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class #3 Advanced Social Media

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Gehring/Nasa + gowalla

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN: NASA + Gowalla 10.14.10
  2. 2. NASA + GOWALLA: Search for the Moon Rocks THE MISSION : •  To honor the Discovery Space Shuttle’s second to last mission on 11/1/10 •  To inspire discovery by connecting people with the places around them •  To bring people one small step closer to the universe. “ The organization is always looking to spread the word on what it’s up to, and that social media services have proven to provide great engagement for them.” - NASA HOW IT WORKS: •  When Gowalla users virtually check-in at NASA-related venues via their mobile device, they’d have the opportunity to find and collect four NASA-related virtual items: NASA patch, space shuttle , spacesuit , and a moon rock
  3. 3. NASA + GOWALLA: Search for the Moon Rocks HOW IT WORKS: •  Virtual MOON ROCKS could be found when Gowalla users checked into any location where a real one was on display . •  Lunar samples were brought back to Earth from the Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17 missions. NASA has these moon rocks on display and public viewing at museums, planetariums and scientific expositions around the world. •  To help people find the lunar samples, Gowalla and JESS3, a creative agency, created a map, “NASA+Gowalla: Search for the Moon Rocks”
  4. 4. NASA + GOWALLA: Search for the Moon Rocks HOW IT WORKS •  To find the virtual NASA patch , spacesuit and space shuttles , users checked into NASA visitor centers, agency-related locations, or museums, science centers, planetariums, observatories, parks, nature centers, zoos and aquariums •  NASA maintained an account on Gowalla and an account for astronaut Mike Massimino , both linked to their respective Twitter accounts. •  NASA and Massimino also dropped virtual items for users to find and collect throughout the nation.
  5. 5. NASA + GOWALLA: Search for the Moon Rocks PINS, PASSPORTS… •  Anyone who collected three of the four items received a special pin in their Gowalla Passport … AND PERKS •  In addition, the first 100 people who collected three items received a printed poster of the map RESULTS: “ The game is a win-win for both parties. NASA gets fun incentives to generate foot traffic through its venues, and Gowalla gets a high-profile partnership with a fascinating organization.” - Mashable