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Ad tonik for TV Companies


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  • 1. TV Audience Extension Platform Powering TV & Mobile Advertising
  • 2. Everything in advertising starts with TV Mobile is the largest growth opportunity in media TV + mobile are better together Opportunity
  • 3. Increase TV ad revenue with no extra work Show customers impact of your TV content Own mobile with scaleable solution purpose built for TV&Mobile Why AdTonik?
  • 4. Consumers use mobile apps while they watch TV • “Mobile use spikes during commercial breaks” • “50% of mobile users use their device in front of the TV daily” • “This behavior is consistent across all demographics (age, income, gender, ethnicity, education)” App usage trends follow TV watching habits
  • 5. -AdTonik provides reach to mobile inventory that your TV viewers are engaged in at scale -Akin to web audience extension aligned with TV&Mobile paradigm Reach mobile users in the apps they use most while they watch TV
  • 6. We Analyze Set Top Box and Mobile Exchange Data Compare demographics of TV watchers with mobile users to establish a highly probable match Events such as TV commercial, TV show, Day Part trigger search on mobile exchange Profile TV Audiences Find TV viewers Optimize and Serve AdMeasure, Analyze, Report Find your TV ad viewers, and serve them a digital creative optimized ad Track brand and sales lift, in-store lift, engagement by TV genre, and more
  • 7. We Gather Data at the User and IP Level Mobile Exchange Data Set Top Box Data Mom Dad Jane John • AdTonik stores UDIDs and creates user profiles, which are continually updated • Through linked IP address, we can get a picture of household compositions • Based on our stored profile, we can predict which member of the household is most likely to have viewed the commercial, and serve a mobile ad accordingly Female Male Female Child Male Child Year of birth Gender IP Address Age Range Education HH Compositio n (children, males, females) HH Income RaceApp Usage DMA Zip + 4
  • 8. Serve Ads in the Regions that Matter Most • Monitor engagement in test or pilot markets • Target users in desirable DMAs
  • 9. AdTonik is Proven to Outperform Normal Mobile Audience Buying 3X Lift 4X Lift AdTonik Campaign vs. Control Campaign Click through rate %, Source:AdTonik Client campaign
  • 10. Mobile ads paired with TV as compared to a stand alone TV ad: -“Purchase Intent increases by 72%” -“Brand recall increases by 69%” -“Ad recall increases by 69%” -“Brand recommendation increases by 169%” 3rd Party Survey Data Supports Our Campaign Data
  • 11. Click through rate % on mobile creative; Source: AdTonik Client Campaign Measure Lift in mobile engagement by TV Genre
  • 12. Major Brands Are Embracing AdTonik
  • 13. TV to Mobile Advertising Solutions TV Amplify: Reach mobile users as they are likely viewing your TV commercial TV Conquest: Reach mobile users as they are likely viewing competitve TV commercial TV Augment: Reach mobile users as they are likely viewing TV content relevant to your brand TV Re-Target: Reach mobile users who have been exposed to yours & competitive TV commercials TV Segment: Build and reach your custom TV segment at any time -Increase Brand KPI’s, Make every $1 you spend feel like $2 -Negatively impact competitor Brand KPI’s, Make every $2 they spend feel like $1 -Reach your desired TV audience on mobile in the moment that matters without spending on TV -Reach your desired TV viewer on mobile at the time they are most likely to engage -Is TV the mobile cookie? Use TV as a targeting parameter to reach mobile users at any time What it is Why? *Each campaign is optimized to the solution delivering the best result, by market/show
  • 14. Reach Consumers on Their Devices When They are Exposed to Your Client’s TV Commercials TV Amplify • Create sequential messaging based on your TV ad • Increase engagement with uniquely targeted digital creative optimization
  • 15. Reach Consumers on Their Devices When They are Exposed to Your Competitors’ TV Commercials TV Conquest • Reinforce your message after your target consumers have been exposed to your competitors’ messaging
  • 16. TV Augment Reach Mobile Users as They Are Likely Viewing TV Content That Your Client Wants To Associate With • Reach desirable television audiences, even if you are not running ads on the programs
  • 17. TV Re-Target Reach Mobile Users Anywhere After They Have Been Exposed to Target TV Commercials & Content • Reach consumers when and where they are most likely to engage with or take action upon your message Based on time of day Mobile User Location Or a combination
  • 18. Build a Custom TV Audience and Reach them Any Time on Mobile Viewers who watch: TV Segment • Serve highly targeted ads to consumers anywhere at anytime based on predicted TV watching habits Networks Programming
  • 19. Client TV Audio Client TV Schedule Client Mobile Creative List of competitors Easy to Implement • Device ID targeting w/ mobile focus • Local & National TV tuning data • Real-Time commercial detection • Self-Serve Platform Purpose Built Increase RevenueBroad Reach Why AdTonik? Turnkey Deliverables 500,000+ iOS/Android Apps, 160mm devices Mobile Channels CPM: $5 MINIMUM SPEND: $50,000 (monthly) Value: • Own mobile • Show impact of your TV buys • New Tentpole Product • Fill campaigns more easily
  • 20. Contact: Michael Masters E-Mail: M: 415-722-2375 Thank You!