Selling Ads Online Made Fast Simple And Sexy Barcamp Budapest

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AdTaily at Barcamp Budapest March 2010

AdTaily at Barcamp Budapest March 2010

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  • 1. Selling ads oline made fast, simple and sexy Part of AGORA Group
  • 2. 40% to 90% unsold inventory of big online publishers 2009, CC TheTruthAbout
  • 3. No revenue at all from vast amount of user generated content CC bigcityal
  • 4. Struggling for innovation in online advertising banner blindness switching from search to real time web CC Chris Denbow
  • 5. Why?
  • 6. Oversized industry of online marketing media agencies costly sales people advertising networks CC Sean Munson
  • 7. Entry barrier for the businesses who knew how to do it offline CC Josh [unemployed IT dude]
  • 8. Too much knowledge required CPM pagerank page takeover CPC keyword expandable CPA bidding skyscraper SEO pageviews SEM unique users toplayer CC htby etc…
  • 9. Turn your visitors into advertisers!
  • 10. Listen to the instincts Let them do it fast and often! CC markfftang
  • 11. The widget: click on “Advertise here”
  • 12. Buy the ad without leaving the site
  • 13. Your ad is displayed here & now
  • 14. Fast Simple Sexy 3 step process flat fee pricing 0% commission CC tuppus CC Joe Lanman CC Luiz Felipe
  • 15. Does it already work?
  • 16. 9000 publishers in Poland since June 500 000 000 impressions of the widget/month
  • 17. Agora successfully sells to small business in all their news & content- based online media
  • 18. Unique revenue share model for social media platforms $7 blogger/ $10 platform user $3 advertiser platform owner successful performance on 5 major Polish blogging platforms
  • 19. Our timeline Crossing the borders! Hungary? Sep 2008 Jun 2009 Mar 2010
  • 20. Köszönöm a figyelmet! Did you register for early access at