ADSPACE State of Contextual Advertising — YieldBuild
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ADSPACE State of Contextual Advertising — YieldBuild






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  • Today, I want to talk about how to increase the value of a web sites inventory via formatting and placement optimization. We know how hard it is when your revenue feels like its out of your control. Why was I getting 12 cents per click and now only getting 8 cents. Why won’t accept us into their ad network. And why can’t I sell my inventory myself. And then there are myriads of other things that are constantly changing that affect a publishers revenue. Like Google changing the clickable region on ads, or when a major ad network has strong campaigns over the holidays, but they dramatically decrease after. And, then for some publishers that try to develop their own sales. It often takes longer and is more expensive than people realize to sell. Plus, you have to be at some scale with an audience that is desirable to advertisers. And then publishers have to learn how to sell and operate all the scheduling, billing and collecting which is challenging without guarrantees of success. The truth is these are all hard questions for publishers to answer. There are many things publishers can do to increase the value of their sites inventory. They can focus on building a targeted or vertical audience in a high value area In the social space they can moderate their site and ensure a level of quality content They can implement new behavioral targeting technologies to segment their audience into premium buckets These are just a few of them….But there is one more, one, that is often overlooked and publishers of all sizes can take advantage of it. This is optimizing the placement and formatting of ads on a website to increase the response rate to ads. This is tremendously important, not for the obvious reasons of PPC ads like adsense, but every ad network is measuring the response rate of their publishers. When publishers tune the placements and size of their ads, it increases the value of their inventory to all that are involved. Like one of the Ps of marketing. When it comes to online ads, Placement is one of the top factors.

ADSPACE State of Contextual Advertising — YieldBuild Presentation Transcript

  • 1.
  • 2. Four Pillars of Ad Optimization
  • 3. Ad Size
    • Matters even for text ads
    • Great performance with popular sizes (medium rectangle, wide skyscraper, leaderboard)
  • 4.
    • Background color, border style/color, font style/color
    • Sites with light backgrounds and grey/blue link colors perform best
    • What looks best doesn’t always perform best
      • HubPages: +17% CTR using bold underline link vs normal text
    Format Attributes
  • 5.
    • Site Design
        • Design site to accept best ad sizes
        • Place Ads in the content. But, balance user experience
    • Don’t underestimate below the fold value
  • 6.
    • Select ad networks that fit your site
      • Geo Targeting
      • Test the loading order of ad networks. Best paying first and center
    Ad Network Management
  • 7.
    • THANK YOU!