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  • Improving teaching and learning 21 connect 2013 - compress

    1. 1. Improving Teachingand Learningfor the 21st Century
    2. 2. Where to find me: Twitter: #connect2013 Follow me: @adrossis Wiki Spaces: Resources for this presentation:
    3. 3. What is Learning Connections?Learning Connections (LC) is: funded by a grant from the Ontario Ministry ofEducation, Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat an online community driven by the collaboration ofschool districts called District ChampionsDistrict Champions align their involvement with their district level plans engage in sharing and collaborations with other districtchampions build capacity within their district with support from LC
    4. 4. Who is involved?
    5. 5.
    6. 6.
    7. 7. Blended Approach toProfessional Learning“Student learningdepends on everyteacher learningall the time.”(Fullan, 2007,p. 35)
    8. 8. Blended Approach toProfessional LearningPersonalized Learning Learning Online Educational Speakers CollectionCollaboration and Learning Online Book Studies Pilot Applications21st Century Leadership ABEL Leadership Round Table Leadership SummitABEL Summer Institute ASI 2013: Level UP
    9. 9. Personalized LearningLearning Online Scheduled Learning included: Sessions on: Literacy Skills in Science, Numeracy and 21st CenturyLiteracy Videos of these sessions were created for later viewing OnDemand Learning included: Sessions on WordPress, Moodle…Educational Speakers Collection Variety of videos availableTwitter Chat Visible Leadership Social Media in Education Skills for Today
    10. 10. Collaboration and LearningOnline Book Studies The Connected Educator 3 online asynchronous meetings Online activities and discussionsPilot Applications Equella – initial set-up phase only Edsby – year one of pilot
    11. 11. 21st Century LeadershipABEL Leadership Round Table Topics for discussion included: Leadership with Technology for Learning App That! Social Media in EducationVisible Leadership Summit Facilitated by Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach andLisa Neale Face-to-face at York U
    12. 12. ABEL Summer Institute:Level UPASI delegates will Level UP to improve their effectiveuse of technology through:Level UP in 20Experience this fast pacedPecha Kucha style session.Presenters share what theydo and how the Level UP.ASI FlippedFlip the conferenceexperience and engage inmeaningful conversationsbased on shared resourcesInteractive LearningExpert facilitators leadhands-on sessions for avariety of technologicaltools for education.
    13. 13. TodaysMeetWhat is TodaysMeet? Online tool to create a backchannel Quick to set up Archive your transcript easilyCheck out our TodaysMeet: What makes professional learning engaging for you?
    14. 14. Building Community andSharing Best Practice“Connected learning communitiesare designed to support theprofessional development goalstheir members have chosen toimprove instruction andsubsequently bring about increasedgrowth and achievement for the21st century learner.” (Nussbaum-Beach & Ritter Hall, 2012, p. 38)
    15. 15. Building Community andSharing Best PracticeFace-to-faceat York University two conferencesWebsites access to the tools, resources and professional learning share, collaborate and learn from each otherMonthly Online Meetings synchronous to share, collaborate, and build community
    16. 16. Face-to-Face at York UFall LC District Champion Conference 38 participants from 10 school districts and Ministry Meet and greet to promote collaboration 2 opportunities for hands-on sessions Planning timeSpring LC District Champion Conference Coming May 17th, 2013 Time to share work done throughout the year Planning time for 2013-2014 year
    17. 17. WebsitesLC hosts two websites for members to access: Access to the tools and resources Link to professional learning site: Share projects and ask questions Collaborate and connect Learn from each other
    18. 18. Monthly On-line MeetingsRepresentatives from Champion Districts meet online Provide information regarding upcoming professional learning Champions provide feedback to program office about theirneeds Planning time for LC eventsSharing of best practices Each month 1-2 districts take 15 minutes to share Opportunity to ask questions and collaborate
    19. 19. EdmodoWhat is Edmodo? Free for teachers and students to connect and collaborate to collaborate, share and learn Create an account and login Join our group (code: 3p8s51) Discuss how you collaborate andand share
    20. 20. Sample LC Projects“The integration of technologyand pedagogy to maximizelearning must meet fourcriteria. It must be irresistiblyengaging; elegantly efficient(challenging but easy to use);technologically ubiquitous; andsteeped in real-life problemsolving.” (Fullan, 2013, p. 33)
    21. 21. LC Champion District ProjectEvident in LC Projects: Teachers engaged in professional learning by coaching, one toone, small group and large group Teachers sharing their work online and face-to-face Teachers learning new ways to work and collaborate Teachers using technology for literacy and numeracyinstruction Students learning appropriate use of technology Students engaged in using technology tools for learning Students completing authentic tasks and projects Teachers working with students to learn new technologies
    22. 22. Limestone DSB Improve communication and thinking throughpurposeful, accountable interactions for students Engage students in authentic reading and writingexperiences
    23. 23. Ottawa Catholic DSB Support tools to capture conversations, observationsand product Provide platform for teacher collaboration andnetworking (Google plus, Edmodo) Professional learning to build capacity
    24. 24. Near North DSB Professional learning for teachers to effectivelyintegrate technology across the curriculum Coaching model to build capacity Share stories of their work online and face-to-face
    25. 25. Thunder Bay Catholic DSB Teacher librarians use Edmodo for collaborationand communication Focus on “Edmodo into practice” to supportother work in the district Promote use of Edmodo in the classroom
    26. 26. Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB Build capacity as teacher librarians to support studentinquiry – using WordPress as a collaborative tool How will using Web 2.0 tools increase the likelihood ofprofessional, collaborative learning happening amongus, and help build our capacity as teacher-librarians?supporting student inquiry?
    27. 27. Upper Grand DSB Two schools: urban and rural Students working on inquiry based projects linkingclassroom together Use of QR codes to share research with communityand other classes
    28. 28. York Region DSB Professional collaboration through Web 2.0 tools(Twitter, Edmodo, Google Docs) Support inquiry learning in the classroom Expand on the idea of “kinetic learning”: follow hash-tag #KineticInquiry
    29. 29. Hastings Prince Edward DSB Increasing the use of their iPad carts in the classroom Project integrated with the FSL network in district Professional learning for teachers using iPads anddifferent apps for education
    30. 30. Research in LC Partnered with Institute for Research inLearning Technologies, York University research and evaluates the work of theprogram 2011-2012: Learning Connections: ProjectYear End Report 2012-2013: Learning Connection:Developing Skills for the 21st Century
    31. 31. Research for Improvement2011-2012: LC Project Year End Report Changed format of monthly meetings to highlight 1-2districts Provided comprehensive online space for sharing andcollaboration: Continued to provide two face to face conferences:“Continue to provide the two face-to-face sessions. Theyreally help to build capacity and collaboration acrossboards in Ontario. We really appreciate and look forwardto those opportunities to meet and share with others.”(Wideman, 2012, p. 13)
    32. 32. Research for 21st CenturyLearning2012-2013: LC - Developing Skills for the 21st Century Provide a framework to align LC project proposals with21st century learning skills Case study of 2 districts Preliminary review of past proposals:“Most projects explicitly incorporatedinquiry, expository, communicative, and collaborative skilldimensions in their pedagogical design and classroomimplementations, and all made use of ICT in ways thatrequired students to apply (and further develop) importantICT literacy skills.” (Wideman, 2013, p. 34)
    33. 33. Reflector App Cool features: You don’t need an Apple TV to projectyour iDevice You can project multiple devices Inexpensive Cautions: Use the trial version to check if itworks on your network
    34. 34. For more informationLearningConnections Collaboration Program site
    35. 35. Resources Wideman, H. (2012). Learning connections: Project year-end report2011-2012. Toronto, ON: Institute for Research on LearningTechnologies, York University. Wideman, H. (2013). Learning connections: Developing skills for the21st century. Toronto, ON: Institute for Research on LearningTechnologies, York University. Nussbaum-Beach, S., & Ritter Hall, L. (2012). The ConnectedEducator: Learning and leading in a digital age. Bloomington, IN:Solution Tree Press. Fullan, M. (2013). Stratosphere: Integratingtechnology, pedagogy, and change knowledge. Toronto: PearsonCanada Inc. Fullan, M. (2007). Change the terms for teacher learning. JSD TheLearning Forward Journal, 28(3), 35-36. Retrieved from
    36. 36. Thank you!Anita