April, 2012                                                                              Issue No. 4  Focus on Advanced Te...
All-State Bonsai Show in Grand Rapids, May 12-13The Michigan All-State Bonsai Show in Grand Rapids is a great show and wel...
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Bonsai Club Newsletter


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Bonsai Club Newsletter

  1. 1. April, 2012 Issue No. 4 Focus on Advanced Techniques Sunday, April 29, 2:00 p.m. Meet in the greenhouse at Telly’s, Troy, 1:45 p.m. - Meeting setup and socializing 2:05 p.m. - Club business and announcements 2:20 p.m. – Presentations 3:30 p.m. – Expert help with your BonsaiAs a follow-up to last years "Focus on BeginningTechniques," our April program has a similar theme, butis intended to appeal to the intermediates and experts President’s Messageamong us. (Beginners, dont let that scare you away. We have had a crazy spring so far. What’sYou can learn a great deal from this program too.) the weather doing; cold and warm, mapleOur demonstrators will show must-see techniques used trees budding too soon, hopefully everyoneby bonsai experts. trees will be doing well by June. This month we plan to have a demo of the legendaryOur first presentation will be on the creation of phoenix and mystical phoenix graft. By making yourgrafts. (A phoenix is a bonsai technique where a live tree look like its dead and coming back totree is grafted on to a piece of dead wood. The intent is life. It takes skill with a dremel and a steadyto make it look like the live and dead parts of the bonsai hand. I have seen some unbelievableare all one in the same plant.) phoenix grafts in my time. And hopefully it will give you ideas for your next project.Our second presentation will be on creating and There should be one in everyone’s collectionmaintaining your own bonsai grow bed. (A garden of specimens. We would also like to preparewhere you can plant inexpensive trees and grow them your show quality trees with some tips forquickly into larger diameter bonsai stock.) The grow bed the show in June, along with how to designpresentation will be done by Jimmy Whiteley who a growing bed. We should start planning formaintained the clubs grow bed for many years. volunteers for our show in June. It will be a great experience for the newcomers as well as the old timers. Mingling with the people,And finally, well have an expert panel discussion on explaining the art of Bonsai. We should allgetting your trees ready for the annual show in June. have paid for our yearly dues by now thank(Plus, well answer any other burning questions you may you. This should be a great meeting for us.have on any other technique. We hope you come to the Ill see you there.meeting loaded with questions.) PresidentSee you there! Lamont Jackson 1
  2. 2. All-State Bonsai Show in Grand Rapids, May 12-13The Michigan All-State Bonsai Show in Grand Rapids is a great show and well worth thedrive. From the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park website:Pauline Muth will be this year’s featured bonsai artist. She is past-president of theAmerican Bonsai Society, an internationally recognized bonsai artist, instructor,consultant and author of many informative articles about bonsai in a variety ofpublications. She has studied with some of the greatest bonsai masters, received manyregional and international awards for her trees, and owns and operates pfm bonsaistudio, located in West Charlton, New York. In addition to judging the show, she will beteaching two workshops and presenting two fascinating demonstrations (“Land & WaterPenjing” on Saturday and “Designing the 5 Styles of Bonsai” on Sunday).Note: this is not a Four Seasons event, so log on to meijergardens.org for more info. Wemay have a limited supply of printed flyers at the April meeting for our non-internetmembers.Remember Volunteers are always needed forthe Annual Bonsai ShowContact Mr. President @ (586) 646-3888 orsign up at the next club meeting. 2
  3. 3. SUPPORT OUR LOCAL BONSAI VENDORS WHAT’S AHEAD ON THE SCHEDULE FOR 2012 May 20* ...... Mentor Workshop. A BYO (bring-your-own) tree workshop where beginners are paired up with more experienced members. June 23-24 . ANNUAL SHOW. Our once-a-year, not-to-be- missed event! Featuring the spectacular bonsai exhibit, raffles, as well as bonsai, tools, pots and supplies for sale. July 29 ........ Workshop. This workshop is meant to be relatively inexpensive and welcoming for all our new members that joined at the annual show. Experienced members are welcome too. Aug. 26 ....... Bonsai Auction and Pot Luck Lunch. A great opportunity to acquire everything from high- quality bonsai to low-cost bonsai stock plants, pots and tools.Club members get 10% discount on bonsai items. Sept. 30 ...... Focus on Beginning Techniques. 3 demonstra- tors will show must-see techniques for bonsai beginners. For experi- enced members, treat this as a BYO (bring-your-own) workshop. Oct. 28........Pine Presentation with Paul Kulesa from the Ann Arbor Bonsai Society. Nov. 18* ...... Winter Protection. You’ll learn how to protect your outdoor bonsai over the winter and have them Club members get 10% discount on regularly priced bonsai. looking good and ready for success in the spring. Dec. 8* ....... Christmas Party. Thank you, S+R EVENT RENTAL (Restaurant TBD.) S+R Event Rental “FOR ALL OUTDOOR OCCASIONS” *Not held on the last Sunday of the month. for all your help HARRISON TWP. with the club’s Toll Free #: 800-230-7706 annual shows! sreventrental.com
  4. 4. OFFICERS, COMMITTEE CHAIRS DIRECTIONS TO OUR MEETINGS& BOARD OF DIRECTORS Our meetings are usually held at Telly’s Greenhouse at 3301 John R Troy, MIPresident ................ Lamont Jackson 48083-5656, between Big Beaver and Wattles. Nursery phone: 248-689- (586) 646-3888 8735, Nursery website: www.tellys.com. Guests are welcome at meetings. lamont_tiger@lycos.com Meetings usually take place on the last Sunday of the month at 2:00 p.m.Vice-President ........ Michael Corbeille mrcorbeille@gmail.com Some events are held off-site. Always consult the newsletter issued just before a meeting for exact date, time and location.Secretary ................ John Stevens, (248) 544-3112 jalden123@aol.com E. Wattles Rd. 17 Mile Rd.Treasurer ................ Janine Makowski (248) 585-6074 janine.makowski@att.net Rochester Rd. TELLY’S NURSERYNewsletter .............. Kristy Lowell, (248) 670-6712 3301 John R Road kristy_lowell@comcast.netShow Chair ............. T.B.D. Big Beaver Rd. Metro Pkwy.Website .................. Todd Renshaw, (see below) John R Rd. Dequindre Rd. Exit 67Director, 3-Yr. Term ... Bette Gay, (248) 515-1732 rgay@voyager.net Ste . Rd ph en sterDirector, 2-Yr. Term ... Todd Renshaw, (248) 585-9916 so webmaster@mababonsai.org Roche nH wy E. Maple Rd. 15 Mile Rd. .Director, 1-Yr. Term ... Jimmy Whiteley (248) 608-2478 jimantique@aol.comDirector, 1-Yr. Term ... Guy Vitale, (734) 558-2024 guy_vitale@hotmail.com VISIT THE CLUB WEBSITE AT WWW.FOURSEASONSBONSAI.COM Four Seasons Bonsai Club Place 913 Hendrickson Stamp Clawson, MI 48017 Here