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Alan Boughen, Global Head of Search, Havas Media presentation at ad:tech London's Search Summit in September 2013.

Alan Boughen, Global Head of Search, Havas Media presentation at ad:tech London's Search Summit in September 2013.

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  • 1. FUTURE-PROOFING YOUR SEARCH MARKETING CAMPAIGN ad:tech London Search Summit, 12th September 2013 Alan Boughen | SVP Global Search Director | Havas Media
  • 3. Precision targeting with Google Enhanced Campaigns  Structured test for mobile bid multipliers  Stack device/geo/time bid multipliers to precision target „always on‟ users  Make the most of upgraded Sitelinks  Get ready for cross-device attribution & offline conversion tracking in Q4  Check and double-check your tracking
  • 4. Everything is mobile 1/3 of all search will soon be mobile
  • 5. Competitive keywords – approach with caution  Google now allows bidding on competitor trademark keywords in all worldwide markets (from Mar 2013)  “Just because we say you can do this, we‟re not telling you that you should”  Interflora vs M&S UK judgement is very narrow  Decide how risk averse you are vs.
  • 6. Don‟t believe the eBay hype  Search ads paused for branded & non-branded keywords  In both cases eBay claims it saw little or no impact on traffic or sales from ending the SEM campaigns.  Branded keywords - eBay argues that the impact of ending branded paid-search campaigns was negligible because people clicked on eBay‟s organic links  Non-branded keywords -The company found a marginal traffic impact after discontinuing non-branded SEM but no impact on sales  The company argues that SEM only works in instances where consumers are nearly totally ignorant of a brand and its offerings The Real Issue : eBay‟s Paid Search Campaign „sucks‟
  • 8. How has Penguin 2.0 changed the SEO game?  In all honesty it hasn't changed much – you either play by the „rules‟ or you don't.  Pleasingly, many of the spammy tactics that used to support rankings have reduced in impact but unfortunately some still work and are still used within the industry.  This is a risky game of brinksmanship as we expect Google to continue to shut down the use of these techniques with further Penguin updates, which will result in sites that use spam SEO techniques being penalised or seeing rankings fall dramatically.  Ongoing algorithm updates from the search engines highlight why it is vital to keep strategies fluid.
  • 9. SEO & Social – the perfect couple  Critical to take an ethical approach to SEO focused on content and social media.  The algorithm and link building tactics are now much more on marketers‟ radars  Marketers have become wiser to the 'rented' ranking game.  Over the last 6 months, authorship has become increasingly important.
  • 10. Video SEO increasingly important  Video search is still very nascent but increasingly important (especially as YouTube now ranks as the 2nd largest global search engine).  SEO for video is similar to the old days of SEO for websites – optimising meta data is still the primary tactic.  YouTube‟s Keyword tool enables marketers to understand how content is being searched for and how to optimise titles, descriptions and tags accordingly.  As Google moves away from „10 blue links‟on the SERP, it‟s also important to maximise the number of links to the video and sites that embed the video to improve its ranking in Google organic search.  In addition to these basics, you can also explore video sitemaps and uploading the video script to provide context to the video content.
  • 12. Integrating SEO & PPC  Marketers are increasingly focusing on SEO/PPC integration  Understanding the effect of dialling down budgets in particular areas of their paid search campaign (e.g. branded keywords) and re-deploying budget in other areas (e.g. on non-branded/generic keywords).
  • 13. Prepare for Search to get more natural & conversational “I wouldn’t be surprised i year or two, we’ll see a m broader conversation ha within search — where u can talk to a search engi they’re talking to a perso - Amit Singhal, Google
  • 14. THANK YOU @alanboughen