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So what is ShareCash? It is a website where you upload files for other...

So what is ShareCash? It is a website where you upload files for other
people to download. The special thing about this website is that every
time someone downloads your file, you get at least 40 cents (USD). The
reason that you get paid is because people have to complete a survey
first before they can download it.



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Share cash on_youtube_for_dummies Share cash on_youtube_for_dummies Document Transcript

  • So what is ShareCash? It is a website where you upload files for otherpeople to download. The special thing about this website is that everytime someone downloads your file, you get at least 40 cents (USD). Thereason that you get paid is because people have to complete a surveyfirst before they can download it. Here is an example of a ShareCashlink. are harder to complete in countries outside the USA.If you have not already signed up to ShareCash, sign up what is Youtube? It is a website where users upload videos for otherpeople to watch. What a lot of people don’t understand is that Youtube
  • is a very good way to get money from ShareCash. Now I am going toshow you how!I will be showing you the most BASIC and EASY way to get downloadson ShareCash off Youtube.STEP 1Make an account on You need to make sure thatyou have a good username. Some good examples of usernames wouldbe –ZoltorzHackzViralVideoVaultxXtr3m3rXxHDForLifeYou need interesting username. Do NOT make it jacobk96 or somethingboring like that.2. Now it is time to make or copy some videos. If you are reading thisguide, I’m guessing you don’t know how to make and edit your ownvideo. I will teach you how to copy someone else’s video instead. Butbefore you do so, think about what you would like to upload. You needto upload a rare file, which a lot of people want to download.Some good uploads are –Free Video Converting Programs such as “SUPER”iPhone/iPad jailbreak softwareBotting/Hacking softwareSome bad uploads are –Fake Paypal money generatorsClearly fake hacking programsMovies and MusicFor this example, I will use an “MSN account Freezer”. It is quite a rareprogram, which a lot of people would like to download.
  • Now, I am going to search Youtube and look for a video relating to thisprogram.Ok, I have found a video. I will have a look.This video looks perfect for me. It has a download link, and the videoexplains the software.Once, you have found a good video, it is time to copy it. So go to or . What thiswebsite does is download the video, so you can reupload it to your ownchannel. So insert the video url and click “download”.Now download the video onto your computer. I will call this “FILE A”.Now, go back to the original video, and look for the download link inthe video description. Download this file onto your computer. You needto rename the file as well.A good filename for this program would be –MSN Account Freezer v2 by TechzeckzA bad filename for this program would be –NEW MSN HACK 100% WORKING SEPTEMBER-2010This filename looks very unprofessional, and is written in all capitals.This makes it seem fake or virused.We will call this “FILE B”. Now that both of your downloads arefinished, it is time to reupload them.So, log into your ShareCash account. Click “upload” and add “FILE B”.After you have finished uploading, go to “Uploads Manager” and findyour file. Now it is time to add a description for your file. A lot of peopledo not add this and that is why they do not get much downloads. Sothis is how I am going to write the description for the particular file.
  • This is a program that freezes MSN Messenger accounts. What it doesis prevent people from signing into their accounts.INSTRUCTIONS:1. Unzip the file and open MSNFreeze-v2.exe2. Type in the email address you would like to freeze.3. Click “FREEZE”.This description makes the file seem legitimate and easy to use. Now,click “Make file mirror”.What this does is create a copy of your download link on a differentsite. The reason for this is because a lot of people click away from theShareCash page because they think it is some sort of virus or trap. Ifyou use a file mirror, you will get more completed downloads. So nowyou have a new download link! This is what you want to promote andget other people to download from.For example- sure you copy this link EXACTLY as it is case sensitive.But it is not a good idea to use this mirror link yet. Visit and account, and “Shrink your link” as shown in the picturebelow.
  • Now, you should have a new “Shrunk” link.This is the link you will be sharing! But what is the point of shrinkingyour link? It is important to shrink your link, so your videos stayprotected and you can see where your traffic comes from. You also getpaid for shrinking your links as well! You can see where your trafficcomes from and you get an awesome chart to monitor everything.Now, log in to your Youtube account. Click “upload video” and choose“FILE A”. While you are waiting for this file to upload, it is time to editthe description. Write a description of the file and add your shorteneddownload link.
  • You can also add tags. What this does is make your file more popular.Some good tags for this particular file would be “msn hack accountfreeze glitch”.Click “save changes” and your video is complete!In the first few days your video is up, you may not get many downloadsor views. What your need to do is to promote it yourself.So, go to enhanceviewsThis website works as an automatic view exchange. So you log in, click“Earn Free Credits” and choose “Auto-watch videos”Now, just leave your computer on overnight. If you are worried aboutwasting your internet bandwidth, you can download aprogram to stop the videos automatically playing.The next day, after you have earned a few thousand credits, it is time toredeem them! So click “Redeem Credits”.
  • I would recommend redeeming most of your credits on “Youtube Videoor Channel Views” and the rest on “Auto-Generated comments.So your video is now getting automatically promoted! If you would likeeven more promotion, send the video link to your friends and advertiseon forums.So, just wait a couple days and watch the money roll in. Upload evenmore videos, maybe 20, and get 20 times as much money!sign up at up at LUCK!