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Beverage World - April 2009

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  • This is really beautiful and amazing!!! Wonderful ads mixed with information on the industries. As I understand it, soft drink industry is one of the toughest, most competitive industries in the United States with Coca Cola and Pepsi holding the largest market share. I don't know how they do worldwide.
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Beverage world 2009

  1. 1. World Fair for Beverage and Liquid Food Technology 14–19 September 2009 New Munich Trade Fair CentreSee It Now Access an exclusive e-book that puts you inside the drinktec experience.Go to Anika Niebuhr . Tel. 646-437-1014 . Fax 212-262-6519 .
  2. 2. »Global EditionINTELLIGENCE FOR THE GLOBAL DRINKS BUSINESS APRIL 15, 2009BEVERAGEWORLD» UpClose With: Boisset Family Estates Jarboe Sales Co. Gusto Brands Inc. Primo Water Corp.»State of’09Industry the Shot » JACK OWOC, CEO, CSO of VPX Sports/Redline Energy in the Arm All signs are pointing to a potential success story for energy shots.
  3. 3. *When combined with increased exercise and a low calorie diet. Use only as a dietary supplement. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  4. 4. WORLDBEAT news and analysis from a global perspectiveNEW ZEALAND/AUSTRALIAA Whole New MarketOne of the world’s largest dairy companies branches out into new territory with aninnovative protein and fiber-enhanced heather landiA s weight management becomes an increasingly impor- tant consumer need on a global scale, New Zealand- based Fonterra, the world’s largest dairy exporter, found a way to leverage its greatest asset—dairy-based ingredients—to launch a new product in the ever-growingfunctional water market. WH2OLE, a functional water fortifiedwith fiber and protein, hit the New Zealand market last monthmarketed as a beverage product to help bridge the hunger gap » FONTERRA’S WH2OLE, fortified with fiber and protein, is designed to promote satiety.between meals. “Consumers are demanding a solution that allows them to Fahrenheit 212, an innovation consultancy, to uncover hid-manage their ‘hollow’ and often unhealthy snacking in the den assets, in this case, an underleveraged technology in theafternoon while maintaining the great fresh tasting product form of a clear, taste-neutral whey protein isolate part of theprofile of mainstream beverages,” Karl Gradon, vice president company’s existing ingredients portfolio. When added toof product innovation for Fonterra USA, says. “They want to water, the ingredient could offer satiety benefits. Fonterrastay full until their next meal without reaching for the candy then had to develop a brand around that benefit and so wasbar. Consumers are not willing to compromise on taste just born WH2OLE. The company eventually plans to launch thebecause of the amazing benefits that this can deliver.” product globally. The satiety water beverage comes in flavors Lemon & The whey protein isolate ingredient, branded as ClearLime, Tangerine and Berry. Sweetened with sucralose and Protein, allows WH2OLE to provide five grams of proteinacesulfame potassium (Ace-K), WH2OLE only has 30 calories (or 10 percent of the recommended daily intake) and 1.5per serving, and has as much protein as a banana, almost as grams of fiber (or 5 percent of the RDI) per 500 ml serving.much fiber and one-fourth the calories of a banana. Gradon notes that Clear Protein is the culmination of a Fonterra has a brand portfolio of New Zealand, Australian decade of research as Fonterra is a pioneer in dairy andand international household names and annual revenue of dairy flavor technology.NZ$1.4 billion, yet with global demand for dairy declining, “Clear Protein delivers a shot of hunger-satisfying proteinthe company was seeking ways to develop new brands and with an amazingly clean flavor profile without the milky ortake advantage of its existing functional ingredients. ‘cardboard’ overtones of protein alternatives,” says Gradon. The company enlisted the help of New York, N.Y.-based “Cutting edge patented and protected » CONTINUED ON PAGE 64_BEVERAGE WORLD_ APRIL 2009 BEVERAGEWORLD.COM
  5. 5. SMOOTHIES Fruit Sensations far beyond 100 % Fruit Benefit from our natural approach: pure fruit indulgence superfruit choices natural healthiness puree for fullest fruitiness convenient fruit portions Smoothies are healthy fruit and vegetable between-meals or on-the-go snacks. They deliver an enjoyable natural taste with superb convenience. DöhlerGroup’s range of Smoothies made from high-quality fruit juice concentrates, vegetables, purees and fruit pieces offers you the very best that nature provides. DöhlerGroup: Leading in Integrated Food & Beverage SolutionsDÖHLERGROUP · Riedstrasse · 64295 Darmstadt · Germany · Phone +49 6151 306-0 · Fax +49 6151 306-278 · · www.doehler.comDÖHLER (UK) LIMITED · 1a Opal Court · Opal Drive · Fox Milne · Milton Keynes · MK15 0DF · United Kingdom · Phone +44 (0)870 870 97 37 · Fax +44 (0)870 870 9738
  6. 6. [WORLDBEAT]A Whole New Market» CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4technology, unique to Fonterra, has been applied to the pro-cessing of the product in not only the manufacturingprocess, but also the bottling plant to make it clear and sta-ble for the entire shelf life and to remove the poor flavornotes.” The company is now in the interesting position of beinga dairy exporter and producer as well as a marketer of thedairy ingredient Clear Protein and a player in the growingfunctional water category. “As the leading global dairy ingredients solutionprovider, Fonterra is already working with a number ofcompanies globally to take the ingredient solution to mar-ket. Our focus has largely been on Japan, Korea, the US andEurope as these countries have high awareness for such agreat-tasting weight management product,” Gradon says.2009 Wine Grape HarvestExpected to FallThe 2009 Australian wine grape harvest is estimated to fall 11percent from last year, although notas badly as predicted given heatwaves across southeasternAustralia, the Victorian bushfiresand Queensland’s floods. The estimated 11 percent dropwould make the 2009 harvest,which is now half complete, wellbelow the record 2005 harvest of1.93 metric tons, but well abovethe drought and frost-affected2007 harvest of 1.34 metric tons,the Australian Wine and BrandyCorp. (AWBC) reports. Seasonal conditions are mainlyresponsible for lower yields. Therelatively cooler conditions in November hampered floweringand fruit set, while a heat event in late January resulted inlower yields in heat-affected regions. The AWBC says the full impact of the recent Victorian bush-fires is not yet known. Media reports indicate wildfire damageto Australia’s Yarra Valley region affected more than 350 acresof vineyards, with 29 wineries suffering damage. “The current prospects of a below-average-yielding seasonwill be viewed with some relief at a whole-of-industry levelbecause of current high stock levels. While a low season mayimply some shortening in the availability of some varieties on aregion-by-region basis, current high stock levels mean thatAustralian wine supply is not threatened.” BW BEVERAGEWORLD.COM
  7. 7. MELTDOWN® RTD and 2-Ounce ShotWhat supplement burns fat faster than an ice cube melts in the Sahara? Meltdown® Liquid Capsules! In a study presented at the June 2008International Society of Sports Nutrition Conference in the beautiful Red Rock Hotel, researchers discovered that this fat-blasting supplementjacked up metabolic rate so much so that it left scientists scratching their heads as to how it compared to other popular thermogenics. Andin fact, what they’ve found is that Meltdown is over 273% better than the infamous caffeine plus ephedrine stack! VPX now introduces this fat-blasting matrix in a 8 ounce drink and as a 2-ounce shot! VPXSPORTS.COM *Use only as a dietary supplement. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  8. 8. [ APRIL2009 ] Volume 128 • Number 4 • Issue 1797 FEATURES 20 Cover Story: Pure Performance They’re petite, portable, powerful and pricey: energy shots are the next wave of energy consumption. S1 State of the Industry Report 2009 S2 Carbonated Soft Drinks S18 Functional Drinks S8 Bottled Water S20 Beer S10 Energy Drinks S23 Spirits S14 RTD Tea S24 Wine 54 New and Expanded Truck Trend Survey Part 1 of our newly enhanced 26th Annual Truck Trends Survey shows an evolution in fleet buying plans. DEPARTMENTSWORLDBEAT BEVSOLUTIONS 4 Fonterra’s Production Functional Water 69 Aseptic FillingBEVBEAT 12 Eco-Friendly Distribution Launches 82 Fleet of the Month: Biagi Bros.16 New Beverage RoundupUPCLOSE WITH... R&D PLUS 10 Editor’s Note 61 Jarboe Sales Co. 72 Antioxidant Update 71 Operations Observations 63 Boisset Family Packaging 84 Road Ways Estates 76 Bioplastics Update 85 BevSource 66 Gusto Brands Inc. 88 Classifieds 68 Primo Water Corp. Supply Chain 89 Event Calendar 78 Learning the Lingo 90 Ad IndexBeverage World Vol. 128, No. 4 (ISSN 0098-2318, USPS 526-550) is published monthly by Ideal Media LLC., 303 East Wacker Drive, 21st Floor, Chicago, IL 60601. Tel: 312-456-2822. Subscription rates for US: $89.00/one year, $139.00/twoyears, $189.00/three years. Single copies: $10.00; Canada: $99.00/one year, $159.00/two years, $209.00/three years, Single copies: $15.00; All other countries: $159.00/one year, $229.00/two years, $279.00/three years. Single copies $15.00.Periodicals postage for Beverage World paid at Chicago, IL, and additional mailing offices. Canada Post Publications Mail Agreement No. 40031729. Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to:Deutsche Post Global Mail, 4960-1 Walker Road, Windsor, ON N91 6J3. POSTMASTER: Please send address changes to Beverage World, Subscription Services, P.O. Box 2054, Skokie, IL 60076.8_BEVERAGE WORLD_APRIL 2009 BEVERAGEWORLD.COM
  9. 9. Bringingnatural flavorsinto focus.Robertet is a closely-held multinational company whose vision is long-term andwhose technologies are focused on the flavors and aromas that nature alwaysintended. For all of your flavor needs, call Robertet at 732-981-8300, or sendan email to TECHNOLOGY • CREATIVITY • INNOVATION
  10. 10. [EDITOR’SNOTE] BEVERAGEWORLD Kevin Francella, Group Publisher Beverage World +1.646.708.7327 EDITORIAL Jeff Cioletti, Editor-In-Chief +1.646.708.7303 Andrew Kaplan, Managing Editor +1.646.708.7301 Heather Landi, Senior EditorSpringing Forward +1.646.708.7302 Jennifer Cirillo, Associate Editor +1.646.708.7307 April has become a bit like Super Bowl season around here at Beverage World.Those of you who read my column last month know, of course, that ART Rosanna Bulian, Art DirectorBevOps/Beverage Fleet Summit happens this month. Besides that, it’s also time for +1.646.708.7312 rbulian@beverageworld.comthat other official Beverage World rite of spring, the State of the Industry Report(props to the BW edit staff for turning in another fine report). CONTRIBUTING EDITORS As one likely would surmise, good performance in the current economic climate Michael Bellas, Tom Kelley John Koss(if I had a nickel for every time I’ve read or written that three-word phrase…) isnot so much “good” as it is “less bad.” So in that regard, overall liquid refreshment EDITORIAL RESEARCHbeverages (LRBs) really held their own. Still, it’s hard to sugar-coat the fact that Joy FrancesconiLRB volume was down about 2 percent, according to Beverage Marketing +1.978.299.3499 jfrancesconi@beverageworld.comCorporation, the first volume decline for overall LRBs. PRODUCTION Even once-juggernaut bottled water was down 1 percent. The single-serve PET Jeff Carlson, Production Manager +1.312.447.5112 jcarlson@idealmediallc.comsegment, which had been the big growth driver of the category, posting double-digit gains in previous years, was essentially flat in 2008 with a gain of only 0.3 E-MEDIA Amanda Westbrooks, Website Managerpercent. Bottled water certainly is a category that’s had a number of factors work- +1.312.447.5107 awestbrooks@idealmediallc.coming against it. First, of course is the economic issue. Consumers might be substi-tuting tap for bottled when they’re trying to trim daily costs. Then there’s the GROUP DIRECTORS Barbara Killeen, Director of Operations and Researchenvironmental issue. When people are trying to tighten their belts, they might be +1.646.708.7325 bkilleen@idealmediallc.commore willing to believe negative environmental claims put forth by certain groups Erin Fiden, Group Marketing Directorand city officials (I’ve written about that issue in this space on numerous occa- +1.312.447.5103 efiden@idealmediallc.comsions and you pretty much know Beverage Delane David, Director of E-Media +1.312.447.5106 ddavid@idealmediallc.comWorld’s take on this issue). But enough about the bad and the ugly, let’s SALES DEPARTMENT Jeff Blanch, Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Sales Directortalk about the good. And there’s plenty of it. +1.203.739.0775 jblanch@beverageworld.comThere was an 8.3 percent volume boost for fla- Lisa Adams, Midwest/West Sales Directorvored and enhanced waters. There was an even +1.773.871.0757 llark@aol.comhigher gain for energy drinks, 9 percent, continu- Gabriele Fahlbusch, Europe + fahlbusch@intermediapartners.deing to prove that category’s viability. Granted, Nadine Buccieri, Classifieds/Tele-Salesboth categories are only a relatively small portion +1.818.920.3185 nbuccieri@beverageworld.comof the whole LRB picture, but when you consider Antoinette Cantwell, Advertising Sales Coordinatorthe premium that consumers usually pay for +1.646.708.7315 acantwell@beverageworld.comthose beverages, above and beyond what they’dpay for, say, CSDs, it shows that there is quite a bitof resilience in the US beverage market. Jeff Cioletti, editor-in-chief And if that’s not convincing enough, let’s look jcioletti@beverageworld.combeyond liquid refreshment toward the alcoholcategories. Overall beer volume, according to BMC, was up 0.5 percent (craft vol- 200 East Randolph Street, 70th Floor, Chicago, IL 60601ume up mid-single digits, dollars up low double-digits). Sure, it’s down a bit from Kevin Francella, Chief Operating Officerlast year’s 1.5 percent gain, but positive is positive. +1.646.708.7327 Spirits posted better numbers, with a volume gain of 1.6 percent for 2008, based EDITORIAL OFFICES 90 Broad St., Suite 402, New York,on numbers reported by the Distilled Spirits Council of the US. Again, it’s a small- NY 10004 +1.646.708.7300 Fax: +1.646.708.7399er bump than the past few years have yielded, but an increase is still an increase. REPRINT INQUIRIES Lisa Abelson Of course, most of those alcohol gains are coming from off-premise sales, as on- +1.516.379.7097 SUBSCRIPTION INQUIRIES +1.847.763.9627 LISTpremise channels have been hit pretty hard by the economic downturn. But we’re RENTALS Postal, Julius Single, +1.845.731.2731; Shawnfocusing on the positive here—and the bottom line is when times are tough, it’s Kingston, +1.845.731.3828 COPYRIGHT CLEARANCEnot a bad thing to be a part of the beverage business. BW CENTER +1.978.750.8400 copyright.com10_BEVERAGE WORLD_APRIL 2009 BEVERAGEWORLD.COM
  12. 12. BEVBEATMARKET UPDATE news and analysis on a changing marketGoing GreenerThe beverage marketplace continues its commitment to theenvironment with several new eco-friendly product heather landiB everage companies are stepping up their green initiatives with the launch of several new eco-friendly products. Last month, Purchase, N.Y., USA-based PepsiCo debuted theAquafina Eco-Fina Bottle, touted as the lightest half-liter bottle ofany nationally distributed bottled water brand. Available this month,the Eco-Fina Bottle weighs 10.9 grams as it’s made with 50 percentless plastic than the previous half-liter Aquafina bottle. » PEPSICO’S Aquafina Eco-Fina Bottle is made with 50 percent The company estimates that the new bottle will eliminate about less plastic. The company also is testing climate-friendly75 million pounds of plastic annually. The Eco-Fina Bottle also is vending machines.produced at the Aquafina purification center where filling the first companies in the US to offer natural spring water inoccurs, eliminating cardboard base pads from the 24-packs, which a recyclable carton.contributes to saving 20 million pounds of corrugate by 2010. “By putting our spring water in a Tetra Pak carton, we “The new design leverages structural engineering, which offer a ‘greener’ alternative without compromising portabili-allows the Eco-Fina Bottle to support 50 times its weight while ty, convenience and delicious taste,” Jane Goldberg, Plant Itoffering consumers a contemporary, attractive package that Water CEO, says.meets their needs,” Robert Le Bras-Brown, vice president of Outside the bottle, Pepsi also is testing climate-friendlypackaging innovation and development at PepsiCo, says. vending machines in the Washington, D.C. area. The “green” Oakland, Calif., USA-based Plant It Water also launched a machines are cooled by carbon dioxide rather than hydroflu-new “green” package in the form of a Tetra Pak recyclable orocarbons (HFCs), use less energy and generate 12 percentcarton made from 60 percent renewable material from less greenhouse gas emissions than current vendingsources such as plant fibers. The company says it is one of machines, according to the company. BW INSIDE BEVBEAT MARKET UPDATE NEW BEVERAGES Relaxation beverage drank Fruit2O offers the signs deals with nine nutrition and refreshment distributors across the US. of real fruit to water. PAGE 15 PAGE 1612_BEVERAGE WORLD_APRIL 2009 BEVERAGEWORLD.COM
  13. 13. with DOWFROST™ Inhibited PropyleneGlycol-based Heat Transfer FluidNothing Cools Your Process Like DOWFROST™ Fluid:To Learn
  14. 14. 24th-28th November 2009 [BEVBEAT] fieramilano Rho opening time 9.00-18.00 All Sport Goes Natural Capitalizing on the availability of an all-natural sweet- ener from stevia, All Sport, Inc. and Dr Pepper Snapple 23rd Group, Inc. launched All Sport Naturally Zero, a zero- calorie sports drink sweetened with rebiana. Formulated with electrolytes and B vitamins, All Sport Naturally Zero 20-ounce bottles will be available this month in con- venience and gas, grocery and specialty retail channels in three flavors: Dragon- fruit, Strawberry Star Fruit and Mandarin Orange. Rebiana is an all-natural zero calorie sweetener derived from the stevia plant and was recently approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for use in a variety of foods and beverages. “We have been working diligently in our R&D center to incorporate stevia in our products and in our allied brands such as All Sport,” Larry Young, chief executive officer of Dr Pepper Snapple Group, says. “Taste is king in the beverage industry, but for today’s consumers, INTERNATIONAL ENOLOGICAL AND health is becoming increasingly important. All Sport Naturally Zero delivers a unique proposition for the mil- BOTTLING EQUIPMENT EXHIBITION lions of Americans who exercise regularly and are looking to get the most out of their workouts.” SIMEI is the world leader in the exhibition of machinery, equipment and products for NWNA Makes a Sweet Deal the production bottling Nestlé Waters North America, Inc. has made a US$15.6 million investment in Austin, and packaging of drinks Texas, USA-based Sweet Leaf Tea Co. Dan Costello, a Nestlé Waters North America executive, will relocate to Austin, to become visit our website president of Sweet Leaf Tea, reporting to company founder and chief executive offi- cer Clayton Christopher. Nestlé Waters also will add two directors to Sweet Leaf Tea’s for further information board of directors. SIMEI According to Christopher, the partnership via San Vittore al Teatro, 3 will transform the company from a regional 20123 Milan - Italy brand to one with full national distribution with- Hotel and Travel in 24 months. tel. +39 02 7222281 “This investment speaks volumes about our enthusiasm fax +39 02 866575 for the exceptional company Sweet Leaf has built, based on the principles of quality and all-natural goodness,” Tim Brown, executive vice president of retail operations, Nestlé Waters North America, says.14_BEVERAGE WORLD_APRIL 2009 BEVERAGEWORLD.COM
  15. 15. Innovative Beverage’s “Slow Your Roll” IN MEMORIAM Movement Gains Momentum James Coleman Lee, Jr., a beverage industry leader who Marketed with the tagline “Slow Your are reaching out turned Buffalo Rock Co. into a Roll,” drank relaxation beverage is tak- because they recognize force in the bottling industry, ing the beverage market by storm as it that drank is not only passed away Feb. 28. Lee took inks new distribution deals across the the inventor, but indus- the reigns as president of United States. Houston, Texas, USA- try leader, in this new Birmingham, Ala., USA­based based Innovative Beverage, the makers category of functional Buffalo Rock in 1951 and of drank, recently announced that, as of beverages,” says Peter steered the family­run compa­ press time, the company has signed Bianchi, creator of ny for decades, helping it to deals with Anheuser-Busch distributors drank and CEO of grow into a US$500 million Arkansas Distributing Co., Griffin Innovative Beverage. operation. After stepping down Beverage Co., Mississippi Distributors, “For drank, these as chief executive, Lee served Inc., Mitchell Distributing Co. and Wil strategic alliances are as Chairman Emeritus. He also Fischer Companies, along with long- an integral part of our was an active business and time Pabst Brewing Company supplier aggressive growth plan, allowing us to civic leader in the Birmingham Arrow Beer Distributing as well as bolster our national distribution net- area and won numerous indus­ Clayton Distributing, MBC-United work. For distributors, drank is a high- try and civic awards. Wholesale and Select Drink. margin revenue stream in a new mar- “Distributors from across the country ket segment.” BW De Designing OPTIMUM esigning OPTIMUM Beverage Distribution Systems Beverage Distribution Systems is ib i n ms sBlue Horseshoe is the only authorized retailer ofBlue Horseshoe is the only authorized retailer of Optimized cus tomer Optimized customer J. J. Taylor Companies J. J. Taylor CompaniesILS.Net Warehouse Management System.ILS.Net Warehouse Management System. “We “We chose to partner with Manhattan and W partner Blue Horseshoe to su support our market growth upport marketBlue Horseshoe helps customers balance supply with demandBlue Horseshoe helps customers balance supply with demand as well as the onset of rapid SKU proliferation.and meet on-time delivery expectations.and meet on-time delivery expectations. Manhattan’s proven track record combined with Blue Horseshoe’s exp experience and commitment p perienceServices include:Services include: to our industry made them the clear choice for made Warehouse M Warehouse Management Systems Management Systems Implementation Consultation Implementation Consultation J. J. Taylor as we continue to optimize our entire Taylor continue Labor Management Labor Management Integrate to Current Systems Integrate to Current Systems supply chain.” Inventory Management Inventory Management Material Material Handling Bruce Whitely Order Manage Order Management ement Facility Facility Design & Setup Setup Chief Information Officer Offi ficer J. J. Taylor Companies Taylor System Solution System Solut Design tion Windows & AS400 Solutions SolutionsJoin the ever growing list of customers who are benefiting fromJoin the ever growing list of customers who are benefiting fromseamless, optimized supply chain management solutions!seamless, optimized supply chain management solutions! Contact Us Contact Us 317-573-2583 317-573-2583 b ev e ra ge @ b h s o l u t i o n s . co m w w w. b h s o l u t i o n s . c o m
  16. 16. [BEVBEAT]NEW BEVERAGESFruit2O Introduces Essentials LineF ruit2O was introduced in 1999 as strong demand among women for a efits, or, worse yet, are loaded with bottled water with real fruit fla- fortified water with little or no extra sugar and calories,” says Zellen. vors added. This calories and easy-to-understand Fruit2O Essentials has no sugars or year, the same benefits. carbohydrates and zero calories and iscompany is bringing its “The creation of the Fruit2O available in six flavors: Cranberrybottled water to new Essentials line was really in Raspberry, Strawberry Kiwi, Peachheights with Fruit2O response to a lack of better, Mango, Citrus, Blueberry PomegranateEssentials, a fortified more nutritious fortified and Cherry Açai. Each flavor is fortifiedwater that offers water options out there with the nutrients in the amount equalthe nutrients and for women,” says David to two servings of fruit.refreshment of real Zellen, brand manager for Fruit2O Essentials will be available infruit to clear water. Fruit2O. many US markets beginning this The concept for “Many fortified waters month. Single 18-ounce bottles will beFruit2O Essentials claim to provide important sold in grocery stores for a recommend-began when its brand health benefits, such as ed retail price of US$1.29-US$1.49, andteam studied the cur- immunity enhancing nutri- in 15- and 20-packs at club stores for arent landscape of the ents and enriched vitamins. recommended retail price of US$9.99-fortified water market The problem is that many US$12.99.and conducted con- of them either don’t pro- A new Fruit2O website is slated tosumer research that vide meaningful, under- launch in May to support the launch ofrevealed there was a standable nutritional ben- Essentials. Tasting Red ZT is a red tea made from An Unexpected Liqueur the spiny leaves of the Xanté, a spirit that has been avail- rooibos bush that grows in able in Europe for more than 10 the Cederberg Mountains years, became available in the of South Africa. Tea made US in February. Xanté is the from rooibos has been combination of pears with a prized for centuries for its touch of French cognac complex flavor and good- matured for four years in for-you properties. French Limousine Oak barrels Founders of ZredT, pro- with hints of vanilla. Pro- ducers of ZT, were turned duced by Swedish distiller- on by red tea and set out ies, Xanté can be experienced to make their own organ- as an ultra premium shot ic, ready-to-drink version. chilled, served neat, on the The Baton Rouge, La., rocks or in a chilled martini USA-based company glass. Distributed by Kindred launched ZT in four fla- Spirits of North America, Inc., vors—Unsweetened, Lemon, Vanilla and Ginseng & Honey. The Xanté retails at approximately product is sold for a suggested retail price of US$1.79-US$1.99 in US$40 for a 750 ml bottle. select grocery and natural food stores nationwide. KindredSpiritsUSA.com16_BEVERAGE WORLD_APRIL 2009 BEVERAGEWORLD.COM
  17. 17. [BEVBEAT] AriZona’s Electrolyte Enhanced Water AriZona Beverage Co. ventures into a new area of hydration with Vapor Water. AriZona has cre- ated a vapor-distilled water that infuses a blend of electrolytes, calcium, magnesium and potassi- um, the company says. This proprietary formula is designed to help increase a person’s rate of hydration and enhance performance during phys- ical activity, without adding calories and sodium. AriZona’s Vapor Water will begin distribution nationally this winter for a suggested retail price of US$1.59 per 33.8-ounce PET and US$1.29 per 25.3-ounce PET. drinkarizona.comHint for KidsHint Essence Water is re-launching HintKids with new packaging and a new ingredi-ent—fluoride. Available in 11-ounce TetraPak containers, Hint Kids is available in Not Just for Fridaystrawberry-kiwi, tropical and watermelon. Friday Monkey wines from Australia“We are thrilled to re-launch HINT Kids and are made for any occasion. The newestgive younger ones a chance to enjoy a bev- release from the company is Fridayerage that contains no calories, sugar or Monkey Cabernet/Shiraz, which is setsweeteners,” says Kara Goldin, founder and for national distribution this year.CEO of Hint Inc. The Friday Monkey line includes Chardonnay, Shiraz, Merlot, Rosé, Cabernet/Merlot, Cabernet/Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. All the wines are available in 750 ml bot- Sparkling Pink tles with prices ranging from Martini & Rossi has added Martini US$8.99 to US$10.99. Chardonnay, & Rossi Sparkling Rosé to its portfo- Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet lio of fine wines completing its Sauvignon wines also are available “sparkling trio,” which includes a in 1.5-liter bottles with prices naturally sweet Asti and an extra ranging from US$13.99 to dry Prosecco. The sparkling Rosé is US$15.99. cultivated in the areas of the Piedmont and Veneto regions in Italy and made with handpicked Moscato Bianco, Malvasia and Brachetto grapes. Soft pink in color, the Rosé is characterized Asahi Offers A Dark Beer Asahi Breweries, Ltd. re-introduced its by aromas that blend hints of Asahi Kuronama, meaning unpasteur- citrus, elderflower and ized black beer. The brew, which orig- peach with notes of wild inally launched in Japan in 1995, is rose, according to the com- available at select retailers in the fol- pany. It can be paired with lowing states: California, Nevada, an assortment of foods, Texas, New York, New Jersey, especially lighter flavors of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and fruits, cheeses and fish. Colorado. Brewed at the Suita Brewery Martini & Rossi Sparkling in Osaka Prefecture, the oldest brewery Rosé will be available in a among Asahi’s nine breweries in Japan, 750 ml bottle and 187 ml Asahi Kuronama is described as having a four-packs at fine wine smoky and honey-like flavor with a dis- retailers this spring. It has tinct aroma. The beer is 5.3 percent a suggested retail price of alcohol by volume. US$12.99. martini.com18_BEVERAGE WORLD_APRIL 2009 BEVERAGEWORLD.COM
  18. 18. *When combined with strength training & a low calorie diet. Use only as a dietary supplement. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  19. 19. [COVERSTORY] PurePerformance They’re petite, portable, powerful and pricey: energy shots are the next wave of energy consumption. By Jennifer Cirillo » SOME OF THE LEADING energy shot brands are resonating with con- sumers craving an alternative way to obtain energy. These small, con- venient and potent formulations are delivering on their performance promise resulting in a demand for them at retail. From a distribution standpoint, energy shots create an added opportunity as they can be incorporated into a distribution operation with ease.20_BEVERAGE WORLD_APRIL 2009 BEVERAGEWORLD.COM
  20. 20. E ver heard of energy sunflower seeds? How about bulky and has a fast effect.” A much different consumption energy cookies? Or what about energy spray? experience from the 8- or 16-ounce carbonated energy drink. Tabs, maybe? Well, they’re out there. Energy shots, in the format the beverage audience is famil- Energy is a need state that is being sourced iar with today, came to the forefront in 2004/2005 when the from everywhere—wherever you can get it and current leading brand, 5-Hour Energy, began marketing itself wherever you can put it. With beverages, “the as an alternative way to get energy, one that takes less time next better thing,” as Walter Orcutt, executive to consume and provides long-lasting energy without thevice president of NVE Pharmaceuticals, Inc., makers of 6 sugar and only four calories.Hour Power, refers to them, are these miniature bottles of “5-Hour Energy actually launched on a marketing platformliquid tagged “energy shots.” that competed with energy drinks—that you have all of the “People are always looking for the next better thing and energy without the crash,” says Garima Goel Lal, senior con-this might be it,” Orcutt says. sumer analyst for Mintel International Group, a market These 2- to 3-ounce bottles that are primarily sold at the research firm. “When energy drinks appeared in the US, peo-front counter of convenience stores for a premium price— ple were aware of the functional benefits, but there werearound US$2.99-US$3.49—have proven to resonate with some people who were also aware that energy drinks con-consumers, despite their cost. Orcutt explains, “It’s a primary tained X amount of caffeine and X amount of sugar. So,sale,” meaning regardless of economic climate, the product energy shots have built up on that shortcoming.”will still be purchased. According to Scott Henderson, president of Living “They’re truly a phenomenon; everyone is coming out Essentials, makers of 5-Hour Energy, the company has grownwith one,” says Michael Bellas, chairman and CEO of from less than US$10 million in sales in 2005 to more thanBeverage Marketing Corporation. (Red Bull even plans to US$250 million for 2009 thus far. Henderson launch Red Bull Energy Shot and Red explains why: “The first thing is that it works. Bull Sugarfree Shot this month in the You can put anything in a nice package and sell United States.) Bellas continues, “There’s it once, but after that, it actually has do what it a rationale that it’s easy to consume, not promises to do for the consumer in order forBEVERAGEWORLD.COM APRIL 2009_BEVERAGE WORLD_21
  21. 21. [COVERSTORY]them to come back and buy it over and over again.” Rahman, brand manager of energy drinks for Fuze Beverage, One of the brand’s commercials claims that 2.5 million makers of NOS PowerShot and PowerShot X, line extensionsbottles of 5-Hour Energy are purchased a week. Henderson of NOS Energy Drink. “They tend to be a little bit older …comments that particular TV ad is already out-dated as sales even a white-collar audience.”of 5-Hour Energy have now surpassed that figure. The com- One of the handful of reasons for this, according to Goelpany also is now offering Extra Strength and decaffeinated Lal, is the distinction between some energy shots that areversions, which are likely to boost sales. labeled as dietary supplements—for example, 5-Hour Energy, Some analysts and industry leaders believe the platform 6 Hour Power, and Redline Power Rush and Meltdown fat-energy shots are marketed on will help grow the overall burning shot from VPX/Redline—which might appeal moreenergy category by expanding its demographics. to an older consumer. “From what we’ve seen, the energy shot user is definitely Citing Nielsen data, Orcutt says that 6 Hour Power is theslightly different from an energy drink user,” says Tutal second best-selling energy shot brand in C-stores. VPX saw a What a Rush VPX Sports/Redline Energy was founded in 1993 with the goal of creating bever- ages and supplements that worked as pharmaceuticals without the side effects, notes Jack Owoc, CEO and CSO. With offices in Davie and Weston, Fla., USA, comprising a total of 220,000 square feet of manufacturing, R&D, sales, ship- ping and production space, the company formulates beverages that are gaining momentum—the company expects to » reach US$250 million in sales this year. BY USING high-tech equipment to test and produce its supplements, VPX scientists are able to remain on the cutting edge. “VPX just puts out a super premium product that retailers out here are very spent compared with what other leading the scientific research behind receptive to,” says Bob Groux, president brands in the segment invest, the com- VPX/Redline products, visit of Coast Beverage Group, the master dis- pany’s beverages have gained a con- The company works with tributor of VPX/Redline products in sumer following through viral marketing. a handful of trained flavor experts as California. “What really separates Redline Power well as half a dozen flavor companies to As part of the company’s line of Rush from the other shots is that it con- come up its formulations, Owoc notes. sports nutrition supplements, VPX offers tains a specialized beta amino acid Before getting into beverages, VPX Redline Power Rush and Meltdown fat- called beta-Alanine. Beta-Alanine specialized in liquid capsules of what burning shots, line extensions of their 8- increases ATP, which is your body’s natu- became Redline and Meltdown. So, ounce counterparts. ral energy currency,” explains Owoc. “It when the time came to formulate the “Redline (the company’s 8-ounce also buffers the acid within muscle so three-capsule delivery system (or a 5 ml energy drink) and all of our other you can play hard and longer with more oral dispenser) into 75 mls of liquid, the drinks have entirely different super intensity no matter what you are task was “simple,” says Owoc, allowing cutting-edge ingredient profiles doing.” Redline Power Rush contains two the company to include more active and consumers know Redline servings per 2.5-ounce bottle claiming ingredients than its competitors. and our other beverages are dif- seven hours of energy with 326 mg or “We do some really radical stuff and ferent when they drink them,” 350 mg of caffeine, depending on the our facility is always open for somebody says Owoc. “It is the experi- flavor, zero sugar and zero carbs. to come and visit ... We have four facil- ence that the consumer gets The Meltdown shot has a similar ities where we produce Redline and all that make VPX beverages ingredient profile and claims fat-burning of our products 20 hours a day in two worth remarking about.” ability for more than six hours. 10-hour shifts,” Owoc says. “We are try- In fact, Owoc says that The company prides itself on creating ing to raise the bar and take everything with little advertising dollars its formulations in-house. (To read about to the next level.” —J.C.22_BEVERAGE WORLD_APRIL 2009 BEVERAGEWORLD.COM
  22. 22. [COVERSTORY]more than 25 percent increase in revenue from 2007 to 2008, Hansen’s Monsternotes Jack Owoc, CEO and CSO of VPX Sports/Redline Energy. Energy, which launchedAnd Henderson, also citing Nielsen data, says that 5-Hour Hitman in NovemberEnergy holds a 70 percent share of the 2-ounce energy shot 2008 is working with itsmarket adding that distribution of the product has expanded distribution partners,to include stores like The Home Depot, OfficeMax, auto repair Anheuser-Busch andshops and sporting goods stores. The Coca-Cola “Pretty much anywhere there is a cash register you can sell Company, to come up with5-Hour Energy,” says Henderson. marketing strategies. “I think you’ll see a whole merchandizingDemonstrating Value evolution up there that the retailer will embrace Counter space at the register is prime real estate that because there are good margins for the product … and proba-brand owners are battling over. Aside from commonly used bly that register space is going to evolve to accommodate the12-pack pop-up display boxes, there are additional efforts merchandizing strategies that the large companies develop,”being made to come up with new merchandizing strategies. says Mark Hall, president of Monster Energy. For Hitman, “That’s valuable space,” says Jeff Lenard, vice president of that involves hanging fixtures, standing fixtures and mini-communications for NACS (National Association of refrigeration, notes Hall.Convenience Stores) of the counter at the register. “That’s the “This is going to become the same battle that the cooler is,”space where you make your business off of. It would be Hall says. “And you just never know who is going to win,impulse [purchases] and everybody wants that space, but who that’s why they play the Super Bowl.”gets it? You have to demonstrate your value to the retailer.” But the game is about to change with the introduction of Doug Stuart, president of Power Trip Beverages, Inc., Red Bull’s energy shots, which will be available nationwidebelieves that some brand owners are going to have to give up by June. “Consumer research and trade feedback confirmtheir egos in order to succeed in a limited retail space. “What that the energy shots category has been waiting for a trustedthe retailer wants to see is … who is going to offer up a rack premium brand like Red Bull to enter,” says Patrice Radden,that competition can go on … because they are not afraid to director of corporate communications for Red Bull Northcarry five or six different brands, but they certainly don’t America, Inc. “Red Bull Energy Shot and Redhave space for five or six different 12-packs,” Stuart says. Bull Sugarfree Shot are a natural extension of Within the next month or two, Power Trip the Red Bull product portfolio, offering Red BullBeverages plans to introduce a plexiglass rack for efficacy in a concentrated form.”the front counter to display its Power Trip Although the energy shot consumer is con-Vitamin Energy Shots, and other shots, that is sidered “different” from the energy drink con-open through the back to help prevent theft—a sumer, as big energy drink brands continue toconcern among retailers. launch energy shot line extensions there is the Bob Groux, president of risk of cannibalization.Coast Beverage Group, the According to a Mintel survey, 11 percent ofdistributor of VPX/Redline energy drink users have tried energy shots andproducts in California, says believe it is a better way of getting energy,that he’s found success using reports Goel Lal. However, she offers that forsuction cup racks inside companies like Monster or Full Throttle, forcooler doors. “When you put example, that already have found acceptancethe suction cup rack in the among consumers, launching an energy shot isdoor you can sell up to three a way for them to keep consumers purchasingtimes more shots because their brands.some people really like them “When a consumer needs energy they arecold,” he says. going to choose at that point from a variety of options, between coffee, traditional soft drinks,» TO HELP DRIVE sales, new packaging traditional energy drinks, pills and shots, andand new merchandizing strategies are any other delivery mechanism we come up withbeing introduced. Hitman is offered ina two-pack, while tiered racks, like next,” says Hall. “We’ve got some ideas.”the one displaying Full Throttle Quick Until then, energy shots seem to be the nextShot and NOS PowerShot (top right),are being provided to retailers. better thing. BW24_BEVERAGE WORLD_APRIL 2009 BEVERAGEWORLD.COM
  23. 23. *When combined with strength training & a low calorie diet. Use only as a dietary supplement. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  24. 24. » Hot... Innovative...TrendsettingINTELLIGENCE FOR THE GLOBAL DRINKS BUSINESSBEVERAGEWORLD NOVEMBER 15, 2008 DECEMBER Special Message from the Publisher—» UpClose With: Timing is Everything -Innovative BeverageGroup Holdings, Inc. Labrada NutritionTradewinds Beverage Co. High Performance The Patrón Spirits Co. RENEW TODAY! reveals its winning strategy and leads our annual HIT List. » THE PATRÓN SPIRITS CO.’S CEO and president, Ed Brown Just complete the form below and fax it to 847-763-9547NOT YET A SUBSCRIBER? -use this form to begin a freesubscription of your own.If renewing, provide Account #_____________________________________________________________Signature (required)___________________________________________________________________________________Date_____________________________Print Name____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Title___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Company Name________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Street Address_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________City_____________________________________________________________________________________State_________________Zip Code________________E-Mail_______________________________________________________________________Phone #_______________________Fax # _______________________ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE COMPLETED YES, I wish to receive/continue to receive a FREE subscription to Beverage World No, thank you1. Please check what is the primary business activity at this location. (please 5. Please check the term that best describes your job function. (check ONE only)check ONE only) 11 Corporate Management: Chairman, CEO, President, COO, CFO, Executive VP Secretary, Treasurer ,01 Beverage Franchise Company/Importer/Brand Owner 12 Division/Branch Management: President, VP General Manager, , (No Production)(Go to Question 3) Purchasing Manager02 Beverage Producer/Manufacturer/Bottler(Go to Question 2) 13 Production/Quality Control: VP of Production/Manufacturing/Operations,03 Beverage Distributor/Wholesaler/Warehouse Operations Manager, Production Manager, Plant Manager, Quality (No Production)(Go to Question 2) Control Manager, Chemist, Packaging Manager, R&D, Product04 Full-Line Supermarket/Convenience Store Distributor Development (Go to Question 3) 14 Warehouse/Distribution/Fleet: VP Warehouse/Fleet/Distribution,05 Foodservice Distributor (Go to Question 3) Warehouse Manager, Fleet Manager, Distribution Manager, Traffic06 Food Broker (Go to Question 3) Manager, Transportation Dispatcher, Repair Shop Supervisor07 Other (please specify)_____________________________________ 15 Sales/Marketing: VP Marketing, VP Sales, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Territory Manager. Route Manager, Vending2. Please check primary product Produced/Manufactured/Bottled/Distributed/ Manager, District ManagerWholesaled/Warehoused at this location (check ONE only) 16 Other (please specify):__________________________________________ A Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSDs) B Beer C Bottled Water 6. Please check ALL other product for which you have responsibility (please check D Wine/Spirits/Distilled beverages all that apply) G Ready to Drink Coffee/Tea A Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSDs) J Energy/Sports drinks J Energy/Sports drinks B Beer E Juice/Fruit Drinks E Juice/Fruit Drinks C Bottled Water F Fluid Dairy/Dairy drinks F Fluid Dairy/Dairy drinks D Wine/Spirits/Distilled beverages H Other Beverages H Other Beverages (please specify)________________________ G Ready to Drink Coffee/Tea3. Please indicate your company’s annual sales volume (check ONE only)A $50 Million or more D $10-$19.9 Million FAX COMPLETED FORM TO:B $25-$49.9 Million E $5-$9.9 Million 847-763-9547C $20-$24.9 Million F Under $5 Million or subscribe online at:4. What is your fleet size? (check ONE only) 20 or more Trucks 23 5-9 Trucks Publisher reserves the right to limit the number of subscribers. Request22 10-19 Trucks 24 4 or less Trucks outside publisher qualification will be offered a paid subscription Promo Code: HSE09D
  25. 25. Carbonated Bottled EnergySoft Drinks Water Drinks Page S2 Page S8 Page S10 BEVERAGEWORLD State of the Industry Report ’09 RTD Tea Functional Page S14 SPONSORED BY Drinks Page S18 Beer Spirits Wine Page S20 Page S23 Page S24
  26. 26. SPONSORED BY State of the Industry ’09 CSD REPORTChallenging TimesThe US liquid refreshment beverage market had its share of hits and misses in 2008.L ast year was marked by challenges for the United States economy and most consumer product goods industries, and the beverage market was notimmune. In an economic climate where consumers increas-ingly tightened their wallets, fewer beverages were being category, which has been struggling for several years, saw its decline accelerate, charting a 3.1 percent drop in vol- ume. Even bottled water, a category with a considerable health halo, dropped by 1 percent, affected by the econo- my and environmental concerns.pulled off beverage aisle shelves or ordered at restaurants “The year started with high fuel prices and some of thatand fast food chains. The overall US liquid refreshment was passed on to the consumer in terms of higher pricesbeverage (LRB) market, which includes all non-alcohol because the cost of distributing beverages was higher, but beverages, shrank by 2 percent by volume, the first you also had higher packaging costs because of the cost of volume decline on record. The health and wellness PET. And then the last half of the year is really when the trend that began to take shape earlier this decade economy hit the wall. In effect, the economy would be the continued to positively impact the market’s per- biggest overriding impact,” says Gary Hemphill, man- formance as segments like enhanced and flavored aging director, information services, BMC. waters were drivers of growth. Yet the double-digit However, there continues to be shining increases witnessed in years past have stars in the LRB market as smaller, more slowed considerably. “Generally, when niche beverage categories posted the looking at growth trends, the decline strongest growth, despite being higher- is slow and gradual. This past year priced, premium beverages. As con- you saw growth rates cut in half for sumers continue to seek value and a the premium LRBs and that was real functional benefit, it seems those shocking,” Michael Bellas, chairman beverage companies most effectively and CEO, Beverage Marketing responding to those needs are the Corporation (BMC) says. And the ones who will continue to prosper in beleaguered carbonated soft drink uncertain times. —Heather LandiUS LIQUID REFRESHMENTBEVERAGE MARKET VOLUME IN MILLIONS OF GALLONS, GROWTH AND SHARE Brand Million Gallons Market Share Growth Share Point Change US CSD CONSUMPTION MILLIONS OF GALLONS Carbonated Soft Drinks 14,232.6 47.5% -3.1% -0.5 Bottled Water* 8,672.9 28.9% -1.0% +0.3 20,000 Fruit Beverages 3,928.2 13.1% -2.0% 0.0 Sports Drinks 1,318.6 4.4% -3.1% -0.1 Ready-to-Drink Tea 859.3 2.9% -1.8% 0.0 Flavored and Enhanced Water 548.1 1.8% +8.3% +0.1 Energy Drinks 365.9 1.2% +9.0% +0.1 Ready-to-Drink Coffee 47.5 0.2% +1.6% 0.0 15,258.5 15,271.6 Total 29,973.2 100.0% -2.0% NA 14,688.0 15,000 15,367.2 15,083.3*INCLUDES RETAIL PET, RETAIL BULK, HOME AND OFFICE DELIVERY, VENDING, DOMESTIC SPARKLING AND IMPORTS;EXCLUDES FLAVORED AND ENHANCED WATER.; SOURCE: BEVERAGE MARKETING CORPORATION 14,232.6Newer beverage categories, especially those with a health and wellness positioning, con-tinue to steal market share from the larger categories, such as CSDs. CSDs continue tobe the largest category, with a commanding 47.5 percent of the LRB market. However, ina tough economic climate, consumers are being conservative when it comes to beverageconsumption as once fast-growing categories have seen their growth rates decelerate. 10,000Energy drinks and flavored and enhanced water, which enjoyed 24.7 percent and 30.6 per- ’03 ’04 ’05 ’06 ’07 ’08cent growth, respectively, in 2007, saw only single-digit increases last year. SOURCE: BEVERAGE MARKETING CORPORATIONS2_BEVERAGE WORLD_APRIL 2009 BEVERAGEWORLD.COM
  27. 27. SPONSORED BY State of the Industry ’09 CSD REPORTTHE COCA-COLA COMPANY CSD PORTFOLIO Although Coca-Cola remains the largest CSD company, Million Million Market Share of Share Point commanding a 43.4-per- Brand Cases Gallons Share Coke Growth Change cent market share, it con- Coca-Cola Classic 1,665.7 2,498.5 17.6% 40.5% -2.5% +0.2 tinues to struggle as it Diet Coke 981.1 1,471.7 10.3% 23.8% -3.0% 0.0 saw negative growth in Sprite 536.5 804.8 5.7% 13.0% -3.0% +0.1 almost all of its carbonat- Fanta 154.1 231.2 1.6% 3.7% -1.0% 0.0 ed brands. Even its diet Caffeine Free Diet Coke 124.5 186.8 1.3% 3.0% -8.0% -0.1 trademarks, which had Barq’s 101.3 151.9 1.1% 2.5% -3.0% 0.0 been bright spots in the Coke Zero 128.5 192.7 1.4% 3.1% +36.0% +0.4 portfolio, declined. Coke Cherry Coca-Cola 71.8 107.7 0.8% 1.7% -4.0% 0.0 Zero continues to be the Diet Sprite/Sprite Zero 58.9 88.4 0.6% 1.4% -4.0% 0.0 saving grace, recording double-digit Mr. Pibb 57.5 86.3 0.6% 1.4% -5.0% 0.0 growth. Many companies are hoping Other* 234.9 352.3 2.5% 5.7% -17.4% -0.4 sweetener innovations will help save Total Coca-Cola CSD 4,114.8 6,172.3 43.4% 100.0% -3.0% +0.1 the CSD category. Coca-Cola launched Sprite Green containing Truvia, a ste-SOURCE: BEVERAGE MARKETING CORPORATION; *INCLUDES CITRA, INCA COLA, KINLEY, SMART AND SURGE via-based sweetener, in late 2008. ““ One cola drink that did well was Coke Zero. It had a relatively big, strong performance. MICHAEL BELLAS, CEO AND CHAIRMAN, BEVERAGE MARKETING CORPORATION“ Big brands arecertainly part of theindustry, but where LEADING US CSD COMPANIES MILLIONS OF GALLONSall the innovation is 4 +4.0%coming from is the +2.7% 3 +2.4%niche brands becausethe need states have 2 6,172.3been chopped up to 1such a degree that in 0order to be success- 4,451.2 -1.3%ful you’ve got to do -1something that’s going to “ -2target a specific consumer -3.0% -3 2,207.0benefit. 676.4 -4 GARY HEMPHILL, MANAGING DIRECTOR, -4.2% INFORMATION SERVICES, BEVERAGE -5 MARKETING CORPORATION 374.5 -6.0% 43.1 11.0 -6 The Coca-Cola PepsiCo, Dr Pepper Cott National Big Red Carolina Company Inc. Snapple Group Corporation Beverage Beverage *NATIONAL INCLUDES THE SHASTA AND FAYGO BRANDS; SOURCE: BEVERAGE MARKETING CORPORATIONBEVERAGEWORLD.COM APRIL 2009_BEVERAGE WORLD_S3
  28. 28. The tasteof aspartame “Why do certain foods and beverages taste sweet?” “Why do we like sweet-tasting Certain foods such as honey and fruit are naturally sweet, foods and drinks while other foods need to be so much?” sweetened by adding sugar. When we eat sweet foods and drinks, the sugars in them lock onto certain “Sweet” is one of taste buds on the tongue. When the four basic they are stimulated, these tastes that can be taste buds send messages sensed by the to our brain telling us we tongue. Almost everyone are tasting something likes sweet-tasting foods and sweet. Aspartame locks drinks. From our earliest days on to the taste we enjoy the sweetness of our buds in just mother’s milk from the natural the same sugar called lactose that it way as contains. Many of us like the sugar, honey feeling of comfort that sweet and fruit. foods provide. “What does aspartame taste like?” Aspartame has sweetened foods and beverages for more than 25 years. During that time it has been compared to other sweetening ingredients in numerous taste tests. Time and time again, the people taking part in these tests have preferred the natural-tasting sweetness of aspartame. There is no bitter aftertaste, and most people cannot tell the taste of aspartame from sugar.
  29. 29. www.aji-aspartame.comThe Sweet SpotHit it right, and the effect is amazing.Combine HFCS or sugar and Ajinomoto Aspartame in regular foods and drinks andyou’ll be serving market-winning taste. With rising commodity prices meaning that100% calories are slicing into your profits, Ajinomoto Aspartame will improve yourreturns too.Our global experience in formulating products sweetened with caloric sweetenersand Ajinomoto Aspartame will ensure that you win game, set and match. Improve Your Net GameAjinomoto Food Ingredients LLC,8430 West Bryn Mawr Avenue, Suite 635, Chicago, Il 60631Tel: 800-456-4666 Email: