Sleep problem: Stress


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Sleep problem: Stress

  1. 1. Sleep Problem: Stress By Amanda Sobba
  2. 2. General Stress Solutions:
  3. 3. 1. Be YOU2. Love yourself3. Figure out who you are4. Be authentic5. Do things that you enjoy6. Take care of yourself7. Embrace healthy relationships8. Understand that you cannot control everything9. Understand that people come and go in life10.Take life One day at a time11.Be a learner for life12.Make a bucket list13.Be OK with the decisions you make14.Don’t second guess yourself15.Have faith in a higher power
  4. 4. Health Stress Solutions:
  5. 5. 1. Eat healthy2. Exercise3. Take a multi-vitamin4. Do routine health check ups5. Take care of depression6. Manage anxiety7. Understand Mind, Body & Soul connection8. Educate yourself9. Live holistically10.Take control of your health11.Meditate12.Be happy13.Live one day at a time14.Learn new things15.Do the things that make you feel good inside
  6. 6. Life Stress Solutions:
  7. 7. 1. Nurture relationship with significant other2. Love your family3. Embrace and nurture friend and family relationships4. Don’t be selfish5. Be open to change6. Seek adventure7. Do what makes your happy8. Lean on your support network when you need to9. Focus on the good things in life10.Socialize as needed11.Grieve as needed12.Take care of your health13.Before moving, educate yourself about the area14.If you can, hire a moving company when moving15.Have a date night16.Remember to do things that you love to do17.Take a class18.Have a night out with friends19.Happy Hour20.Be realistic
  8. 8. Work Stress Solutions:
  9. 9. 1. Get a new job2. Strategic planning of vacation time3. Avoid long hours at the office4. Don’t take it personally5. Create a fun environment6. Personalize workspace7. Create multiple work relationships8. Hire happy people9. Reward employees10.Have fun11.Don’t get caught up in office drama12.Avoid office politics13.Be inclusive14.Do work that you love15.Get a degree in a field that you’re interested in16.Don’t let money be the only reason you’re there17.Keep a positive attitude18.Dress as comfortable as possible19.Be sillyBe yourself
  10. 10. Financial Stress Solutions:
  11. 11. 1. Live within your means2. Be responsible3. Avoid impulse purchases4. Buy a lottery ticket5. Clip coupons6. Create a budget7. Take advantage of deals8. Freelance on the side, if possible9. Invent something silly and make a million dollars10.Walk dogs on the weekend. Extra cash & improved health11.Buy a hybrid car12.Walk to work13.Bike to work14.Carpool15.Put money in a “Rainy Day” account16.Take advantage of employer match 401k17.Take a financial planning class18.Learn about smart investing19.Get rid of credit cards20.If you can, buy rather than rent
  12. 12. Social Stress Solutions:
  13. 13. 1. Move to a safe neighborhood2. Go to college3. Land a job that will afford you the life you want4. Follow your dreams5. Think positively6. Socialize7. Be friendly and open8. Be inclusive9. Surround yourself with many different types of people10.Create the life you want11.Look past today12.Volunteer13.Work more than one job to improve financial situation14.Don’t compare yourself to others15.Work hard and play hard16.Surround yourself with friends17.Set goals18.Remind yourself why19.Have stimulating conversations20.Take a coffee break
  14. 14. Sleep Well