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Adv 400 research proj ppt
Adv 400 research proj ppt
Adv 400 research proj ppt
Adv 400 research proj ppt
Adv 400 research proj ppt
Adv 400 research proj ppt
Adv 400 research proj ppt
Adv 400 research proj ppt
Adv 400 research proj ppt
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Adv 400 research proj ppt


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  • 1. Pandora
    ADV 400
    Research Project
  • 2. What is it?
    Pandora is an internet radio site that allows users to create stations based on music they want to hear
    Pandora was founded in 2000 in Oakland, California by Tim Westergren
  • 3. How it works
    On the homepage of the website, you are asked to create an account using your email address and a password
    Once you have created an account, you can create stations.
    Songs in the Music Genome Project are developed into a station based on your search
    - Artist: Kid Cudi
    - Song: “Devil in a New Dress” by Kanye West
    - Genre: hip hop
  • 4. How it works
    You can also search for a song in the database, and Pandora gives you the option to buy the song from iTunes or Amazon
    Albums with similar songs to purchase
    Profile linked to music interests Facebook
    Able to see what music interests you have in common with friends
  • 5. Users
    Pandora is available to everyone– young and old
    Anyone with access to the internet has access to Pandora
    Music lovers
    People looking to hear various artists of a genre or just one particular artist
  • 6. What needs does it fill?
    Pandora gives people the chance to stream personalized internet radio for free
    Limited commercials and advertisements
    If people need some variety in their music selection, they can listen a number of stations at no cost
  • 7. Changing lives
    Pandora is changing the radio world
    Giving people the chance to control what they want to hear
    Free music is appealing to many people
    Presenting people with the option to listen to full songs without having to purchase anything
  • 8. Problems
    Problems with the Copyright Royalty Board and the Recording Industry Association of America
    Fees for internet radio may be raised
    Fees raised may eliminate internet radio forever
    High demand may lead to less efficiency and wrongly categorized music
  • 9. Opinions of Pandora
    Great way to listen to music you actually want to hear
    Easily accessible
    Web site is easy to navigate
    Gain exposure to new music
    Very broad music selection