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Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence 2012 Membership Programs - University of Pittsburgh

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2012 institute membership program schedule 103012

  1. 1. Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence 2012 Membership ProgramsFebruary 9 Is Selling Dead?: Sales Are Changing Rapidly in the World Today7:30 am – 10:00 am Marc Miller (of Ohio)Fairmont Pittsburgh Has the faster cadence of business and technology communication channels made sales personnel less relevant? Undoubtedly, the paths to new customers, the driving force behind real and significant growth, have become more complex. You can lead the charge to transform your transactional sales team into a dynamic and flexible group adapting quickly to different or emerging buyer opportunities. Marc Miller, a thought leader in the field of sales today, is the founder and CEO of Sogistics Corporation, a sales productivity improvement firm and the author of A Seat at the Table and Selling is Dead. Regardless of your industry, this program will provide your business the tools to win new customers, sell more to existing customers, and sustain a higher level of sales productivity while ultimately sending profits soaring. All attendees will receive a copy of A Seat at the Table.March 14 The Age Curve: Profiting from the Demographic Storm7:30 am – 10:30 am Ken Gronbach (of Connecticut)Rivers Club Demographics don’t lie. Sandwiched between the massive but aging Boomer market and the emerging super-abundance of Generation Y is the much smaller and often misunderstood Generation X, numbering 9 million fewer people than its predecessors—an 11% reduction in the customer base. By understanding the impact of these shifting demographics you will be able to position and lead your business in conquering each. Kenneth Gronbach, an internationally recognized expert in the field of demography and generational marketing, consultant to small businesses and Fortune 500 companies across the country, provides an exciting journey of counter-intuitive views into the fascinating world of shifting demographics that will bode well for the knowledgeable company leader as he demonstrates that the best days are ahead.April 24 Wall Street Intelligence: Market Signals That Can Help You Keep Your Business Ahead of7:30 am – 10:30 am the CurveDuquesne Club Peter Ricchiuti (of Louisiana) The stock market is a rich source of information, not only for personal investors but also for entrepreneurial business leaders who want to increase sales, attract new customers, and tap into new markets. This member educational program will provide valuable intelligence about which signals to pay attention to and how to interpret trends related to your industry, customer base, and suppliers so you can stay ahead of the curve and align your business to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Presented by Peter Ricchiuti, Founder and Director of Research for the nationally recognized BURKENROAD REPORTS, with introductory remarks by Stuart Hoffman, Chief Economist at PNC Financial.June 7 Summer Signature Social6:00 pm – 9:00 pmThe Lenzner FarmEstate (Continued on back)
  2. 2. June 27 Cloud Computing: The Silver Lining for Your Business8:00 am – 10:00 amRivers Club Moving critical applications to the Cloud might seem like a scary or daunting task but there are significant business and technology benefits for those willing to brave the journey. Join us as Tim Fitzgerald with Matrix Solutions and Mark Talton with Virtual Officeware share their experiences on how the Cloud is enabling their businesses to grow. Key Takeaways:  A clear understanding of how the Cloud can make IT systems more manageable and eliminate operational redundancies.  Cost comparisons of Cloud computing versus conventional technologies.  Step by step instructions for incorporating Cloud computing into your business.July 10 Let’s make a deal: Negotiation strategies for women in business11:30 am – 1:30 pm MJ TocciRivers Club Effective negotiation skills are critical to achieving your personal and professional goals. Whether you want to better leverage the skills you already have, or get past negotiation anxiety, this program is for you. We will examine negotiation from the unique perspective of women entrepreneurs. Our speaker will be MJ Tocci, director and co‐founder of the Heinz Negotiation Academy for Women at Carnegie Mellon University. Guests are strongly encouraged, so please invite another woman business owner. Key Takeaways:  Stronger negotiation skills to help you get what you want for yourself and your company.  Tips for identifying negotiation opportunities you may be missing.  More confidence in your ability to negotiate successfully.July 17 What’s next? Planning an orderly exit from your privately-held business12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Elliott N. DinkinCowden Associates Your business is one of your greatest assets, thanks to your significant investments of time, energy, creativity, and other resources. What will happen to it when you are ready to move onto other ventures? Join Elliot N. Dinkin, president and CEO of Cowden Associates, Inc., for a workshop on the ins and outs of exit planning to help you make informed decisions about next steps. Key Takeaways:  Tips for maintaining effective control during the exit planning and execution process, while the company becomes less “you centric”.  A thorough understanding of the wide range of exit options, including selling the company to an outside entity, transferring ownership to the next generation, offering equity opportunities or ownership interests to the management team and/or employees (ESOP), selling stocks (IPO), and hybrid approaches. (Continued on back)
  3. 3. September 6 Innovate Like Edison: The Five-Step System for Breakthrough Business Success7:30 am – 10:30 am Michael Gelb (of New Mexico)Regional Learning Personal success and fulfillment requires you to learn how to think like an innovator, and, for your business to be successful, innovation is now more important than ever. Thomas EdisonAlliance was the inventor of the systematic, disciplined process of innovation and creator of the world’s first Industrial Research and Development laboratory. Each of Edison’s Five Competencies of Innovation™ will be brought to life with specific, practical “take-home” applications. Michael J. Gelb is the world’s leading authority on the application of genius thinking to personal and organizational development. A pioneer in the fields of creative thinking, accelerated learning, and innovative leadership, he is the author of 12 books on creativity and innovation including the international bestsellers How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day and Innovate Like Edison.October 10 Collateral Damage: Is Marketing Sucking the Profits Out of Your Company?7:30 am – 10:00 am Alyssa Dver (of Boston)University Club When it comes to marketing your company, the number of options available is often daunting—social media, tradeshows, blogging, outsourced marketing services, purchasing customer lists, tweeting, increasing your internal staff… Every company worries if they are making the right marketing decisions , and ask ‘are we getting the most out of our current investments of money AND time?’ Alyssa Dver, Founder and CEO of the global consulting company Mint Green Marketing uses real client examples to demonstrate how you can objectively assess and realign your company’s marketing to ensure it is delivering real sales results. Author of No Time Marketing and Software Product Management Essentials which have sold over 35,000 copies globally, Dver is regularly published in media including Forbes, BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur and Chief Marketer and Software Magazine. Attendees will learn how to align their company’s marketing strategy, personnel, and programs; ensure that the right measurements are in place to ensure revenue and profit growth; and apply filters to judge if marketing is well thought-out and the best use of company resources.October 15 More Money Than God8:15 am – 10:30 am Rabbi Steven Leder (of Los Angeles)University Club In More Money Than God, his bestselling book of the same title, Leder teaches that money can be the source of good and the source of evil…it depends. Join Institute members and YPO/WPO leaders as this special breakfast explores the different paths that will help you think differently and explore new approaches to “money.” (Continued on back)
  4. 4. November 20 Family Building: Preserving Your Family and Your Business – The Biggest Investments of7:30 am – 10:30 am Your LifeDuquesne Club Ron Law (of Denver) Oftentimes the entrepreneur or family business leader feels misunderstood. Working hard every day to provide a rewarding life for employees and family can be a thankless job but both can be more satisfying by understanding a unique balancing approach developed by Dr. Ron Law, founder of the Family Building Institute and a serial entrepreneur including several with his siblings. Ron’s life experiences as well as innovative medical practice led him to embrace that family wealth is a combination of business success and family non material wealth but the success of the business can occur at the expense of the family. Dr. Law grew up with incredibly successful entrepreneurial parents who were the very first to seize the opportunity to develop children plastic toys in conjunction with blockbuster movies – starting with Star Wars so many years ago. Family Building begins when basic parenting ends and business success is transformed for the good of the family and the business. Accurate as of October 30, 2012 Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence • 412-648-1544 • www.entrepreneur.pitt.edu