adtech SF 2012: CRM Retargeting - Reach your CRM Online by Dan Scudder


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adtech SF 2012: CRM Retargeting - Reach your CRM Online by Dan Scudder

  1. 1. CRM Retargeting:Reach your CRM OnlineDan ScudderGeneral Manager, LiveRampBooth #1812
  2. 2. Agenda Overview of LiveRamp Overview CRM Retargeting Benefits How it Works Case Study: DataLabUSA
  3. 3. About LiveRampAt LiveRamp, we’re dedicated to Headquarters: New York Satellite office: San Franciscoproviding the easiest, most A division of Rapleaf, Inc.effective, and most privacy Member IAB and DAAcompliant way to send online ________________advertising to the people in yourcustomer list (CRM). DAAWe call it CRM Retargeting. For more information please visit our website:
  4. 4. What is CRM Retargeting? CRM Retargeting leverages your existing offline CRM profiles Onboards that data into anonymous online audiences Serve online display ads based on data in your CRM
  5. 5. Benefits of CRM RetargetingDeliver a specific message, right when it countsCustomer leased theircar two years ago.Manufacturer has hername + postal addressin CRM databaseWith CRMRetargeting, customersare found and targeted justbefore they must renewtheir leases.
  6. 6. Benefits of CRM RetargetingOutperforms other display advertising: 20% LOWER CPM 20% LOWER CPM Reduces costs Retargeted ads cost about 20% less on a CPM basis than regular display ads 2X CTR 2x the CTR Retargeted ads get double the Boosts performance clicks that regular display ads get +1 other campaigns CRM Retargeting also provides a way ADDS LIFT to email and direct mail to “+1” other direct campaigns, adding lift to email and direct mail response rates
  7. 7. CRM Retargeting Workflow Step 2: LiveRamp Step 3: LiveRampStep 1: You matches & sends those cookiesprovide LiveRamp anonymizes, to be to your DSP or adyour CRM. online-accessible. networks Solstice CRM
  8. 8. Data Workflow: The Result Step 4: You serve ads targeted directly to your CRM Solstice CRM
  9. 9. The LiveRamp EcosystemLiveRamp partners with leading media platforms and caneasily integrate within your existing media buying platform. For more information about our partnerships, please visit our website:
  10. 10. Case Study:DataLab USA
  11. 11. Who is DataLab?DataLab USA, LLC is a five-time awardwinning, data analysis and databasemarketing services provider. They provideFortune 500 companies in the financial,retail, education, insurance, and non-profitdatabase strategy marketing. Data Analytics Data Sourcing Data Processing Data Warehousing
  12. 12. DataLab’s Data Sourcing Use 3,000+ demographic attributes from 5 of the largest demographic compilers to build models Score model on over 300,000,000 individuals  Actual ranking vs. random selects out of a model tile = deep ROI Provided LiveRamp with a “targeted” file of customers CRM for LiveRamp to find online - On average, 50%+ match rate
  13. 13. DataLab’s Telecom Client RTB Display Campaign targeted to universe of 10MM prospects based on offline demographics, vs. traditional online “audiences”  Traditional online “audiences” would not pick up on key offline elements  LiveRamp on-boarding enables RTB based on offline info including distance from telco hubs and real estate public records  Profile of customers demographics is used to tailor creative On-boarded custom offline response and conversion scores for client
  14. 14. DataLab’s Work Flow Female Boston Likely Telco BuyerDatalab’s 10 LiveRamp; matches LiveRamp placesmillion direct mail & anonymizes the audience onnames used in names as an online DataLab’s DSP &campaign audience campaign runs
  15. 15. Client Results CTR varied by modeled offline segment  Top targeted segments get over 0.2798% CTR - Random segments 0.000% to 0.0343% CTR Retargeting to the clickthrough population via 1st party cookies Direct Mail Attribution Analysis - 50% of the direct mail campaign was on-boarded - Enables attribution of RTB Display to mail performance - DM cost + RTB Display cost for similar universe shows lift of RTB Display for conversion
  16. 16. Questions?Dan Scudder Booth #1812GM, LiveRampdan@liveramp.comLiveRamp915 Broadway, Suite 607New York, NY Satellite office: t LiveRamp 667 Mission Street San Francisco, CA