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Expert Content presentation #1 …

Expert Content presentation #1

- Jackie & Pei

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. What are the trends? What are the trends?What are the possible evolutions? Jackie Titolo & Pei Wang
  • 2.  What is it? - Key bloggers are experts/tastemakers because they: * establish themselves as authority within a niche * offer avant-garde POV * positions themselves as alternative to mainstream media - PR’s/Marketers turn to bloggers who can * reach potential consumers on a personal level p * have voice of an expert * produce immediate results reaching multiple platforms * help brand awareness & sales What is the trend? - Bl Blogs now viewed as serious iinfo source i d i f - Agencies exist to align bloggers w/ branding opportunities - Blogs w/ embedded ‘product placement’  less original content. - Editorial & e-commerce blend (blogs sell brands & brands start blogs) What are the possible evolutions? - Bloggers are online ‘personalities’ & brand consultants * personal image outweighs content. - Blogs look like shoppable online catalogs - Lines between online mags & blogs become vague
  • 3.  What is it? - Instantaneous platform inclusion over exclusion (anyone can follow anyone) - fast-paced source for info (news, sales) - Mass appeal  easy access to p pp y photos, external links, trending topics g p What is the trend? - Get brands in front of high quantity & high quality handles to ensure #’s & status - Twitter replaces impersonal emails  user receiving the Tweet/ DM knows outreach comes from a ‘follower’ w/ interest in them - “Voice” of handles are personable but authoritative - ‘Followers’ feel like ‘insiders’  humanizes experience of interacting with a brand What are the possible evolutions? p - Twitter Web Analytics to affect small-medium businesses most - Skeptic brands will invest $ in Twitter - Advertising on Twitter with rates depending on the popularity of the handle (Brands are already individually paying for sponsored links) - Hashtags to create more ‘Twitter chats’  planned convos among users interested in the same topic - Twitterviews
  • 4.  A properly optimized blog can get higher SE rankings. If possible, use your primary keyword in your blog domain (URL). Use your primary key phrase in your blog header tags and the Title tags of your posts. Use your secondary keywords in the body of your post. Use your keywords in the anchor text of links. Your archives and previous posts should be accessible from all pages of your blog so that they will also be easily spidered.
  • 5.  A #hashtag (a word or abbreviation with the # sign directly in front of it) How to identify numerous #hashtags : What is the Trend?: Learn about trending hashtags. When something starts trending, What the Trend? will provide a quick blurb on what s going on with an explanation of what the whats hashtag means if it is an abbreviation. gives the recent tweets with the tag and its use (provides graphs and hour-by-hour information on top hashtags) hour by hour hashtags). Monitter: Tracking tweets that have a certain hashtag in real-time Track h ht T k hashtags with llower popularity t a T il t (It provides a d il email about when a ith l it try Twilert. id daily il b t h specific hashtag was used.)