 58. XING Professional business network with more than 11 million users worldwide .
      • Founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2003.
      • Used by people from 200 countries.
      • Offers personal profiles, groups, discussion forums, event coordination.
      • Basic membership is free, but a premium membership is available.
      Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 59. XING Homepage Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks
    • 60. BranchOut Lexie Perez & Julia Weeks