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Chapter 13, VA and US Government
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Chapter 13, VA and US Government


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  • 1. Chapter 13: The Presidency
  • 2. Section 1: The President’s Job Description
    • Chief of State
        • The Ceremonial head of the government, the symbol of all the people in the nation
  • 3.
    • Chief Executive
        • The Constitution gives him the executive power, which is very broad in domestic and foreign affairs
  • 4.
    • Chief Administrator
        • The president is the director of the Federal Government, heading one of the largest government machines the world has known
        • Dept of Justice, Dept of Homeland Security, FBI, CIA
  • 5.
    • Chief Diplomat
        • Main architect of foreign policy
  • 6.
    • Commander-in-Chief
        • The leader of the nation’s armed forces.
        • 1.4 million men and women in uniform and nation’s entire military arsenal are subject to the president’s direct control
  • 7.
    • Chief Legislator
        • The main architect of public policies. Usually the president sets the overall shape of the congressional agenda
  • 8.
    • Chief of the Party
        • The president acts as the acknowledged leder of the political party that controls the executive branch
  • 9.
    • Chief Citizen
        • The president is expected to be representative of all the people
  • 10.
    • Formal Qualifications
        • Natural Born Citizen
        • 35 years old (JFK was 43)
        • Lived in the US for at least 14 years
  • 11.
    • Presidential Term
        • 4 - year term
        • F. Roosevelt sought and won 4 terms, this led to the 22nd Amendment
  • 12.
    • 22nd Amendment
        • Max of two full terms or ten years
  • 13.
    • Original Pay was $25,000 a year, now it is $400,000 a year.
    • $50,000 a year expense allowance
  • 14.
    • Think of all the benefits
        • White House
        • Fleet of Autos
        • Air Force One
        • Camp David
        • Best Medical Attention
  • 15. Section 2: Presidential Succession and the Vice Presidency
    • PRESIDENTIAL SUCCESSION is the scheme by which a presidential vacancy is filled
  • 16.
    • 25th Amendment in 1967
        • In the case of death or removal from office, the Vice President becomes the President, doesn’t just take over the job
  • 17.
    • Speaker of the House and then the President Pro Tem of the Senate are next in line
  • 18.
    • Line of Succession
      • Vice President
      • Speaker of the House
      • Secretary of State
      • Secretary of Defense
  • 19.
    • The succession line is followed by the remaining Cabinet positions in order of when they entered the Cabinet
    • What is the last line of succession?
    • Homeland Security
  • 20.
    • What happens if a President lives but is unable to complete their job?
  • 21.
    • Sections 3 and 4 of the 25th Amendment
    • VP becomes acting President if the President informs Congress in writing that he cannot do it, or the VP and a majority of Cabinet members inform Congress in writing
  • 22.
    • Importance of the Vice Presidential Office
      • To preside over Senate
      • To help decide the question of Pres disability
      • Sometimes to advise the President should he or she desire it
  • 23.
    • Many Vice Presidents argued that it is largely an unimportant position. Thomas Jefferson said, “the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination ever conceived.”
  • 24.
    • Usually the VP is chosen to balance the ticket
      • The presidential candidate chooses a running mate who can strengthen his changes of being elected
  • 25.
    • If there is a vacancy, the Pres can nominate a new one with the confirmation by a majority vote of both CHAMBERS OF CONGReSS
  • 26. Section 3: Presidential Selection: The Framers’ Plan
    • Early in the Constitutional Convention, most of the delegates wanted CONGRESS to select the president
    • They changed their mind because they felt that this would give too much power to Congress
  • 27.
    • The final plan dealt with the ELECTORAL COLLEGE
      • The president and VP are chosen by PreSIDeNTIAL ELECTORS
      • The electors would cast two ElECTORAL VOTES (now just one)
  • 28. Section 3: Presidential Nominations
    • Presidential Primaries and Conventions
        • Each voters votes for one member of a party for their choice as their party’s candidates
        • There are DELEGATES assigned to each candidate proportional to the amount of votes they received in each state
  • 29.
    • At the NATIONAL CONVENTION for each party, the candidates for president and vice president for each party are chosen
  • 30.
    • The national party chooses the number of delegates each state receives. these than vote for their candidates at the NATIONAL CONVENTION.
  • 31.
    • What are some informal qualifications that you think a president should have?
  • 32. Section 5: The Election
    • Arguments against the Electoral College:
        • You can win the popular election but still lose the electoral election (George W. and Al Gore)
  • 33.
    • Electors do not always have to VOTE for the candidate favored by the popular votes in their states.
    • They can “BREAK THEIR PLEDGES”
  • 34.
    • Third parties can STEAL votes from the two major parties
  • 35.
    • Arguments in support of E.C.
      • It is a KNOWN process
      • In most cases, it DETERMINES the winner quickly and easily
      • You would need an amendment to change it