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adtech SF 2012 Search new frontiers by Rhonda Hanson


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  • AUSTIN, TX - MARCH 17: Kat Graham performs at Perez Hilton's One Night in Austin on March 17, 2012 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Search: New Frontiersin Paid and OrganicSearchGetty Images: Our Focus for 2012Rhonda HansonDirector, Search Engine Marketing
    • 2. About Getty Images• We are the leading provider of digital media worldwide, creating and distributing a range of assets – stock imagery and video, editorial imagery and footage, original music and multimedia – that help communicators around the globe tell their stories.• The categories we target are creative professionals (advertising/ graphic design), corporate (in-house design, marketing and communication departments) and media provide (news, entertainment, publishing). 97659249, David Trood/Stone+
    • 3. About Getty Images
    • 4. Our SEM Goals• Grow Revenue & New Customer Count• Paid Search – 50+ Markets, 20+ Languages – Compete but not against ourselves – Better adcopy, better landing pages• Organic Search – Get content indexed – Get those pages ranked – Image search (‘cuz we sell pictures)• 10 Brands, Globally 88558188, Colorful High Speed Photographs/Flickr
    • 5. 12 Month Retrospect• Panda• Sitemap Protocol Change• Social Signals• Query Data Blocked• Over Optimization• Quality Score – Landing Pages 102818491, Ben Hallam/Flickr Select• Google Instant
    • 6. PandaArticles• Why Google Panda Is More A Ranking Factor Than Algorithm Update by Danny Sullivan• One Year Later: How Google Panda Changed Our Business by Matt Moog• Google Algorithm Change History by SEOmoz HJ4261-001, Berty Hardy/Hulton Archive
    • 7. Sitemap Protocol Change
    • 8. Social Signals
    • 9. Secure Search: Query Blocking• Oct-2011, Making search more secure• Hide referring query data for organic search• People who are logged in, only• Long tail strategy 107366586, Josep Fonti / Flickr Select
    • 10. Quality Score & Landing Pages• Oct-2011, Duh! I think we saw this coming• Commentary • Google Tweaks AdWords To Give Landing Page Quality More Weight by Pamela Parker Date Cost 25-Sep $ 688 2-Oct $ 585 9-Oct $ 610 16-Oct $ 681 23-Oct $ 652 30-Oct $ 705 6-Nov $ 2,109 13-Nov $ 3,181 20-Nov $ 4,897 GRRR 27-Nov $ 6,626 4-Dec $ 12,038
    • 11. Over Optimization• SWSX Announcement – Mar 2012• Interview and Transcript: • Too Much SEO? Google’s Working On An “Over-Optimization” Penalty F by Barry Schwartz• Matt Says: • Keyword Density, too many seo keywords • Bad usability, “junky or spammy” • No follow is fine • No penalties?? 141605162, Daniel BoczarskiGetty Images Entertainment
    • 12. Google Instant 135467969, JanneO/Flickr Select
    • 13. Our 2012 Focus• Grow Revenue & New Customer Count• Paid Search – Grow emerging markets, Yandex, Baidu, Naver – Take advantage of Google advertising betas (sorry, can’t share) – Dynamic landing pages – Google Display Network – Youtube – EU legislation regarding cookies – Mobile• Organic Search – Crawl-able faceted search – Improve content on detail pages – Linking building for international sites
    • 14. Rhonda HansonDirector, Search Engine Marketing Getty @rhanson27