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Expert Content presentation #4

Expert Content presentation #4

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  • 1. FUTURE OF EXPERT CONTENT Blogs & Twitter iin 2012 i Jackie Titolo & Pei Wang
  • 2. In 2012 more companies will use expert content-driven platforms as as… A customer service tool  Twitter & blogs are a quick & economical way to solve problems & communicate to large #’s of people Search ranking information sources S h ki i f ti  Twitter & blogs will appear before company websites & articles in search results & become key providers of info A growing B2B communication form  Traditionally blogs & twitter were used by companies for B2C communication & brand awareness A portal to spread ‘Social Commerce’  Online shopping experiences linking to twitter, blogs so shoppers share shopping experiences with followers & fans
  • 3. Other key changes…. y g More web browsers will imbed Twitter in lists of available search engines (Firefox 8) Overall attitude shift from ‘social media’ to ‘social business’ User-friendly Twitter Firefox 8 Twitter Search
  • 4. In 2012 user demands from expert content platforms will include include… (More) Sharing = (More) Privacy  Users h U have bbecome accustomed to sharing personall info t dt h i i f (tweets, blog comments etc)but will demand better privacy settings & become more aware of how their personal info is being shared/purchased Local Attention  Companies have used twitter & blogs to conquer as much p g q space as possible  Targeted info (geography, age, gender) from twitter & blogs will improve interaction  quality over quantity Format Improvements  Twitter layout and symbols (#, @) are obscure – new look will be user friendly & better for smart phone use  Blogs will lose simple reverse chronological platform & evolve into online mags